Guide to Gifts for Readers

Books can be a huge part of someone’s life. They are constantly reading, always searching for the next best book to read. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, they enjoy every second that they spend with their nose in a book. This post includes gift ideas for any reader in your life!

Things to consider when picking up Gifts for Readers

1. Keep in mind your giftee’s favourite genre and author.

There is no point in giving someone a book they don’t enjoy reading! Be sure to pick up something that their favourite author, or any genre of literature.

  • For example, if your loved one loves Philip K Dick and hasn’t read anything by Margaret Atwood yet, then you can get them a copy of her latest novel instead.
  • If the reader likes more than one genre but keeps coming back to romance novels from time to time, this might be an idea for a gift as well. There are always new books being published every year with different stories inside them so there will never be a lack of options!
  • Some readers may have specific authors that they enjoy reading and want more of their work. This is the perfect time to get someone signed copies of favourite books by one of those writers!
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2. Give them something that will make reading more enjoyable.

As your reader is likely to spend most of their spare time reading, it’s a great idea to get them something to make their reading more enjoyable.

  • If they are reading on a Kindle or other e-reader, why not give them some accessories for their device? Give the gift of an extra charger, book light, and case to keep it safe.
  • Or if they prefer printed books over digital ones then how about gifting them with new bookmark that will help prevent page flips and make your reader flip through all those pages in style!

3. Find what will make your loved one happy and spending time thinking about it

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your recipient’s interest. Whether they are a reader or writer, there is something on this list that will make them smile and start dreaming up their next book:

  • A book from their favorite author that has been on the shelf for awhile or a novel they have always wanted to read but never had time. Some even prefer short stories!
  • Buy them tickets to an event, like a concert, play or sporting game which will make it seem as if you are right beside your giftee while watching live and can share in their thoughts with them during intermissions (no need for FaceTime!)  
  • If your recipient also loves knitting and craft in their free time, then buy them yarn or fabric so they can start knitting their own gifts for family and friends.
  • If you are choosing gifts for readers and writers, be sure to get something that will help with the writing process such as notebooks, pens, tabs from famous authors on how to write better books!
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Find out what makes them happy and excited about life in general then purchase it as a gift. The best part of giving someone an awesome present? Watching their face light up when they open it!

4. A thoughtful gift can make someone feel special and appreciated.

  • A personalized book, for example, can be a great gift for book lover. You might write inside the first page “To James with love from Auntie Susie” or on their birthday you could give them a copy of their favourite book that has been signed by one of its authors!
  • Give your giftee an experience they will never forget. Book lovers are always looking to add more books into their library and so why not surprise them with tickets to have tea at the Jane Austen house? Treat your loved ones like royalty during this event where you can enjoy champagne while listening to classical music in England’s most romantic home!
  • If your reader has been dreaming of some pals to share their interest, get them a membership to their local library or book club. They will make new friends and have plenty of people to talk about books with!
  • If they are a bibliophile, then you might want to get them something that is designed specifically for readers such as an e-reader or Kindle so they can read anywhere no matter where the day takes
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5. Make sure you have the correct address so your package arrives safely (and don’t forget a hand-written note!) 

  • Always make sure to give your giftee an address label, some stamps and a return envelope with their name on it!
  • Some people like to include little notes in the package for readers as well. All you need is a piece of paper or cardstock that says “Enjoy reading!”, sign it and stick it inside the book so they know someone cared enough about them to buy them this unique gift.
  • Be careful not only when buying gifts but also while traveling during winter time. Readers might be trying out new books at night without turning on any lights which can lead to eye strain over time (make sure wherever they are spending most of their time has plenty of light!) If possible, get LED Christmas lights that have warm colors

Buying gifts online is also another great way to go – just double check that it’ll arrive on time before ordering it!

A few last words

When you’re looking for the perfect gift, it can be difficult to know what to get. Books are an easy choice because they never go out of style and there is always a book that someone will enjoy reading. We hope this guide has been helpful in understanding how to choose gifts for readers! If not, we have many more guides on our blog so feel free to browse around. Happy shopping!

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