35+ Ring Bearer Gifts Perfect For Your Big Day

You have already planned for the biggest day of your life and as expected everything ran smoothly and it’s time to appreciate all those who were there for you through all the planning, the sleepless nights, the cancellations and fall outs. But even as you say thank you to your bride’s maids and groomsmen, there is another group of little ones that tends to be left out – the ring bearers!

Those adorable little guys whether you believe it or not played their part, as hard as it may have been, on your big day and they deserve to be appreciated as well. So how and where do you find the best ring bearer gifts?

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Why gifts for ring bearers?

It’s easy to assume that adults are the only people who deserve a gift after the wedding. After all, they are the ones who pulled most of the weight to make the day a success.

As such it’s easy to ignore the kids whose role was to serve as ring bearers. But each and every one person, from your groom men to the beautiful bride’s maids all the way to the little ring bearers, each one of them plays their own unique role. This is why it’s very important to consider having gifts for ring bearers as well.

How to choose wedding gifts for your ring bearer

Before we dig into the best ring bearer gifts, it is important to look at what you should consider before embarking on buying a thank you gift for the little boys who made your day.

Choose something useful

The last thing you want to do even for a kid is to buy them something that they will never use. Even though they are kids, some thought should still go into appreciating them.

After all, your day was brighter with that adorable ring bearer who wowed all your guests and relatives.

Buy something that will be a surprise

The last thing your right bearer will be expecting is something to say thank you for their participation during your wedding day. Hence when choosing a gift for them, you need to consider how they will react to it.

Avoid buying mediocre gifts just to get it over with. Every gift should come with an element of surprise and that goes without saying that your ring bearer gift should do just that. Let your ring bearer(s) feel appreciated with what you chose to gift them with.

Consider qualify

Buying a gift even for the young ones isn’t just about appearances. While a gift goes a long way, a quality gift speaks volumes. You don’t want to get them a gift that will break within the first few weeks.

You want to buy a gift that will not only be useful but one that they will keep to remember you with for a long time to come.

And now let’s look at some of the best gift ideas for ring bearers;

DIY Customized ring security shirt

Nothing speaks volumes like a shirt to appreciate the little guys who made your day according to Average but Inspired. After your big day, you can just customize shirts as a gift bundle for your ring bearers. You can use an electronic cutting machine if you have one or just go with some pre-cut letters depending on the message you want to go on the shirt and with an iron you already have the perfect ring bearer gift.

Ring bearer Sippy cup

There is a certain charm that is added when you have young kids at your wedding ceremony. However, sometimes you may find yourself stuck with very young ring bearers and sometimes it’s very hard to make them fall in line and do the routine. That’s why according to Bridal Guide, it’s important to consider all that may go wrong at your wedding when you have a ring bearer.

They may start crying disrupting the whole wedding, fall asleep and have to be carried. Which is why when you are looking for gifts for your page boys, a customized Sippy cup would come in handy as a ring bearer gifts for 2 year olds for instance. That way, they have something to keep them busy and the wedding can proceed as planned.

Customized ring bearer crayons

If you are looking for the best ring bearer gifts for your little attendants, customized ring crayons are not only cute and adorable but will keep your tiny page boys occupied for the rest of the ceremony. Find out more about customized crayons and where to get them on Bridal Guide.

A personalized baseball

If you are torn on the best gift to get your ring bearer to make them feel appreciated and something they will always remember, you can never go wrong with a customized baseball according to Etsy. Have their name engraved on the ball as well as their favorite team?

This will not only be an appreciation gift but will be something they will always look at as a reminder of that big day and the role they played. It can be something they reminisce about even when they are older and probably something they can pass on to another page boy during their own wedding.

DIY giant diamond ring

There is nothing that steals the show as having adorable little kids walking down the aisle on your wedding day. But what if they are too tiny to actually do the job of guarding your most precious of cargos? Then why not have them walk down the aisle or carried with a giant DIY diamond ring according to Something Turquoise?

He will not only steal the show but this ring will be something they can play with even at the reception. It is durable, useful and it’s the best ring bearer gifts for 3 year old mostly. Learn how to make this giant diamond ring for your ring bearer for your big day.

A complete cinema box

When your big day is over, your little guy will need something to make some memories for themselves. This cinema box according to Perfectly Smitten has everything your ring bearer needs to get their filmmaking juices flowing.

