Top 45 Gifts For Tiger King Fan 

All the gifts below are perfect gifts for Tiger King fan.

On our gift shop blog, you can find ideas for gifts for family and friends who are into Tiger King. The site contains various gift ideas for the tiger king fan, including t-shirts, stickers, mugs, plush toys, coffee mugs, and more. We also have a large selection of tiger king-themed products. All the Tiger King fans will love this list! 

Exotic Colors Colored Pencil Set for Fans of Tiger King

A must-have for any fan of the Tiger King in your life. All the pencils are clever and functional! Every pencil is pre-sharpened, hexagonal, and foil-stamped with a fun Tiger King-related term related to the pencil’s color. It’s a perfect gift and display. It is proven that’s safe for kids and adults because all the pencils in the set are non-toxic and ASTM approved. 


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11oz Ceramic Mug

This mug is perfect for daily use and it can be used perfectly for all occasions. You can show your vitality when you have this mug at home, office, or other places. It is made from high-standard Grade A Ceramic and the artwork won’t fade. If you like to drink hot beverages like tea, espresso, cappuccino or anything else, then you’ll love this mug because this mug is durable and perfect for anything you desire to drink. This mug is BPA-free and you can both clean it in the dishwasher and use it in the microwave. The mug comes with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. It’s also a wonderful gift idea for family and friends on any occasion. 


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FOTAP Tiger King Keychain

This key chain measures 1.2*5cm. It’s made of stainless steel, which is lead-free, nickel-free, and doesn’t tarnish or rust.  You can hang it around your neck, or keep it in your pocket. It’s a gift for the fans of Tiger King. The keychain is hand stamped – “I’m Never Gonna Financially Recover From This”. It also comes with a velvet pouch and is ready for gifting.


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King of The Tigers Animal Puzzle for Adults

This Tiger King-inspired jigsaw puzzle will sure make their fan happy.  It’s like watching the hit Netflix show while solving a challenging, addictive puzzle. Featuring meticulously cut pieces that snap into place and are sturdy enough to last a lifetime, this 1000-piece puzzle will stimulate your brain in a fun and interactive manner. The jigsaw pieces come with a bag and are packaged in a full-color box to stay organized. It also can be displayed proudly everywhere once completed. 


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Joe Exotic Tiger King Inspired Apron

Great for indoor and outdoor use, this universal size apron with inscription is practical and multi-purpose, making it suitable for cooking, barbecuing, and household work. It comes with 2 built-in pockets so all the tools will always close and protect your clothes from possible spilling accidents. The adjustable neck strap makes this apron suitable for any body shape and size. Great for cooking, cleaning, craft projects, sewing, woodworking. The perfect gift for fans of the TV show!


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Funny Joe Exotic Card

Perfect card for anyone who loves Joe Exotic, send it to them today, and they’ll laugh aloud! These cards are printed on recycled 300gsm linen cardstock and feature Joe Exotic with a tiger.  They are blank inside, so you can write a nice personal message inside for those special people in your life. They come in a matching envelope, so you can mail or give them as gifts.


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Tiger King Coloring Book: Fun Coloring Book for Adults and Fans

The Tiger King Coloring Book will satisfy those who enjoy this movie, as well as, those who are curious to learn more about Tiger King. It will let you color and draw your favorite characters from the movie. The images are high-resolution so you can easily fill in the small details. The book is filled with many styles of Joe Exotic art. It is all single-sided pages in order to reduce the bleed-through problem. It’s a great gift for fans of Tiger King. 


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The Tiger King Colouring Book: Funny Quotes and Colouring For All You Cool Cats and Kittens.

Another coloring book for Tiger King fans. This book includes 42 Unique Tiger King coloring pages and funny quotes. It’s suitable for all ages. The drawings are based on classic images and quotes from the famous Tiger King movie. 


