Top 50 Best Christmas Gifts for Co-workers

You spend most of your days with co-workers which makes them turn from strangers to close friends quite quickly. Finding a great gift for them can be a daunting task – after all, it is good to add some humor but maintain professionalism in gift-giving. The best office presents are well-thought of, worth your money, and bring joy to you and your co-worker.

To help you get a headstart, here are our Top 50 gifts to give to your co-worker:

1. Christmas Gift Tags and Thank You Notes for Students and Teachers

A quirky note will surely make your co-worker smile before they even open their gift! These Christmas Gift Tags and Thank you notes add a personalized touch. Choose from a variety of cute designs- use the reindeer card for your co-worker who loves animals or make Secret Santa gift-giving more fun with Santa Themed labels.

Source: Teachers Pay Teachers

# Unique Gift Ideas For An Amazing “Gift In A Jar”

You may familiar with a gift basket, however, Gifts in A jar is a good idea too! This year, try these new gifts ideas buy doing some gifts in Jar for your coworkers. They will love these gifts. You can follow Jillee from onegoodthingbyjillee to make your DIY gifts in Jar for coworkers! Jillee shared 10 amazing gifts in Jar, I really like these ideas!

2. Best Shot at a Merry Christmas

We all love to have a bit of a drink every now and then. This gift idea for your co-worker this Christmas is fun and will be a sure hit!. The unique packaging and cute gift tags make it seem like you spent hours making them when it takes less than 10 minutes to assemble one.

Source: Mama Cheaps

3. Holiday Care Package

A Care Package is a simple way to show how much you value your friends. Help a co-worker get through the holiday rush with this DIY Christmas present Idea. Put together a box filled with drinks to have before work to start their day and after work to relax their stresses away.

Source: Dana’s Gifts

4. Mason Jar Christmas

Mason jars are a great way to build a personalized DIY Christmas Gift for Co-workers. Each person can get a jar of their own filled with trinkets, snacks, or memorabilia that show them how thankful you are for meeting them. Fill one up with cookies, mini-stuffed toys, discount cards, or even your specialty soup!

Source: DIY Crafts

5. Whisk Up a Christmas Gift

Show a sneak peek of your punny side by assembling this Christmas gift for co-workers. We are all bound to work with someone who loves to bake and this will be the perfect gift for them. Change the chocolates with your favorite brand, maybe add your favorite cookie recipe, print out those cute tags, and voila! You have a one of a kind gift.

Source: Etsy

6. Christmas Oven Mitts

Just like we all know someone who likes to bake, we also know someone who is really into great cookies! Swap that Christmas stocking for an oven mitt instead and encourage your co-worker to do some Christmas cooking. Add a pack of cookie mix, throw in a spatula, tie some Christmas ornaments, and you have a merry little Christmas mitten just for them.

Source: Pin by Natural Everything

7. Snowflake Lippie

The cold winter wind blows around is every Christmas. This makes our lips dry and chapped. To rescue your co-workers’ kissers (and yours, too) from the biting cold, make this adorable snowflake handmade gift. Just buy a snowflake ornament and lip gloss or chapsticks and tie together. Attach a card with a cute bow and you have a thoughtful gift for male and female co-workers alike.

Source: Party Wowzy

8. Christmas is not Christmas without a gingerbread man

The smell of gingerbread baking in the oven on Christmas Eve is a familiar scent to a lot of us. Share this nostalgic experience through this DIY Christmas gifts for coworkers. Pack a jar of frosting, decorative sweets, and a bag of gingerbread mix in a cute gingerbread shaped pan. Top it all of with a bow and a quirky Christmas card! Visit the source site for more Christmas gift ideas you can give your co-workers.

Source: DIY Sweetheart

9. A Glass of Self-love

We all know that drinking eight glasses of water a day to keep ourselves healthy. The same is true with the self-care. Help your co-worker enjoy themselves with a personalized glass of wine as a DIY Christmas present. You can also assemble a homemade Christmas Gift for your co-worker by packing moisturizing face masks, fuzzy socks, a bottle of their favorite drink in a large wine glass.

Source: Lylah DIY Blog

10. Party Favors for Everyone

Do you want to make sure that your handmade Christmas gifts for your co-workers reach each and every one of them? How about making a batch of party favors for everyone in your department or for your whole company! Plus, you get to save more this season by buying bulk for your gifts.

