Japanese Gifts for People Who Love the Country

In Japan, gift-giving is an art with the most beautiful cultural traits. Even though the price of the present doesn’t need to be high, the most important factors are in the preparation process! So, what should you get for a Japanese friend or a person who’s passionate about the nation? Check this list of Japanese gifts out right now!

Tips about Japanese Gifts

First of all, which category does your recipient fall in? If they are simply in love with this beautiful country, you can skip the notices below and discover the list of chosen gifts. But if they have a Japanese origin, it might be more complicated!

Intricate wrapping

You heard it right! Japanese people value the way you give the gift to them more than the actual price of it. If you research it, you will see no matter what the occasion is, they always put a lot of effort into wrapping and decorating the present. I have been told that the standard wrapper for Japanese gifts includes SIX layers in total and a touch-up with paper or silk bows.

However, the bows are not like anything we will find in a normal gift shop! For example, you should use a combination of white and red for congratulation or white and black for condolence. Thus, it shows how sensitive and sensible the sender is.

You think that’s all? Japanese will use a piece of cloth (called Furoshiki) to embrace the elegant gift box and carry it with them. Furoshiki has a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to express exactly what you would want to say.

Bad Gifts Alert!

If the recipient is Japanese and not only an enthusiast for the culture, you need to avoid certain items if you don’t want to get on their bad side!

– Never pick anything related to the numbers 4 and 9. According to Japanese pronunciation, ‘4’ is similar to death and ‘9’ resembles sufferance.

– Almost the same with number 9, ‘comb’ will remind them of tragedy and agony. If you give them this seemingly harmless object, they might be sensitive and think you want bad lucks to happen to them.

– Foxes are precious and the patterns based on the said animal are lovely, though Japanese people believe foxes symbolize mischief and greed.

– Do you think tea is a good oriental gift? It’s not like that in Japan. To them, tea means purification, thus giving them tea for a gift means you consider them dirty and unclean.

– Glass and porcelain are so beautiful as materials, yet we all can agree they are also fragile. The same principle applies to vase-like objects. They reflect broken and fickle things in life, which means nothing good.

– Another metaphorical rule to obey is never buying knives, scissors, and other sharp tools, as they might stand for separation and unhappiness.

– Necklaces and ties are only suitable if the recipient has a romantic relationship with you because these items are considered intimate and bond-like.

The Best Japanese Gifts

Japanese Gifts for Her

Women’s Charmeuse Yukata

This traditional robe is extremely elegant with intricate features and botanical prints sketched by hand. Its lightweight will give her so much comfort.

1,355 Reviews
Women's Charmeuse Kimono Robe Long - Watercolor Floral - Peony & Butterfly- Vintage Teal (Blue)
  • QUALITY KIMONOS: Our kimonos for women are made...
  • ONE SIZE: Using only the best materials in the...
  • VERSATILITY: The watercolor floral designs offer...

Handheld Fan

The folding fan is one of the most popular Japanese souvenirs. Instead of providing cool breezes during hot days, these fans usually serve aesthetic purposes and traditional arts.

3,328 Reviews
OMyTea®"Grassflowers" 8.27"(21cm) Hand Held Folding Fans - with a Fabric Sleeve for Protection for...
  • ❤【OMyTea】 Makes the best folding hand fans
  • ❤【MATERIAL】 100% handmade with Linen &...
  • ❤【DIMENSIONS】 Opens to 8.27 x 13.75 inches,...

Adult Coloring Book

For both people who love Japanese arts and coloring activities, Shiawase no Minuet is a precious collection of animals and flowers only seen in fairytales. Plus, the finished pictures can be pretty ornaments!

816 Reviews
Japanese Coloring Book (Japan Coloring Book)
  • Creative Coloring (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 80 Pages - 02/15/2018 (Publication Date) -...

Japanese Presents for Men

Tatami Slippers

Men will always enjoy the comfort these slippers bring to them. It absorbs moisture on summer days and supports the sensitive soles during winter.

175 Reviews
HRFEER Men Slippers Silent Floor House Slipper Lightweight Linen Summer Beach Shoes for Men’s...
  • HEATHY and ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL:slipper made of...
  • SKIDPROOF EVA SOLES:good wear-resistance slide...
  • SOFT and COMFORTABLE: linen indoor slipper have...

Haku Mizunara Whisky Barrel Aged Shoyu

Whether he is a wine lover or not, the soy sauce filling this beautiful jar up will never fail to surprise. He can have a sweet cooking session with his family at weekend!

220 Reviews
Haku Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoyu (375 ml)
  • Enjoy your delicacies with authentic shoyu sauce:...
  • What is in our classic gourmet sauce? Prepared...
  • Savory that is to die for: Our uniquely prepared...

Sake Kit Kat Bars

Enough trolling, let’s send our men some real Japanese gifts! Out of all Kit Kat flavors, this must be the most special!

Japanese Gifts for Kids

Tokaido Board Game

The children will learn about the country in the most fun way through the magnificent road named ‘East Sea’. It’s great for adults who love traveling and discovering new places as well as fine meals!

1,008 Reviews
Tokaido Board Game, Base
  • For 2 to 5 Players, 45 minute playing time
  • Standalone game from the designer of 7 Wonders,...
  • 5th Anniversary Edition updates the base game of...

Origami Paper

Illustrated with the famous Kokeshi dolls, the sheets are promising if you want to create unique origami products at home! It includes 200 sheets divided into 10 patterns.