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Joe Exotic Tiger King Halloween Custom

If you are looking for a unique and fun Halloween costume idea, then this is the perfect costume for you! With this costume set, you get a hat with an attached blonde mullet wig, two tassels, two clip-on pins, and a tiger plush! It will make you stand out at Halloween parties and costume events. Because the costume is inspired by Joe Exotic so his fan will love it!


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Blonde Wig

If you want to look like Joe Exotic at any costume party, this is the wigs for you. It is made of durable but natural-looking synthetic fibers. Thank the lace net, this wig is sturdy enough to be worn during an all-night costume party. It also keeps the shape of the wig but also makes it cool and well ventilated. Once you wear the costume both fans and even non-fans will automatically see the Tiger King! This costume is durable, easy to wear, and easy to remove. It’s perfect for a Tiger King fan!


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Fake Mustache

Whether you are looking for a classic look, a subtle flair, or you just want to add a bit of life to your face, these mustaches will help you get the look you’ve always wanted. You don’t need to wax your mustache before applying, so you can be assured of a soft, non-warped look. It’s come with spirit gum to attach and you can choose the color: Light brown, black, blonde, dark gray, light gray, or medium brown. The best part is this mustache look like Joe Exotic type so it’s will be another awesome gift for his fan. 


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USA Mullet Hat with Attached Blonde Hair Exotic Wig

This is a special USA mullet Hat: It’s attached with blonde hair in the same style as Joe Exotic. It’s quality, it’s patriotic, and it’s all about freedom! Joe Exotic’s fan can have this hat and its attached hair to go with any costume – it’s a must-have.


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Tiger King Joe Exotic Cosplay Full set 

This cosplay set includes: 1x Cosplay Wig + 1 x Necklace + 1 x Mustache +6 Earrings + 1x Wig cap. This set will make you look exactly like Tiger King Joe. The wig is made of top-quality heat-resistant imported synthetic which is soft, friendly for the skin, and natural-looking. This wig can be styled by hair wax, curling iron, or straightener easily thanks to the heat-resistant synthetic. The cap is also high-quality and fits any adult head size. 


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This cool notebook is perfect for all kinds of people – whether you’re a college student or a high-level business executive. This gift is both personal and functional and can be used for any purpose.  Here are just a few ideas for what this cool journal could be used for: Training day and meeting notes. The special thing is this notebook was inspired by the Tiger King movie!


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Tiger King Jigsaw Puzzle

This hilarious puzzle game is a tribute to the most bizarre and binge-worthy TV series of all time: The Tiger King. With a little bit of assembly, you’ll be able to enjoy hours of entertaining playtime and create some fun memories. Be prepared for a challenging puzzle build because it includes 1000 large 1.8mm puzzle pieces! The difficulty will delight your family and friends. Bring home hours of entertainment and have fun with this interactive puzzle toy. All the pieces are made of high-quality chipboard that won’t peel or separate. It’s an amazing gift idea for fans of Tiger King. 


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Big Cat Carole Baskin Funny Beer Can Coolies

These funny beer can coolies can keep beer cold and your friends laughing! Joe Exotic is hilarious. The meme is high quality and won’t fade. It measures 12oz and 16oz so it’s can hold any drink you like. Your Tiger King’s fan will love it!


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Joe Exotic Tiger King Classic Shot Glass

Have fun in the pub or bar, but in the comfort of your home. This high-quality quote shot glass is great for both cold and hot beverages. You can even use them as whiskey glasses, bourbon glasses, tequila glasses, vodka glasses, and more! They can handle all types of drinks with ease.  Bottoms up! These are the perfect shot glasses for a party at your home or business.


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Beistle Tiger Print Table Cover

This table cover will surely remind you of the Tiger King movie.  It includes one table cover in the package and is ready for gift giving. It measures 54 inches long by 108 inches wide and is made out of plastic. Perfect for a jungle-themed party or birthday party or just normal use. 


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Qualatex Safari Assortment Biodegradable Latex Balloons

This is a little addition to the party which also reminds me of the movie. The balloons are made of 100% Natural Biodegradable Latex. This set comes in an assortment of gold, white, ivory silk, and orange. The balloons are natural latex, there are twelve in each pack. The balloons inflate to 11-inch diameter.