The kit comes complete with movie tickets, story disks that are illustrated, a flashlight to perfectly project illustrations from the disks to the screen that comes inside the box and the “now showing” cards to create the best movie experience. This will be something they can play with even years to come.

A jetpack inspired backpack

Sometimes your ring bearer will be too overwhelmed by the events leading up to them walking down the aisle with your rings. Why don’t you give them something to motivate them like a jetpack inspired backpack? They will not only feel like a superhero ready to save the day but they will be able to carry all they need in the backpack even after the ceremony. Find it at Uncommon Goods.

Customized football

There is nothing that will make the day of your adorable ring bearer like a personalized football. You can have this ring bearer gift by Wilson customized with the day of your wedding, your names and the name of your ring bearer at the center.

This is the perfect ring bearer gifts for 3 year olds to have something to occupy their time during the ceremony and at the reception. They can also keep it in their rooms as a decorative item and a treasure for years to come. But if they are not into football, there are still lots of other ring bearer gifts to still choose from.

Customized ring bearer socks

Looking for a great accessory for your ring bearer on the wedding day? Why not have cute socks customized with their name on your wedding date. They can wear them and show off on your wedding day as well as days to come. It will be a nice gesture and they will feel appreciated and motivated to face whatever that day brings. Find this perfect gift on Etsy.

A candy treat ring bearer box

For your little secret agent who has to guard your most precious cargo, it’s definitely going to be a long day for them. They, therefore, need some sugar to keep them going and this candy box by Sugarfina is the perfect companion for your ring bearer.

With over 100 selection of candies, your little guy will have a blast when you fill it with all their favorite candies to not only keep them busy but to make their day even as you have the best day of your life.

Animal hooded towel

The Wedding Star animal hooded towel is one of the best ring bearer gifts for 2-year-olds. The towel is not only cute but super soft and we love the fact that it is machine washable too. It’s 100% cotton and will be something your ring bearer parents will appreciate. And to make it even more special, you can have it customized with the name of the ring bearer, a nice message, and your wedding date.

Ring bearer superhero cap

Unleash their inner superhero with this adorable superhero cape from Wedding Shop. They have the most important role at the wedding of guarding the rings and they need to feel like they can handle anything that the day throws at them.

And to make it something that they can treasure for years to come, personalize it with their name and probably your wedding date to serve as a reminder of the important job they had when they were that young.

Personalized ring bearer water bottle

If you are looking for the best gift for your adorable ring bearer, look no further than this adorable customized water bottle at Instyle. It will make his day and will be a great keepsake to act as a reminder whenever he looks at it. And on the wedding day, it will come in handy to keep him occupied.

Wooden camera

While your cameraman will be capturing keepsake moments on your big day, you bring in your little one on the action with a stylish wooden camera from Brimful Shop.

With the camera, the ring bearer can be on the other side peeking through the lens and pushing the buttons to take his shots. It’s not only something that will keep him occupied for the rest of the ceremony but will also be something they can keep to remember that day.

The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book

If you are looking for the best gift for the most awesome little boy at the wedding, The Best Ever Ring Bearer book by Linda Griffin is the perfect gift. The book has illustrations on everything that the ring bearer needs to know and expect when they participate in the wedding, from dressing up, assisting the groom and bride, smiling for photos, walking down the aisle, guarding the rings to have so much fun.

This is a gift that your ring bearer will be able to keep forever and not only that but they can pass it on to their own ring bearer on their wedding day. Get it on Amazon today.

The rig bearer Limousine gift box

Are you wondering what gift to get your ring bearer to agree to be part of your wedding? This perfect Limousine gift box on Amazon has everything you need to impress the little one and get them excited about being a part of something big. This gift box has everything any little boy regardless of their age needs.

The limousine car comes with magnificent sunroof windows, a cool hood and doors that actually open and close. This is surely a gift they will live to treasure a long time to come.

Sailing ship kite

What better way to make their day than with this sailor’s ship kite by Haptic Lab. It’s the perfect ring bearer gift for your little page boy and the good thing about this gift is that it’s a kite that actually flies. Your ring bearer can also use it decoratively in their room and will live to see it for a long time as a reminder of the role they played at your wedding. It’s the perfect gift for a 3 year old ring bearer especially.

