Gifts for Old Souls in Your Life

Do you have an old soul in your life? Or maybe someone who is just “old school“? If so, then this post is for you.

Gifts are the most important gifts that we give and get during the holiday season. They’re a way to show appreciation and love to those we care about.

But sometimes it can be hard to find gifts that will really resonate with older people.

In this blog, I’m going to share some ideas of gifts that are perfect for any old soul!

Things to consider when picking up Gifts for old souls

1. Know the person’s personality

This is a must. If you know the person really well, then it’s easy to find gifts that will be perfect for them! But if not, there are some gifts that everyone likes and they’re always good- no matter who you give them too.

  • If your recipient is an introvert who loves staying at home, gifts that complement their quiet lifestyle are a good idea.
  • But if they’re constantly going from meeting to meeting and conference calls, something practical will really make their day- things like power packs so phones don’t die during those long meetings, or pens so all that writing doesn’t run dry in between conferences!
  • To make coming home even more special, try giving them a gift that will remind them of home while abroad. I think this would be especially great if it was from another country because then there’ll always be something new about it when they return and open it up!

2. Think about how they live their life – what are they passionate about?

This is also a very important step. Old souls have lived so much in their lives- they’ve done many things and seen many places. Which means gifts for old souls can vary depending on the person.

If you are looking for a gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed by the old soul in your life, then this list is just what you need. You'll find something on here to suit every taste - from books, games or even food! So go ahead and get shopping...just don't forget the wrapping paper ;) #best gifts for old souls
  • For instance, do you know someone who loves to travel? Maybe this year we could buy them A vintage leather briefcase to carry around (Leather Briefcase), or Tablet with personalized case cover because it’s not just any tablet.
  • Or if they’re more of a homebody, maybe get some nice new slippers or even a scented candle with their favorite scent
  • Old school people still like electronics such as phones or laptops just like any other generation does but they also appreciate things from the past. They grew up with vinyl records so why don’t we buy old fashioned vinyl records?

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends or relatives who know them well

This is a really good way to get gifts for old souls that will be great. You can ask friends or family members who know them well what gifts they might like and then you have some options! This also means not worrying about forgetting anything- because it’s guaranteed, your loved one won’t forget the gifts!

The best gifts to get the person who doesn't want anything. They deserve it though, they live in a different time zone and keep us young with their wisdom! Here are some great gift ideas that'll make them feel loved (and old) again. #Christmas gifts for old souls

4. Be mindful of any allergies or dietary restrictions

Old souls usually have a lot of allergies or dietary restrictions. They’re often very sensitive about what they eat and how it affects them- so gifts for old souls can be tough to find!

There are some good options though – maybe get a gift card to their favorite restaurant or even cook together at home? This way, everyone will enjoy the meal 🙂

5. Give something personal as opposed to giving an impersonal gift card or store-bought present

This is also a really good idea to be mindful about. These gifts are often personalized and show that you put time into the gift- which means they’ll love it!

  • A framed photo album with photos from their childhood (Framed Photo Album) – this surely is a good suggestions of Gifts for old school dad
  • An heirloom watch handed down through generations in the family (Heirloom Watch).
  • Personalized wine glasses with their last name on them (Personalized Wine Glasses)
  • A new hat from their favorite sports team (Hat)
  • Fair trade bracelet made by an artisan in Africa (Fair Trade Bracelet).
Give your old soul dad a chuckle with these gifts that are perfect for him. From the personalized beer mug to the retro tie, find out what will make his day! And don't worry about being too personal - he'll love it as long as you can laugh together. #Gifts for old school dad


Regardless of what you get them, make sure to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season. It’s the best gift we can give each other. Happy Gifting!

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