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Exotic Thriller Socks

All these socks are made from 100% Polyester fabric that allows for all-day breathability and wearability. They also feature a custom print that will never fade or crack. These socks are perfect for both men and women. These socks are made of high-quality material and the dye process allows for everlasting prints. They bring Tiger King theme. 


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Tiger King Flash Art Large Towel

The most popular towel of all time. This cotton towel is designed to remind us about the Tiger King.  It will never go out of style and is fade-resistant so you can wash and dry your towel over and over again. It’s perfect to use anywhere: bath, pool, or beach. The towel is durable and can last for years, even after many times of washing. 


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Joe Exotic Tiger King Singing Birthday Funny Greeting Card Carole Baskin – Guess What?

Watch the video to see how this amazing card works! The VOICE you hear is Joe Exotic! The real recording of Joe Exotic. Upon opening the card, first his voice and a song remix of “Joe’s Happy Birthday” play. It makes me laugh every time! All the fans will absolutely love this card. You can write your messages on both sides of the card. 


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Tiger King Stickers 100Pcs Gifts 

A must-have gift for anyone who loves the Tiger King, this 100 pieces of vinyl decal stickers is a must-have for kids, youth, teens, lovers as DIY decoration. All the stickers are sun protection and waterproof function. These stickers can be used for your laptop, graffiti, vintage, vinyl, skateboard, car, bumper, hoverboard, snowboard, helmet, luggage, or case.


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Funny Tiger Paws Socks

A great choice for Tiger King fans! The best thing about these socks is that they are machine washable. Made of Polyester, Cotton, Spandex which is excellent elasticity and comfortable. They’re not only fun and comfortable to wear, but they’re also great for when you need to go somewhere and you want to look really sharp! There are 10 animals that you can choose from Cat, Dog, Elephant, Tiger, Horse, Eagle, Pig, Donkey, Zebra, and Dinosaur. Choose the Tiger Paw and it will make you remember the film. These socks can be used on any occasion and are also suitable for daily use. 


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Bobbleheads Joe Exotic Tiger King for President Tiger King Dual

A limited-edition t-shirt by Joe Exotic for President! This Bobblehead is totally brand new and it comes with an original box. It measures 6 inches tall. A great gift for the fan of Tiger King.


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Joe Exotic 2020 Sequin Shirt

If you’re looking for an awesome Halloween costume that’s not a regular tee shirt, this is your best choice. It’s a Joe Exotic sequined jacket with sequins everywhere. The fabric is a combination of Faux Silk + Sequin + Polyester so it’s stretchy enough to fit most people. The design is a long sleeve, button-down, lapel collar and will surely make the owner handsome and vintage. It’s can be worn perfectly on Halloween, role play, 80s theme party, dress up, carnival, daily, casual, spring, fall, and winter wear.


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Happy Family Clothing The Tiger King Joe Exotic for President T-Shirt Big Cat

Joe Exotic, the sweet redneck lovable rescue tiger king big cat man and who also ran for president in 2016. He is on this T-shirt! Every Happy Family Clothing item including this T-shirt is screen printed by hand with care in the studio. They use the soft feel inks on this T-shirt and make it washable. 


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Joe Exotic Hat Tiger King Embroidered Baseball Hat Khaki

This Embroidered Baseball Hat Khaki is 100% cotton sweatband to give the owner a comfortable feeling. It’s the best choice for people who sweat a lot because the hat is sweat absorption and true breathability. You can even return it if you don’t feel happy with the product within 30 days. 


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Free Joe Exotic Mug

This mug is a unique design created by hard-working humans on the design team. You can send a message with this mug. This mug will help you relax in the morning. You can choose between 11oz or 15oz size. It’s all dishwasher and microwave safe. The design is on both sides and super durable. A great gift for the fan of Tiger King on Christmas stocking stuffers, Hanukkah, Xmas secret Santa, holiday gift party, or white elephant exchange gift. 