29 Reviews
Origami Paper 200 sheets Japanese Dolls 6" (15 cm): Tuttle Origami Paper: Double Sided Origami...
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 08/20/2019 (Publication Date) - Tuttle Publishing...

Rabbit Blossom Bento Box

Bento boxes make one of the best Japanese gifts as well as encourage children to have their meal with appetite. The item comes with a floral bag for easy delivery and storage.

1,382 Reviews
Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set - Square 2 Tier Bento Box, Rice Ball Press, Bento...
  • no microwave, no dishwasher use. Hand-wash only....
  • Stackable double lunch box with a band and a lunch...
  • Plum flower design.

Japanese Cuisine Gifts

Japanese Snack Samplers

The country is popular for its delicious sweets and treats, and a variety of 15 snacks with different flavors (salty, spicy, savory, sour, sugary) will satisfy the curious eater!

No products found.

Sushi Making Kit

Sushi is never so simple to make with a rice spreader, rolling mats, and more useful tools. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Japanese cuisine.

314 Reviews
Sushi Making Kit for Beginner (12 pcs), Bamboo Sushi Mat, Bazooka Sushi Maker, all-in-one Sushi...
  • 🍣COMPLETE KIT - This is the best complete sushi...
  • 🍣EASY TO USE - If you are a sushi lover but new...
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Matcha Tea Set

Full of antioxidants and rich with flavors, matcha tea is yet another beauty introduced to us by the Japanese. You need this item for a proper frothy beverage!

9,134 Reviews
BambooWorx Matcha Whisk Set - Matcha Whisk (Chasen), Traditional Scoop (Chashaku), Tea Spoon. The...
  • MATCHA TEA AT ITS BEST: Taste the difference....
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: The BambooWorx Matcha Set makes...

Japanese Trinkets

Koi Chime

You can hang koi fish chimes anywhere you like and enjoy the relaxing tones whenever the winds rush by. Also, the fish represents loyalty, friendship, and love, which gives your house a symbolic look as well.

170 Reviews
Colored Porcelain Koi Fish Wind Chime, in Red
  • Red Fish Wind Chime features detailed fins and...
  • Creates deep, relaxing tones every time the wind...
  • Crafted from weather-durable porcelain and clay to...

Mini Zen Garden

This little garden is incredibly peaceful and lovely to look at after intense working hours. It enhances our concentration ability too, therefore it is a brilliant gift for both students and office workers.

683 Reviews
ICNBUYS Zen Garden with Boat Bridge Japanese Censers Set with Free Rake and Pushing Sand Pen Base...
  • Various choices; Make your OWN garden (DIY);
  • Relieve stress, pursuing inner peace;
  • Contemplate Zen Buddhist principle;

Bonsai Starter Kit

Is the thought of having a miniature arboretum tempting to you? Let’s start from the seed and nurture the bonsai trees with your love!

4,990 Reviews
Bonsai Tree Seed Starter Kit - Mini Bonsai Plant Growing Kit, 4 Types of Seeds, Potting Soil, Pots,...
  • Grow Your Own Bonsai Kit: Plant your own bonsai...
  • Everything You Need to Succeed: Our bonsai grow...
  • Expert Growing Support: We’ve gone above and...

Useful Japanese Gifts

Randoseru Satchel

Usually, they give children ‘randoseru’ before they enter elementary school, and this backpack is made to last the whole six years with sturdy straps and durable materials.

Karuta Card Game

Language learners will love it more than other Japanese gifts! The set consists of cards for you to snatch after catching the hints from the audio recording (which is attached to the package!).

More Japanese Gifts

Tales of Japan

1,826 Reviews
Tales of Japan: Traditional Stories of Monsters and Magic (Book of Japanese Mythology, Folk Tales...
  • Hardcover Book
  • Chronicle Books (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Piggy Bank

2,014 Reviews
Piggy Bank HmiL-U Automatic Stealing Coins Cents Penny Christmas/Birthday Gift for Kids. (Panda)
  • Wanting to bring up the child a sense of...
  • Material: ABS plastic&eletronic component; Powered...
  • Ideal (Birthday/Christmas) The panda money box is...

Takoyaki Maker

FAQs about Japanese Gifts

What is an Omiyage?

It is translated to ‘souvenir’, but it generally refers to gifts you buy for family, friends, and coworkers after a trip. Most of the time, Omiyage is something edible like snacks or regional specialties.

Why do the Japanese give gifts?

Gift-giving in Japan means more than shopping for items and wrapping them up for quick delivery. You will maintain and strengthen relationships through the gifts, as they show gratitude and appreciation for the recipient. If you are interested in the art of Ochugen, read more about it in this interesting article!

What types of gifts do Japanese traditionally give as thanks?

There are three kinds of gifts you can send as a token of gratitude: Okaeshi, Ochugen, and Oseibo.

– You will give ‘Okaeshi’ in return for a present given to you previously, and it should only be half the price of what you have received. Usually, they use hand towels, sweets, and alcohol.

– ‘Ochugen’ is usually given mid-year to whom you are indebted such as parents, grandparents, teachers, or seniors at work.

– At the end of the year, we will prepare ‘Oseibo’.

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As for me, even when I buy Japanese gifts in a mass, I still spend time decorating them with different wrappers and handwritten sentiments. After all, it’s Japan’s thing to give more than you receive, and the price doesn’t matter. The time and effort you put into your present are what will make them happy!

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