Guide to Choosing Gifts for Neighbors

When it’s time to show your neighbors just how much you appreciate them, gifts are always a great way to do so. But when you’re not sure what gifts would be the most appreciated by your neighbor, this blog post is here to help! From thank-you gifts for a neighbor who watches over your house while you’re on vacation, to funny gifts that will make their day, we’ve got all of the gift ideas covered in this guide!

Things to consider when picking up Gifts for Neighbors

1. Consider the person’s preferences.

Do they have any hobbies that you’re aware of? If so, gifts related to their hobby would be a great option! Or if the neighbor is always doing something outside like gardening or cooking at home, gifts related to those activities might also make good gifts.

  • Is your neighbor interested in things for the house? Like new furniture or decorations? Then try shopping for gifts that will help them out around the house with these things.
  • If the neighbor is always doing something outside like gardening, consider buying them some gardening tools, or seeds and plants
  • If the neighbor has children, gifts that will entertain them or help with their schoolwork would be a great idea!
  • Or maybe this is someone who loves animals and spends time taking care of their pets every day – then consider getting a pet item as one of your gifts (like food). This way, it’s not just another gift sitting on their doorstep but rather becomes an accessory needed by their favorite
Your neighbors will love these gifts! Here are inexpensive items for neighbors that your friends and family can pick up in the next 5 minutes. These neighbor gift ideas are great for a quick thank you, or to show appreciation if they've helped out around the house. Happy Holidays! #gifts for neighbors under $10

2. Examine their lifestyle and interests.

If you know your neighbor well, try to narrow gifts down by the season.

  • For example, if they love to take walks outside when it’s nice out, consider getting them a pair of rain boots or some waterproof gloves for their next walk!
  • Or maybe they’re always cooking up something delicious in their kitchen – then get them some new spices and cookbooks so that they can continue making those amazing dishes at home
  • Or if they’re always baking something in their oven, gifts related to cooking might make good gifts – try buying them spatulas, measuring cups and other kitchen tools
  • If the parents in your neighborhood spend much time playing outdoor with their kids, gifts related to outdoor activities like a soccer ball or some new sidewalk chalk would be great gifts
  • If your neighbor loves going on adventures outside of town (like hiking), then gifts that are for traveling will be appreciated – consider getting them luggage or a map so they can plan out their next trip. Or maybe you know the person’s favorite movie is coming up soon? Then consider giving them tickets as one of your gifts!

3. Understand what they already have in their home or office

Is their house always looking nice? Then a gift like new outdoor furniture might be perfect for the next time it’s warm outside!

If this is someone who does a lot of work from home, gifts related to their workspace might do well.

  • For example, new office supplies: pens, notebooks
  • Or technology gadgets: a new printer, a wireless mouse

Or maybe you know that your neighbor loves plants and has lots of them in their house:

If you have no idea what to get your neighbors this year, keep reading. These are some of the best gifts I've ever given my neighbors over the past few years. The list includes DIYs, Amazon products, funny cards/gag gifts + more! Whether they're close or far away from you, it's always nice to give something thoughtful when time permits ;) Happy Holidays!! #funny gifts for neighbors
  • Consider getting them some more pots so they have plenty of room to grow more plants (or even seeds)!
  • Or new sprinkles to replace the current old one

4. Check out what other gifts they’ve received from people who know them well

If someone who knows your neighbor well has already given them gifts, then you can evaluate what gifts they’ve received and find out what kind of gifts are most appreciated by this person.

Tips:  Instead of giving gifts to all four neighbors at once, break things up into groups – one day give presents to three neighbors on one side of the street while another day do the same thing with two more houses down

5. Be mindful of any dietary restrictions, religious beliefs, or allergies that might prevent you from giving a certain gift 

If gifts are given to people of a certain religion and you’re not sure what they might like, try asking.

Alternatively, you can buy gifts that can be used by everyone or just in good taste, for example:

  • A new coffee mug
  • A plant that can be used in an office or living room
  • Some new kitchen linens for when they’re cooking up a storm in their kitchen

If gifts are given to people who have certain dietary restrictions, find out what those are and then buy something like chocolate (which is gluten-free)

Or if your neighbor has pets with allergies, you might want to avoid gifts made of wool or any other material that might trigger the pet’s allergy. A toy would make a better gift instead.

6. Don’t forget to add a card or handnote

We've all been there. One minute you're the best of friends with your neighbor and then they move away, or worse - next door to an old person who never talks to anyone! So what do we do? We treat them like crap for being a lousy neighbor?! NOPE. Get some gifts that show how much you care about these people in their time of need. And don't forget to send us a thank-you card when we help out too! #thank you gifts for neighbors

When gifts are given to neighbors, make sure that they’re accompanied by a card or some other type of note. It’s must-have for thank you gifts for neighbors.

  • This is especially important if the gifts were hand-made or more personal in nature (for example: handmade jewelry). This way your neighbor will know who made this gift!
  • If you have cards already printed and ready to go, put them together with gifts wrapped nicely in a box before giving them as gifts.  
  • Otherwise, buy some simple greeting cards at any store and add a handwritten message inside – even just “to our awesome neighbor” would suffice! A quick thank you for always being there can also be appreciated 🙂

Some final words

We hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions, or want help implementing these tips to buy gifts for your neighbors, don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy holidays from all of us at the Neighborly team!

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