A Concise Guide to Weight Loss Gifts

It seems that weight loss is a popular topic these days. There are weight loss programs on TV, weight loss books at the bookstore, and weight-loss apps on your phone. And then there are all of the weight-loss gifts you can buy for friends and family who are trying to lose weight! But with so many choices out there, it can be hard to know which one will actually work best for them–especially if they don’t live near you or you’re not able to have a conversation with them about what they want most. This article will help break down some considerations when choosing weight loss gifts.

Things to mind about weight loss gifts

1. Consider the recipient’s personality

There are weight-loss gifts out there for everyone, but not every weight-loss gift will work well with every person.

  • If the recipient is strong-willed and self-motivated, then maybe one of those weight-loss books with advice on how to push through tough times would be a great weight loss gift for them.
  • But if your recipient is more laid back and doesn’t want to put in any effort, choose weight-loss gifts that they like and align with their personality. For example, weight loss clothes might work well for someone who likes to dress up, but not so much if your recipient is always in their sweatpants at home!

What this comes down to is understanding the personality you are trying to buy weight-loss gifts for so that you can pick out something that will meet their needs best–and make sure weight loss isn’t just about giving up food altogether!

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2. Think about what they need to lose weight

Some weight-loss gifts are better than others depending on what the recipient is struggling with.

  • For example, if they’re trying to lose weight but can’t seem to stop eating sweets then maybe something like keto diet books or a weight loss app that helps limit sugar consumption would be good because it’s all about eliminating their “crave” for sugar and desserts.
  • But if your friend struggles more with stress management–something like guided meditation CDs might work best as it will help them learn how to better handle those stressful times of day when cravings come out strongest.

So think about what someone needs in order to lose weight before choosing a weight-loss gift!

3. Determine how much money you are willing to spend on them

Weight-loss gifts can be expensive. And depending on who you’re buying it for, weight-loss gifts could cost $20 or they could even cost over $200! So before buying weight loss gifts, consider how much money you are willing to spend and what the recipient’s personality is like so that you don’t buy them a gift that might not work well with their needs.

If you’re low on cash and struggling financially, here are some inexpensive ideas: 

  • Weight loss clothes for someone who likes to dress up
  • Weight loss stickers or clothing labels so that they know what is and isn’t keto while grocery shopping
  • A weight loss journal with tips on how to keep track of their progress (and which foods work best)

If you have money to spend and want to give something extra special:

  • A subscription to a gym membership with a Personal Trainer
  • A weight loss class or workshop for the recipient to attend with you and learn some weight-loss tips together
  • Weight loss books that are right in line with their personality type (e.g. self-help weight loss, keto diet weight loss)

These gifts are always appreciated! And you never know, maybe the person will share some sweets from time to time if you send them weight loss cookies as a thank you. Win-win!

4. Take into account their health and fitness goals, as well as your own relationship with the person 

It’s important to remember that there are many different weight management goals and the best weight-loss gift will depend on which goal someone has.

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  • For example, if they want to lose weight in order to qualify for health insurance then maybe something like an exercise bike would work well because you get your money back!
  • But if their goal is more about being able to run around with their kids without feeling tired all of the time then running shoes might be better or even just taking them out for a fun activity (e.g., yoga) where they’ll have less stress than at home where cravings come out strongest.
  • If they want to loose weight to flash fancy outfits, weight-loss clothes might be a great weight loss gift.

But make sure that you take into account your relationships with the person to avoid too personal/inappropriate gifts.

5. Share your experience with losing weight, or provide some advice based on research you’ve done

If the person is struggling with weight management and has tried everything like keto dieting or joining a gym but they just can’t seem to get going on their weight loss journey–sharing your experience could be very helpful.

Or maybe you went from being overweight to slim through healthy eating habits and exercise so telling them how it’s possible might help give some hope for future success.

And even if you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself, giving advice off on research that you’ve done would still help because good information never goes out of style when it comes to health efforts.

We all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect gift. It can be hard when you're on a keto diet because everything is carb-loaded, sugar-filled, and just plain not right. I have some great ideas that are sure to please your loved one who's looking to lose weight! #keto diet

Here are some examples:

  • I found the weight loss world overwhelming at first! But once I came up with a concrete weight-loss plan and started creating myself, it got much easier.
  • I found keto dieting to be very helpful because it helped me start feeling better about food. Keto is all about eating foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in fat–so if you have any friends who do keto too then they might enjoy some weight loss gifts like a cookbook or some protein bars.
  • Or “A lot of people don’t know this but there are so many different types of workouts out there which help weight management goals such as weight lifting or even just walking around your block for 30 minutes every day!”


Choosing the right weight loss gift for someone can be a challenge. We hope this list will make it easier! Whether your friend or family member is trying to lose weight, maintain their current healthy lifestyle or has just lost an incredible amount of weight you are sure to find something on this list that they’ll love and appreciate. Remember, as long as there’s food involved people tend to enjoy these gifts regardless of how much they weigh!

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