Rules to Help Find the Perfect Gifts for Hikers

Hiking is a great exercise and a fun way to explore new places. If you know someone who loves the outdoors, then it’s time to get them some gifts that they’ll love! This blog post will help guide you through all of your options, so read on for more information.

Things to mind about Gifts for Hikers

1. What kind of hiker are they – a day hiker, backpacker, or thru-hiker?

  • Day hikers are going to be more interested in items that make it more convenient for them. They will generally want a new water bottle, an over the shoulder bag, and some snacks on their hike.
  • Backpackers or those who plan on staying overnight need things like backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and food for camping.
  • Thru-hikers tend towards ultralight gear as they often carry everything with them during their journey.

If someone doesn’t know what kind of hiker they are, ask them! They may not have given it much thought before now.

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2. What type of weather is the hiker likely to encounter on their hikes?

  • Hikers who live in warm climates will find hiking clothes like those from Columbia much more comfortable.
  • People living in areas with cooler weather should try to get wool socks or a light jacket as the day starts to cool down.
  • It’s also important for hikers of all types to have a backpack cover and rain gear, even if they never plan on facing bad conditions! There are plenty of ways that rainy days can surprise you so it’s better safe than sorry.

3. Where will the hike take place (mountains, desert) and what time of year does it happen?

  • Hikers in the desert will want plenty of water, lots of sunscreen and sunglasses. They may also need a hat or bandana for their head to help keep the sun off them as well as any bug repellant if they’re hiking near/in areas with mosquitos.
  • People who live at higher altitudes should be mindful that it’s best not to overload on food when hiking because there is less oxygen available – so more snacks rather than full meals are usually better suited.
  • Mountain hikes are going to require colder weather gear like jackets, hats, gloves and raincoats but this varies depending on what time of year you take your hike! In addition, some places have bears which means carrying pepper spray might make sense
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4. Does the person like camping out at night or sleeping in a tent by themselves ?

  • Camping sleeping bags are great for those who like to sleep out in the wild! They will also want a hammock and some camp-friendly food.
  • Sleeping on the ground means getting a tent with at least two doors, being able to zip up from head to toe, and an opening that is angled towards the sky rather than against it so you don’t bring your neighbor’s snoring inside. Sleeping pads can make this more comfortable too!
  • Tents should have plenty of room including enough space for gear storage as well as ventilation but not be drafty or allow any light through when closed (or cause condensation). Tents need either mesh panels or windows front of back so air circulates while preventing bugs
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5. Is there any gear that would be useful for them to have but they don’t already own it?

  • A headlamp is a great gift for any hiker to have so they always have light when it’s dark!
  • Some hikers also like GPS systems as well as maps. Maps can be printed, bought on the go or downloaded onto your phone if you ask ahead of time about their favorite hikes and where they’ve been before in order to find one that may interest them.
  • If you are not sure how to choose a hiking gear, a gift card to a local outdoor store will be an appreciated and thoughtful present that can be used in any way the recipient chooses. It’s also easier than trying to guess their size or style preferences.
  • Alternatively, you could give them some money so they can buy whatever gear they need themselves – again this means no guessing on your part about sizing or brand preference.


I hope this article helps you find the perfect gift for your adventurer friend. If not, we have a ton of other articles on our site to help you choose from! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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