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Funny Front Door Mat

It is the best choice, suitable for the garden, patio, living space, entrance, and other places. The funny doormat can be used indoors and outdoors and does not require a specific area to use. A unique doormat with long-lasting effects. This room mat is built to last. Its high-quality rubber and felt make it sturdy and weatherproof. It’s a great gift for anyone and even the best gift for your loved ones. It’s easy to use and even easier to love. The Doormat is a great way to give as a gift.


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Tiger King Joe Exotic Mugshot Mask

A mask with Joe Exotic mouth on it! The funny mask that will make you look like Joe Exotic. Give this mask to his fan and they will laugh out loud thanks to this hilarious face mask. It can also protect people from the Covid 19 virus. 


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Joe Exotic Karma T-Shirt

Get your custom t-shirts here. They made high-quality custom Made Tank Tops/T-shirts/Sweatshirts here which are ultra-comfortable and soft. The taped neck is guaranteed to not lose its form. Unique and Custom Designs is durable even in the washing machine. You can get some unique conversation starters with this hand-crafted T-shirt. They are the perfect gifts for the people you love! If you’re having a hard time coming up with a unique present, this could be the perfect solution. This T-shirt also comes with a money-back guarantee and you have 30 days to return the product with a full refund!


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Wildlife Tote Bag by Pet Studio Art

This Tote Bag is hand-printed in Austin and the artwork is designed by Pet Studio Art! The tiger design will remind you about the Tiger King. The tote bag is can be washed by hand. It is made of eco-friendly cotton and can be used for many purposes: as a reusable grocery tote, a beach bag or to just carry as an everyday tote! Great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. 


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Tiger King Notebook: Team Joe

Looking for an attractive gift for the Tiger King or Big Cat Queen in your life? This Team Joe from Tiger King notebook can be a perfect choice. It can be used to take notes or keep a journal. A nice gift that will make the fan of the Tiger King smile. The pages are blankly lined with matte finish. All the 120 pages are Carefully Formatted. This notebook will let everyone know its owner is team Joe. 


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Tiger King Notebook: Team Carole

Another notebook but for who in team Carole. This is a wide-ruled Pink Leopard Print Notebook which is also great for taking notes or keeping a journal. Everyone knows you are in team Carole as soon as you use this notebook. It makes a great gift. The pages are A5, Carefully Formatted, and in high quality. 


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Joe Exotic Pink Pattern Tiger King Notebook

Another notebook for all the fans. This is a pink pattern notebook and for Joe Exotic’s fan. The pages measure 6 x 9 Inches. There are 100 pages in total. This notebook can be used for any purpose: Taking notes in class, the perfect present idea for any gift-giving occasion, and suitable for school, home, office, work, travel, and much more …


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Dry Rub Meat Seasoning for Pork Ribs Butt Steak Beef Brisket Chicken Wings and Seafood (TIGER KING)

This gift is 16 Oz and is specially designed for pork but can also be used for chicken, beef, and salmon. It was inspired by the famous movie: The Tiger King. It’s all MSG Free and balanced blend with sweet. 


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Tiger King Funny Beer Coolies Combo Pack

4 beer coolies with phrases and pictures from Tiger King. The 4 coolies come with texts “Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens”, “Carole Did It coolie”, “Exotic Vibes Only”, “I Am Never Going To Financially Recover From This”. Each coolie is made of high-quality polyurethane foam, and the flocking is waterproof, so these fun, funny beer coolies will be perfect at your next party! They are great for keeping your drinks cold. These cans cool your drinks quickly while keeping them ice-cold.


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Tiger King: The Official Tell-All Memoir

When Joe was in jail, He began writing all the things he wanted a jury of his peers to hear. He never knew that mere months later, his life would become the stuff of reality TV legend. Written entirely while incarcerated, this memoir is his first, and maybe only, a chance to tell his side of the story—the full story. The Official Tell-All Memoir gives us an answer for the origin of the mullet, how Joe became the Tiger King, Joe’s favorite animal.


