Corporate Gift Ideas: A Perfect Guide

It’s corporate gift giving season! Whether you’re looking for corporate gifts for a corporate party, coworker, boss or client, we’ve got the guide to help you find the perfect item. In this post we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing a corporate gift and provide some examples of great corporate gifts.

Things to consider when picking up a corporate gift

1. Consider the company’s culture and what would be appropriate

These questions will guide you to solve this consideration:

  • What about the corporate culture? Some businesses might be more buttoned up, which means your gift should be quite classic, such as a nice pen, good coffee, or even a corporate-branded coffee mug. For other businesses, such as startups or tech companies that are more casual, you may want to consider an item like teddy bears with their company logo on it or a desk chair shaped like the corporate logo.
  • How do their offices look? A lot of corporate environments have wood flooring and whiteboards – maybe you could get them some nicer pens if it looks necessary. Some places will have computer monitors up everywhere with bullet points written on them – maybe you could give someone at this place a nice laptop sleeve or case (it while others are laid back and casual.
  • Do they have any employees who will be celebrating something special at this time? For example, if someone is retiring from your organization then maybe you could give them a personalized gift card for dinner and drinks out with friends or family members so they can celebrate in style.
  • Do they have a corporate mascot? If so, what type of gift might be appropriate for that animal or creature? For example, if the corporate mascot is an eagle then you could give them something with feathers on it as well as some coins to represent freedom and modernity.Some companies work in a social environment where the employees are always going out for drinks and happy hours, so something like wine or liquor would make a good corporate gift as well.

2. Know your budget, and don’t spend more than you can afford

The corporate gift ideas can vary from something small and thoughtful to the more expensive, extravagantly branded items. If you’re in charge of corporate gift giving for the company, then you don’t want to spend more than your budget allows. If there is a big difference between what people are willing to give and what they can afford as far as corporate gifts go, this could potentially cause some bad feelings among employees who feel slighted that someone got something nicer or bigger than them when both are not on equal incomes.

For more inexpensive gifts, Personalized corporate gifts are a fantastic option when you’re not looking to spend too much money and want something really thoughtful that will be treasured by the recipient. You can create your own by working with their company logo in some way:

  • Embroidering it on items like hats, shirts, jackets;
  • Printing them onto mugs or tumblers;
  • Making coffee cups with custom corporate logos printed beneath the handles of the cup (great corporate give idea for those who love hot drinks). This is a great inexpensive corporate gift idea if you work at a marketing agency!

If you’re looking for corporate gift ideas in the higher end of the spectrum, let’s take a look at

  • Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton if they’re available where you work
  • Jewelers with high-end necklaces or watches such as Rolex or Cartier, or other companies that specialize in expensive products.
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3. Research the type of gift that will have a lasting impression 

The choice is up to you when it comes down to what type of corporate gift idea would have a lasting impression on your recipient. At first glance this may seem like an easy decision but there are many factors that go into choosing the perfect corporate gift for someone else – such research as their hobbies outside of work hours, whether they enjoy golfing or fishing (or both) in order to know if any company gifts should be related one way or another, how important appearances are with them; all help determine which corporate gift will give off a better lasting impression than others…

  • For example, if someone in the office has recently had a baby then it would not only be thoughtful but also meaningful to get them something like diapers and wipes with their child’s name embroidered on it as well as stuffed animals made out of recycled materials because they’re eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Another idea could be getting everyone ice cream from local small businesses so that they know where this treat came from -a way of supporting small business oughtful corporate gifts can be given at any time of the year, but it’s especially appropriate during winter and holiday seasons.
  • You could get everyone a ticket to their favorite sporting event or buy them tickets to see a play in their town.
  • You could also go with an office-friendly gift like buying business books that they all have been meaning to read for months now!

4. Is the gift for your client, boss or co-worker?

  • If it’s for your coworker, Let’s choose something fun that many employees can enjoy together.
  • If it’s for your boss, think about something that will remind them of you when they use it. A fun lunch date at Chipotle would not make sense because he doesn’t like seafood. You could give him some new gear from his favorite fishing store instead. And try not to give him some gifts similar to what he has given you before!
  • If it’s for client, you may have to be more careful. You want to think about what they like and make sure that you’re not sending the wrong message, abd better avoid something personal. A portrait of the company would be more appropriate than a team lunch date. Would an engraved pen or coffee mug make sense? Also, consider getting the company logo printed on items.
  • If it’s for your corporate partner, then you should take the time to get them something that they will really enjoy. They’ve done a lot of work with you and are important in continuing to grow your company. Would an engraved pen or coffee mug make sense? Something personal but not too personal? If so, go ahead and send one their way!
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5. Be aware of any regulations or restrictions on corporate gift giving

Make sure you’ve done your research about corporate gift restrictions.

Some corporate partners have regulations about what can be given in gifts and some do not, so before you buy that bottle of wine for a client dinner or an expensive pen on your company’s expense account, make sure it is acceptable by the recipient first!

  • It’s quite common to restrict receiving cash or expensive corporate gifts from vendors and suppliers.
  • Liquor is also restricted from being received at work place so think twice about giving alcohol to clients or employees. It’s good if you present beers or a bottle of wine for everyone to enjoy right away at the corporate party though!
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6. Find out if there are any food allergies within the company before selecting a food-related gift

Better choose a food-related gift that everyone can enjoy and contains no allergy-triggering ingredients, such as:

  • A box of cookies with lots of customized flavors
  • A nice corporate cake from the bakery down the street.
  • Sliced fruit

Be extra careful about cakes with nut ingredients, chocolates with peanuts etc…

Some final words

Your corporate gift is a great chance to build goodwill with your clients, boss or employees while also giving them some quality time out of their day! It may be difficult to find good corporate gifts online because there are so many options at different price points, but hopefully our tips above help you to make it easier. If you have better suggestion, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below! Happy shopping!

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