Source: Bria DIY Blog

11. Enjoy a Steaming Mug of Cocoa

Mugs can hold more than just hot drinks for a chill, Christmas evening. They can also hold custom, homemade Christmas gifts for your co-workers. Fill a mug with a bag of snowman doughnuts, a handful of candy, and some cocoa mix. Top it all off with a bow to complete that Christmas look!

Source: Doreen A Nielson, Pinterest

12. Personalized Christmas Gifts Ideas

Gift-giving is like giving a part of yourself away. The most heartfelt gifts are the ones that are put together with the recipient in mind. You can give that jar of cookies to a co-worker with a sweet tooth, or gift that basket of movie snacks to a cinephilia office mate. To help your creative juices flowing, here are gift ideas for your co-workers this Christmas.

Source: Frugal Coupon Living

13. Have a Cozy Little Christmas

Cuddle weather is upon us again, but fret not! You can keep help a co-worker keep warm with this Christmas gift idea. Shop around town for several blankets and tie them up with ribbons or twine of your choice. Attach this interesting gift tag. Maybe write an endearing message along with the card. A cute, cozy blanket and a charming gift tag to pair are sure to warm up even the coldest of hearts.

Source: Diary of a Recipe Collector

14. Funky Christmas Bottles

A bottle of wine is always a welcome gift, but why stop there? Turn a simple Christmas gift into something special by simply decorating the bottle! Paint the bottle green and add miniature Christmas balls to get that Christmas tree feel. You can also convert a bottle into a Santa by painting it red and adding a black belt with buckles and golden buttons! The possibilities are endless.

Source: Decorecent

15. Christmas-themed Treats

Food is a language everyone understands. Spread Christmas cheer and fill up bellies with these DIY Christmas presents for your co-workers! Using Sharpies, some craft tools, and your creativity, you can recreate lovable characters. Make a Santa jelly cup, a Snowman White Chocolate treat, or a Reindeer Chocolate Pudding snack.

Source: Hip2Save

16. Homemade Ornaments

Extend a piece of your home to co-workers with these homemade Christmas ornaments as gifts. Homemade ornaments are affordable and easy to make. They also custom made and have that artisanal appeal. Paint a Christmas tree on a plank of wood for that rustic, wintery decor you can place by the door or make a unique Christmas wreath using burlap and some lights.

Source: Top 21 News

17. Bluetooth Beanie

Enjoy your Christmas tunes with this Bluetooth Beanie. During a cold, winters day using headphones can be quite a hassle. Wearing bulky headphones over a bonnet is surely a fashion choice. But why choose between fashion and function when you can have both? The Bluetooth beanie will keep you nice and toasty while comfortably jamming away to Jingle Bell Rock.

18. Cozy Mermaid

We all wanted to be mermaids (or mermen) at some point in our lives. Help bring out the inner mermaid in them with this handmade Christmas gift for your co-workers! Crocheted together using quality material that is soft and snug, this mermaid tail is ideal for cuddling, lounging, or napping.

19. Novelty Pads

Having a little fun in the office is what brightens up an otherwise gray and stressful day. Give your co-workers some laughs with these 4 cool, notepads. Printed with comical designs that depict day-to-day office living, from keeping your head above water or keeping coll amidst fire, these note pads are useful and fun to give out.

20. Scented Candles

A long hard day at work calls for a night of relaxation and self-care to be rejuvenated and ready for the next day. This gift idea for your co-worker this Christmas will make them feel like you took them to a day-out in the spa. With a box packed with candles of four distinct scents, namely Rose, Lavender, Lemon, and Mediterranean Fig, your co-worker will be in for a restful evening.

21. Owl Pots

Spruce up the office with these charming Ceramic Owl Pot! It is an unconventional Christmas gift idea to your co-workers. These pots can hold many items like jewelry, paper clips, or even pencils. It can also be home to adorable succulents of your choice. These owl pots liven up the office in the most darling way.

22. Work Would Suck Without You Coffee Mug

Show an awesome co-worker how much you enjoy working with them with this charming coffee mug! This is a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite co-worker no matter what their age or gender is. It can hold up to 11 oz of your favorite drink and is also dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

23. Infusion Water Bottles

This Christmas present will give your co-worker a healthier alternative to soda. The handled cap specially designed to avoid leaks with the addition of silicone and the body is made to be shatter-proof giving the assurance that your co-worker can use it for years to come! Fill the bottle with water and fruits to enjoy a refreshing, all-natural drink.

24. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

In the hustle and bustle of everyday work life, breakfast can be something that is easily forgotten. Do you co-workers a favor you gift this Breakfast Sandwich Maker! Breakfast will become a quick and easy part of their daily routine when all it takes is five minutes to prepare a complete, filling meal.

25. Chapstick Holder Keychain

This handmade chapstick holder is a perfect Christmas gift for that co-worker who loves to use chapsticks, lipsticks, and lip balms. Made from high-quality neoprene materials, these holders are designed to securely hold your co-workers’ chapstick or balm. This holder also doubles as a keychain which makes their favorite lip moisturizer more accessible.

26. Bangles

Send your favorite co-workers an endearing message that will last for a long time through this novelty bangle. Made from stainless steel, this bangle claims to never fade, never tarnish, and to be safe even for sensitive skin. You can choose a message to be engraved in one of the charms to show your co-worker how much they mean to you!

27. USB LED Clock Fan

Wondering what to give the company tech-guy? This USB LED Clock Fan will be a sure hit with them! A gift idea unlike anything else for your co-worker this Christmas, this USB LED Clock Fan simply needs to be plugged into a PC or a laptop to power it up. While feeling refreshed from the fans’ cool breeze, make sure to keep track of your break time through its LED clock display.

28. Notebook for Inner Thoughts

We all need a notebook to organize our thoughts and to take note of important things we need to remember. Gift this notebook to your favorite co-worker who loves sarcasm. This 108 paged notebooks can be used to keep track of their goals, list their tasks, or just write down the things they wish they could say but couldn’t.

29. I Solemnly Swear I Am Up to No Good

Spread a little Christmas magic through this Harry Potter-inspired tumbler. Printed with the iconic Marauders quote, this tumbler is a fitting addition to the collection of your Potterhead co-worker. This tumbler comes with a BPA-free clear lid, a reusable straw, and a cleaning brush. This gift is guaranteed to bring happiness like a charm!

30. Dragonfly Scarf

Help your co-workers feel warm in the cold snow with this one of a kind scarf. Printed with funky dragonflies, this scarf comes in two colors; green and light blue. The light material keeps you warm but allows your skin to breathe. This is a perfect Christmas gift to your co-workers who love scarves or who are always cold.

31. Wooden Dock Station

Give your co-worker who is a little OCD something that will help them become more organized with this wooden dock station. Made from quality birch plywood, this dock station offers holders for your co-workers’ smartphone, tablet, wallet, keys, and pen! It also comes with spaces for a watch, shades, and keys.

32. Multitool Pen

This multipurpose Christmas gift will be an instant hit with your co-workers! This Multitool pen is coated with a soft grip for maximum comfort and it smoothly writes with black ink. It also comes with five different screwdriver bits which can be used for day-to-day repairs. The other end of the pen has a built-in flashlight for repairs even in the dark.

33. Office Table Accessory

Let your co-worker covertly express themselves with this funny office table accessory. Featuring 29 designs that meant to give a laugh, it can declare this to be the longest day ever or how much they love their boss, this gift will relieve tension and stress for everyone who sees it.

34. Stress Balls

Keep office stress under control with these cute stress balls. It comes in three designs you can choose from – assorted yellow emoji faces, tiny globes, or dinosaur prints. These stress balls are the perfect size to hold and relax the muscles from typing and writing and for gripping to release tension.

35. Pocket Journals

Your journaling co-worker will fall in love with these Kraft Notebook Pocket Journals! This ideal Christmas gift comes in packs of 12. The cover is made from a hefty 250 gsm kraft paper. Each journal has 80 lined pages for writing convenience. The journals have six distinctive cover designs that will propel creativity.

36. All-natural Lip Balms

Share the joy of luscious, plump lips with your co-workers this Christmas with these All-natural Lip Balms. Made with 100% certified beeswax and natural ingredients, this product contains no petroleum, gluten, paraben, or GMO. It comes with five fruity and minty soothing flavors to choose from -Peppermint, Pomegranate, Vanilla, Mango, and Green Tea.

