Gifts for Coworkers: Stuff that Makes an Awesome Office Gift

A great way to show appreciation for your coworker is with a small gift. However, it can be difficult to know what type of gift would suit them best. Below are some helpful tips on how to find the perfect office gift that will make your coworkers feel appreciated and valued.

How to choose office gift for coworker

1. What is the occasion for the gift (birthday, thank you, new job)

The first thing you’ll want to think about is the office gift occasion. Is this a birthday office present, or one for a new coworker? Do they deserve an office thank-you because of their recent effort on the project? Or are you just looking for something general that will say “thanks” ?

  • For the birthday gift, you can also choose from a range of office birthday gifts like a new office mug or even some office plants. Getting specific with office party presents will make any celebration feel much more personal and thoughtful.
  • For holiday gift like Christmas gift, office Christmas decoration is a great way to show your appreciation!
  • For thank you office gifts or new job presents (in which there’s no specific occasion), you can gift them some fresh fruit with personalized cards thanking them for their hard work in order to say “thank you” and let them know they’re appreciated. An office meal voucher would also make a great office present because it’s practical and thoughtful as well! This way your coworker can spend their time at work instead of in the kitchen or trying to find someplace close by that delivers dinner.
  • When considering what kind of office gift ideas are appropriate for most occasions, everything from office supplies and office furniture to office decor can be gifted for any occasion whether its Christmas , their birthday, holiday season or even the end of year round-up! This way you can show support without being too extravagant with spending money on gifts every time there’s an occasion at work.

Whatever reason it may be, make sure to find out the office gift idea appropriateness before giving anything as an office present so that you don’t end up getting something inappropriate.

One way to decide what type of office gift idea would be best suited based on these occasions is by considering how much time you have left before the event occurs.

  • If you’re looking for something last minute (i.e. the office birthday is tomorrow!), then a thoughtful card that includes your personal greetings will work best in order to avoid rushing out and buying anything on impulse.
  • If you have more time on your hands, then consider getting them something personalized with their name or hobby so they know it was made just for them, even you can make your own gifts.

2. Consider their personality type, hobbies and interests and find something that matches them

Be thoughtful – a thoughtful gift will always be appreciated more than something expensive but impersonal. Keeping in mind that everybody has different taste when it comes to what type of office presents they would like best, thus you should consider their personality type, hobbies and interests to find a gift that will be special for them. In order to find something that matches them it might not be as hard as.

  • Office accessories such as desk organizers and pen holders are great little office gifts for the organized person in your life. For someone who loves to relax at work with their feet up (and isn’t afraid of of showing it) an office foot rest is perfect!!
  • If you notice they’re always on social media then a gift card to the coffee shop next door might be more appropriate office presents for them.
  • For office gifts for coworkers who are always on the go, office travel kits can be a thoughtful present as well. These office gift ideas might include things like an office bottle opener and some breath mints or even quality coffee beans to make their morning commute more bearable.
  • If you work with someone that’s into fitness in any way shape or form then gifting them something from there sport such as bike locks or gym socks would also be appropriate office presents! They’ll know how much it means coming from you because they’re able to relate to what type of items would best suit your coworker needs.

If you you’re unsure what kind of office present would suit your coworker best, ask them about any hobbies they currently have outside of work that could help give a a better idea on what they might want from an office gift. Don’t be afraid to ask because this conversation can make your relationship closer than ever! 2

3. Find out if you can get your hands on a personalized item

If you want to get creative with your gifts, then personalizing it with their name is one way of doing this. For example, a picture frame engraved with their name would be perfect! This will make them feel extra special and appreciated even more in comparison to a generic item they may have received from someone else.

Wrap it up and put a bow around it. Don’t forget to include a thoughtful card and you’ve got one office gift package that would be hard to beat.

4. Avoid giving something too personal or overly expensive – keep it simple!

Giving office gifts to your coworkers can seem like a daunting task that ends up costing too much money. However, it’s all about keeping things simple and not going over the top with spending an extravagant amount of cash on office gift ideas.

You might think that a gift should always be something special and expensive, but this may not be what the other person wants. However, this can actually backfire and make the recipient feel nervous or uncomfortable when they receive it because they don’t know how much you spent on them as well as what’s expected in return.

A too personal or revealing gift can cause unwanted complications for all parties involved. Gifts should be thoughtful but not too personal so there are no misunderstandings about your intent behind gifting something like lingerie to a coworker of the opposite sex for example!


When choosing a gift for an office mate, think about how much you know him or her. The more personal the item is to your coworker’s tastes and interests, the better it will be received. If you are unsure of what they would like best, ask them! You can also find out from other coworkers who may have given gifts in the past that were well-received by others on staff. Finally, as with all presents, make sure not to spend too much money or purchase something so extravagant that he or she won’t want to seem ungrateful if they don’t accept it – even though this doesn’t happen very often when gifting among friends in most offices.


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