The Vital Guide to Gifts for Fathers of the Bride

Gifts for fathers of the bride are a tricky subject. You want to get him something he’ll love, but you also want it to be practical and useful. The key is finding that balance between what will make him happy, and what he’ll actually use day-to-day.  To help out with this difficult task, we’ve put together a list of great gift ideas for your dad! These items will be sure to put a smile on his face while still being practical enough that they won’t just collect dust in the back of his closet.

Things to consider when picking up Gifts for Fathers of the Bride

1. Know your dad’s personality

It’s important to know if your dad is the type that will want something sentimental, or if he wants an item more geared towards practicality.

  • If your dad is quite emotional, you might want to consider getting him something sentimental that will remind him of you. This could be a framed photograph, some flowers or even an item from his favorite team’s shop (if he likes football, for example).
  • If your dad is more practical, he may prefer items with lasting value like tools or sporting equipment.
  • If he is traditional and classic, he may want a classic tie or leather shoes
  • Or if he is tech-savvy and likes to wear more contemporary clothing styles, you might consider getting him an Apple Watch.

The most important thing is that you know what type of personality your dad has as well as the interests that are nearest and dearest to his heart so you’re able to find something perfect for him!

Gifts for Fathers of the Bride

2. Know his hobbies and interests

There’s no sense in buying a gift for your dad that he won’t use! To make sure you’re picking out something they’ll like, take the time to figure out what his hobbies are.

  • Maybe he loves cooking? You could find him an amazing new knife set or one of those fancy gadgets that takes all the guesswork out of baking breads.
  • Maybe gardening is more his speed – get him a nice pair of gloves and some plants !
  • Or maybe it’s fishing ? There are plenty of father-of-the bride gifts available if this sounds like Dad might be up for some fun outdoorsy activities with his son/daughter (or future daughter!). For example, you could get him a nice fishing pole or tackle box .

The best thing about this list is that it has gifts for every type of dad – even the dads who are hard-to-buy-for. So, take your time and find something perfect for your father!

3. Learn about his job

It’s important to know what type of job your dad has, and if he’d be interested in a more practical gift or something that will help him with his work.  

  • For example, maybe you could get him some new speakers for his office so he can listen to music while working on projects?
  • Or one of those fancy hand-held devices people use at the airport when checking luggage ? (If it sounds like Dad would have fun using this gadget then get them an extra battery pack because spending hours stuck in a terminal is no fun!)
  • If you’re not sure what is useful for his profession, go with something daily like an umbrella or flashlight as they are always useful and will be appreciated by everyone
  • If you’re still unsure, try getting him a book on his favorite subject or buy him tickets to see his favorite band in concert (or at least give it some thought!)

Spend time researching different options before deciding which one would be best – there are plenty out there!

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4. Consider the season of the wedding

There’s no right or wrong time of year to celebrate an upcoming wedding. But some items are meant to match with the weather.

  • If the wedding occurs in cold weather, a nice scarf, hat or gloves are a thoughtful father of the bride gift.
  • In warmer weather, consider an item such as sunglasses and sunscreen to keep them safe from harmful ultraviolet rays!
  • If your dad will be traveling at all, consider other items that would help him pack better (like one of those travel pillows)  or maybe even coordinate with his son/daughter and buy them both tickets so they can go on vacation together!

The most important thing is that you know what type of person your dad has become – only then can you find something perfect for him!

5. Choose something sentimental that shows your love for him

If you can, try to find a father of bride gift that also shows your love for Dad.

  • Maybe it’s one of those personalized coffee mugs or monogrammed slippers – anything that makes him feel special and appreciated.
  • Or maybe it’s something he’ll never use but will appreciate because it came from his son/daughter? We all know how fathers are with their kids (especially when they’re not our own dads) so don’t be surprised if he wants to hold on tight to this sentimental item forever!  
  • You could even make an album filled with photos of the two of you through the years or frame some old tickets from concerts and sporting events together as well as pictures or drawings you’ve done over the course of time
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6. Consider how much you want to spend on the gift

You dont have to break your bank preparing a gift for the father of the bride – options are always there no matter how much money you spend on it.

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • A nice framed photo of you and your dad
  • An IOU for the next round of drinks, or maybe even tickets to see his favorite band live
  • Blacksmithing tools that he can use in his free time  (just make sure they don’t require electricity or gas!)

What about if you have enough funds? You should put some thought into it! These are just a few ideas:

  • Tool kit (especially useful for Dads who like doing things outside)
  • Nice pair of work gloves
  • A food storage container set
  • Fleece blanket
  • Good quality headphones
  • Car charger
  • Tickets for their favorite concert

Maybe your dad is the type of person who appreciates a nice and thoughtful handwritten letter than any other gift? If so, then maybe this one’s for him! (It would have to be on some special paper or stationary)

Give yourself enough time to get it done – don’t wait until last minute! This way you won’t have any issues finding the perfect card to write him

Try not to be too hard on yourself either – there’s no right or wrong way when gifting someone else because what matters most is that you put thought into it.

A few last words

Choosing a gift for the father of the bride can be difficult. Thankfully, we have put together this list to help you find that perfect present! You know your dad best and you are sure to find something on our list below that he will love. Happy shopping!

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