37. Prescription Wine Glass

Your company doctor or nurse will appreciate the humor and the thought with this quirky Stemless Wine Glass. Designed to hold 21 oz of their favorite drink, this stemless wine glass is made from finely crafted glass. Printed with a “prescription” in front, this wine glass is still microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

38. Tactical Self Defense Pen

Encourage safety and self-defense to your co-worker with this Tactical Self-defense Pen. Made from machine crafted Aircraft Grade Aluminum, this pen still writes smoothly. The other end of this pen also can also be replaced with various tools to fit current needs. The design also comes with a glass-breaker that can help when escaping dire situations.

39. Vintage Embroidery Bag

These vintage bags feature handmade, flower embroidery designs that are colorful and exquisite. It is lightweight and it is made with adjustable straps that make for easier access to its contents. This vintage embroidered bag is a perfect gift for your lady-like co-workers to make them feel even prettier on regular days.

40. Card Survival Tool

Give your co-workers the tools to be always ready for anything with this Card Survival tool. Made from heat-treated stainless steel, this card is assured to never rust or bend. It is specially styled to incorporate various tools useful tools. It includes a bottle opener, a flat screw, a graduated side for measuring, and a letter opener. In your co-workers’ ingenious hands, this Christmas gift will be an indispensable tool.

41. Acrylic Paint Set

Coax your co-workers’ inner artist out with this complete acrylic paint set. This collection comes with 24 tubes of rich pigment. Each tube contains 12ml of paint. It also includes 12 paintbrushes that are non-shed and made from quality nylon. This set comes with a mixing knife and sponge to mix color together and create interesting textures.

42. Appreciation Coins

Are you the team leader looking for a unique way to show how much you appreciate your co-workers this Christmas? Made from quality materials, these coins have designs that are made from enamel which are protected with an epoxy seal. There is a wide array of designs to choose from including thank you coins, appreciation for creativity, and recognizing going above and beyond.

43. Hinged Wooden Box

Show your co-worker that they have now become friends you treasure for life with this sentimental gift. It features a distressed look with a heartfelt message printed on the lid. This hinged wooden box is great for keeping small tokens of appreciation, jewelry, or office that always seem to go missing like paper clips.

44. Adorable Canvas Pencil Case

Pouches are the ideal way to keep bags and spaces more organized. These pouches are ideal gifts for your co-workers this Christmas. It is made from a durable material, these pouches offer ample space to hold a variety of items like make-up, stationery, glasses, keys, phones, and a lot more.

45. Groot Flowerpot

Marvel has been a big hit these past years with the release of the movies. One of the most beloved characters is Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy. Make a co-worker who is a fan of Marvel with this Groot pot! Made from PVC material, this pot is safe even for kids. Place this Groot pot on a desk and fill it up with pens, plants, or just keep it the way it is and enjoy all the Groot cuteness.

46. Drink Your Water

We are always reminded to drink water to stay healthy. Help your favorite co-worker to drink water this water motivational bottle that tracks water consumption. It is made from 100% non-toxic Tritan materials, with a fun design printed in front and the tracker printed at the back. Great for giving your co-worker to smile and drink more water.

47. Deskmate

Do your co-worker a favor with this deskmate from Amazon. It includes 24 different signs that are designed to inform other people that they are busy, not available, or that they prefer not to be distracted right now. Your co-worker now has the option to let the signs do the talking and they can focus on their task!

48. Tartan Scarf

The Tartan is essential in everyone’s closet. Gift this classic scarf to your most fashionable co-worker this Christmas. Made with high-quality cashmere, this scarf will keep you warm even on especially chilly nights. It comes in a wide variety of colors which gives you the chance to get it in your co-workers’ favorite!

49. Glass Candle Jar

Some of the many scents that make us think about Christmas are Pine, Cedar, and Balsam. Take your co-worker to a walk through the forest with this candle in a jar. The wick is made from premium cotton and high-quality fragrance oils that will burn for hours. Fill your co-workers home with holiday cheer when you give them this candle!

50. Chance Made Us Colleagues Christmas Ornament

Let your co-worker remember you every time they decorate their Christmas Tree with this endearing Christmas ornament as a gift. Because it is made from high-quality glass, this will surely last for generations to come. With a beautiful Christmas message engraved with artisanal mastery, this ornament will be the start of a fruitful year as co-workers.

Gift-giving does not need to be stressful. With this list, you can find anything for each and every one of your co-workers this Christmas.

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