Gifts for Gardeners: the Guidelines

Gardeners are a notoriously difficult group of people to buy gifts for. They have everything they need, and want little more than beautiful plants and lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy them in. But if you know what to look for, there are some pretty amazing gifts out there that will delight the gardener in your life! Here are my top 5 picks for gifts for gardeners:

Things to mind about gifts for gardeners

1. What’s their favorite plant or flower?

Different gardeners have different tastes in plants. Some like herbs, others want cacti and succulents, still others love roses and daylilies. You’ll need to do a little research on what the person likes best or is most excited about before you buy anything!

  • If they like growing herbs, they’ll probably want a nice herb garden kit.
  • If they’re excited about succulents, then you can buy them a couple of those or one really spectacular plant to care for.
  • If they love roses and daylilies there are some gorgeous ones out there! There are also other flowers that can be easily cultivated in your climate such as lantana (a favorite among many gardeners), honey suckles, irises, tulips, petunias and honeysuckle. And these come in all sorts of colors: yellow-orange; orange-red; reds ranging from deep burgundies to pinkish pinks with white centers;…
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2. Do they like to garden indoors or outdoors?

Gardeners are a different breed. Some love working indoors with plants and flowers, while others prefer to be outdoors in the dirt where it’s fresh and green!

  • If they have an indoor garden, then they’ll love a window garden kit.
  • If they like to be outdoors, you can get them something that will make their time there more pleasant: A nice pair of work gloves; a new watering can or hose attachment for the end of your own hose so it’s easier to use outside; and if they’re really into gardening then some sort of eco-friendly fertilizer would also be a good idea!

You’ll need to know what type of gardener they are before you buy anything for them so that your gift will suit their preferred environment.

3. How much time do they spend gardening each week?

Gardeners have a lot of time to spend working in their gardens.

  • So it’s likely they’ll need things like gloves or an old-fashioned trowel, which you can probably find at any garden store!
  • There are also some fun gifts out there that will be perfect for the gardener on your list who spends most of his or her time gardening, such as gardening aprons, gardening gloves or a new hose attachment.

But if you are looking for gardening gifts for mom who has little time for gardening, it might be difficult to find something that fits with what they have and wants. You may think of gadgets to make their gardening easier and faster, like a wheelbarrow, or a new gardening tool set.

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It’s important to know how much time the person spends in their garden before you buy them anything so that they’ll actually have use for it!

4. Does the gardener have any allergies (pollen, animal hair, etc.)?

Some gardeners might have allergies to certain plants or flowers.

For example, many people are allergic to pollen and can’t garden outdoors without suffering.

If they have allergies, you’ll want to make sure that any gifts you buy for them will be environmentally safe- meaning no harsh chemical products!

A safer alternative might be something like a large basket full of flowers in the gardener’s favorite color or an indoor window garden kit where they can grow their own plants safely indoors away from animals and airborne pollens.

5. Do they prefer practical gifts or something more extravagant and unusual?

  • If they prefer something practical, you could get them something like a new watering can or garden gloves.
  • If they want something more extravagant and unusual, you might consider giving them an indoor window garden kit with all the plants they need to keep it going for many seasons!
  • It’s also possible that your gardener would love nothing more than some new gardening tools- safety gear; a wheelbarrow; eco-friendly fertilizers… so take time to find out what items will be most appreciated by this individual!
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6. What is your budget for a gift for this person?

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend much, the best idea may be something like

  • Gloves
  • An indoor window garden kit. This way they can still enjoy gardening with less commitment but without sacrificing quality!
  • A trowel is also another low-budget option because it’s inexpensive and will last for many seasons: most likely more than the person has been gardening in their lifetime so far!

If you have more to spend, you might consider

  • Gardening aprons
  • A wheelbarrow
  • A new garden tool set
  • Eco-friendly fertilizer

It all depends on what your financial situation is at the time that you make this purchase, and how much money you have available when considering gifts for gardeners!


I hope this has been helpful in giving you some ideas for gifts that your gardener might like. If not, there are many more gift guides on the internet to help you find a perfect fit! Happy shopping and gardening!

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