Find the Right Gifts for Puzzle Lovers

Puzzle gifts are a great way to show someone how much you care about them. They’re also perfect gifts for people with an unusual sense of humor, or those who just love puzzles! Finding the right gifts can be difficult sometimes, so we’ve put together this list of gifts that puzzle lovers will adore.

Things to consider when picking up gifts for puzzle lovers

1. What type of puzzle do they enjoy the most?

There are different types of puzzles that people like to do – there are word searches, crosswords, logic puzzles, and many more. Think about what type of puzzle they enjoy the most, and try to find gifts related to that.

This list won’t just help you figure out gifts for people with an interest in puzzles – it’ll also show them how much you care about their interests. So now there’s no excuse not to buy something special this Christmas!

If you’re not sure which puzzle type your loved one prefers, then don’t worry! We have some other tips on how to pick gifts below…

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2. Be creative – The gifts dont have to be puzzles only!

A lot of gifts are puzzle related, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only option. You can get gifts for puzzle lovers from many different places – puzzles often come in books or magazines too!

  • If you’re struggling to find a gift because you don’t know what this person likes, then it might be better to buy something like art supplies and make them a personalised jigsaw!
  • You can think of unusual puzzle gifts: buy a puzzle book or magazine subscription as well as other puzzlers’ accessories such as puzzle pens and erasers
  • The best way to keep your gifts unique is by picking things that no one else would think of giving. This will help ensure you give an unforgettable present while still keeping their interests at heart. 
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3. Consider how much time your recipient want to spend on solving puzzles

There are some gifts that take a lot less time to solve than others.

  • If they’re not able to spend hours on end solving puzzles, then maybe you should think about buying them a shorter puzzle or one with fewer pieces
  • Good gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers include books and magazines – these can be solved in an hour or two instead of taking days!
  • Medium length puzzles-ones that take 30 minutes up to an hour-are really perfect if someone wants something quick but still fun as well. These gifts might have around 50 individual pieces and will take between 15 and 20 minutes each
  • Longer puzzles are great too, just make sure they don’t go past the recipient’s interest level so

It might also help if you ask them how often they complete puzzles-most people will have preferences based on how quickly they want to finish it.

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4. Give them your gift of time

Puzzles can be completed by one person or groups of friends to work on together. How about having a fun time solving the puzzle together?

  • One way to do this is by getting a puzzle that’s already put together and then solving it with the person they’re being gifted for.
  • You can also buy gifts like puzzles of your own photos, which are perfect if you want to spend time doing them

Sometimes a quality time with you is what your beloved puzzle lovers treasure the most.

5. The best way to present your gift is in a personalized box with tissue paper inside

The best gifts for puzzle lovers are ones that make them feel special-a gift box with their name on the front or a personalised jigsaw is perfect!

It might be helpful to think about what kind of gifts they would like and then present it in an interesting way.

  • For example, if they love word searches but can’t find any puzzles books around, you could buy one online from them as well as some stationary sets so they have everything needed to do the puzzles at home.
  • This will also help keep things more affordable too by not having to spend money on wrapping paper and other materials
  • If you’re struggling over whether your chosen presents should be wrapped up or left out – try making something yourself such as collage art made


With this information, it is easier to find the perfect gift for your loved one with a puzzling brain. We hope you have enjoyed reading our post and found some interesting ideas on how to choose gifts for puzzle lovers. If there is anything else we can help you with or any more questions that need answering, please feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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