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Tiger Wars: Joe Exotic vs. The Big Cat Queen

The documentary Tiger King is a global smash-hit that introduced viewers to the weird, crazy, and chaotic life of private zoo owners and big cat breeders Joe Exotic. It’s about his long, drawn-out war against Carole Baskin. Baskin runs the Big Cat Rescue in Florida and wants to shut down for the maltreatment of Joe’s animals. Tiger Wars digs deeper into this story and tells the shocking story of this big cat war, the cult-like characters involved, and the spiral of obsession that landed Joe Exotic in jail.


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Tiger King Joe Exotic 11 oz. Mug

A mug with Tiger King theme. This ceramic mug is 11 oz and can hold all your favorite drinks. The mug measures 3.75″ x 4.75″ and is made of high-quality ceramic and is professionally designed. This mug can be used in dishwasher and microwave. Start a good day with this mug. It’s a unique gift for your friend who loves Tiger King. They can use this mug for years to come and it will remind them of you every time they use it. The mug is securely packaged in a protective box and quickly shipped in 2 days!


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FUNATIC Funny Tiger King Socks

This FUNATIC Funny Tiger King Socks is a fantastic idea for those who love Tiger King. These socks are made of 70% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 2% Elastic. Its size fits most customers. Thanks to the highest available needle count, these socks can ensure well-defined graphics and outstanding quality. The feel that these socks bring is as great as they look. It can be used everywhere: lounging at home, work, the office, daily life, outdoor sports, running, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, camping, climbing, and more. 


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PopCrew Tiger King Hat

These 100% cotton tiger hats are perfect for showing your love for Tiger King in any circumstance. They’re easy to wear and adjust, so you can have it on when you need it and tuck it away when you don’t. The adjustable, low-profile, floppy design is sure to bring a smile at the zoo, park, or costume party.


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Joe Exotic Tiger King Blank Lined Journal

An all-purpose journal that is ready to be filled with your ideas such as noting down a shopping list or penning some lyrics for your next song, to copying down your favorite recipe, a notebook is an ideal way to keep your jottings together in one delightful place. The notebook has 100 blank writing pages and each page measure: 6″ x 9″. It’s a great gift for any occasion: Fathers Day, Anniversary, Christmas, Birthday and so on. 


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Funny Beer Coolie

This Funny Beer Coolie has the quotes “HEY ALL YOU COOL CATS & KITTENS” printed on both sides. This can cooler is uses premium polyurethane foam and thick flocked vinyl so it’s waterproof. This set of beer cooldies will take your party to the next level. No matter what you’re having, you’ll never be able to say no to these funny beer coolies. This can cooler is perfect for keeping drinks icy cold. This present will make your friend who enjoys King Tiger laugh out loud. 


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What to consider when buying gifts for Tiger King fan? 

The first thing you need to know is to buy them the presents that relate to Tiger King and they will love them! We have listed all the stuff that is useful and has the Tiger King theme above so you can check it out. 

Secondly, The Tiger King fans are divided into 2 teams: Team Joe and team Carole. Make sure you choose the gift that represents the right team. 


What is this tiger king thing about?

The series is an in-depth look at the small, but the deeply interconnected society of conservationists like Carole Baskin, who owns the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Tampa Bay, and collectors like Exotic, whom she accuses of abusing and exploiting wild animals.

What did Tiger King do wrong?

Maldonado-Passage’s trial began in March 2019, and he was found guilty shortly thereafter in April. He was ultimately sentenced to 22 years in prison.  was convicted on two counts of murder for hire and 17 counts of animal abuse, including killing and selling tigers.

What should I give to a Tiger King fan? 

You can consider all the options we have listed above to find the best gift for your loved ones. The list above includes all the stuff from socks, notebook to cosplay stuff. 


You can choose the best one to give to your loved one from the list above. We hope that we can help you give the perfect gifts. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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