Dinosaur hat and mitten set

Wondering what gift to get for that 2-year-old ring bearer? Look no further. Transform them into an adorable dinosaur with Bodenusa hat and mitten set and lighten up your day when they are carried towards the altar. And we love the fact that the hat has got a button to prevent it from slipping off during the ceremony. It is the perfect outfit for your ring bearer especially if you are having your wedding during the cold season.

Ring security wooden badge

Nothing makes for a cool ring bearer that making them feel like real security personnel and what better way to do that than with this “Ring security” wooden badge on Amazon to pin on your best little buddy.

It is an adorable way to make a statement at your wedding about who is really in charge of the most important things to you – the rings. Your adorable ring bearer will be on cloud nine showing off his security pin to your wedding guests and your relatives.

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids by N. L. Sharp

If your ring bearer is into books, one of the other books you can get them as a gift is the Ringbearer wedding book for kids. From the illustrations, he will learn the most important things about the role he will be playing at the wedding and how it’s different from what other people will be doing.

This is one of the best keepsakes you can give them that they will treasure for years to come. It’s the perfect gift to give to your little guy to give them something to look forward to on your wedding.

Aviator Kid’s Sunglasses

Not overlooking the fact that these aviator sunglasses on Amazon will protect your ring bearer’s eyes from the harmful UV lights, they will also look super awesome like some secret agent walking down the aisle rocking these cool sunglasses. It will be a souvenir they can keep to remember that day. With a free pouch, this is one of the best gifts you can get your ring bearer to commemorate your big day and to say thank you for safeguarding your rings.

Personalized basketball hoop

Being a ring bearer is never an easy thing with all that is expected of the adorable young ones and if they happen to make it without any glitches, it’s only wise that you appreciate them. And one way you can do that is with a personalized basketball hoop by Etsy for their room. You can have it engraved with their name and it will be a great keepsake every time they see it hanging in their rooms or outside.

Slumber teddy bear

Simple, cute and absolutely adorable, this is one of the best ring bearer gifts you can get your little man who played one of the most important roles in your wedding. You can be lest assured that this will become one of their best friends especially remembering what they had to do to get it as a gift. It is the perfect token of appreciation to give to a ring bearer especially a 2-year-old. Interested? Find your perfect gift at Gund today.

3 D remote controlled T-REX puzzle

Bring Jurassic Park to them with this 3D remote controlled dinosaur on Amazon. Once it has been assembled properly, the dinosaur can move thanks to the fact that it can be remote controlled. Your ring bearer will have the time of their life pretending to be a zookeeper with this amazing gift. If you are looking for ring bearer gifts for 3 year olds, you can never go wrong with this one.

Janod Confetti Grand Piano

It may be years before your adorable little ring bearer will be a star pianist but this grand piano serves the same purpose. Unleash the star in them where they can be able to rehearse and perfect their keyboard skills. And how cool will they look playing the piano not to mention that it will serve as a reminder that they were the ring bearer at your wedding? It is the perfect gift, especially for a 3-year-old. You can get the Janod Confetti Grand Piano on Amazon today.

Dinosaur Duvet Set

Tyrannosaurus Rex used to be a scary and vicious predator but today is an adorable napping buddy for your little one. If you are struggling to find the best ring bearer gifts, look no further than this adorable duvet and pillow set on Amazon. Give them something to look forward to every night. The duvet features a full dinosaur with an open jaw.

With this gift, you will turn every bedtime into a Jurassic Park kind of adventure. It’s a gift that will go a long way for the little one and one they will treasure for years to come. Certainly, there is no better way to make them re-live their fantasy if they are into dinosaur kind of adventures.

Personalized ring bearer duffle bag

At Things Remembered, it would make the day of your ring bearer even as you enjoy yours if you got them a customized ring bearer duffle bag. With it, they can use it to carry all their stuff and will be something they will live to remember you with. Not to mention their parents will appreciate it even more.

Ring bearer keepsake handkerchief

It will be years before your ring bearer walks down the aisle on their own wedding day but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have something to look forward to. A customized ring bearer handkerchief on Etsy will go a long way.

Have a message that they can refer to on their wedding day as well as years leading to that as a reminder that finding a partner to share their life with is one of the best gifts in the world. This can be something that they end up passing on to even their kids and future ring bearers.

A personalized piggy bank for your ring bearer

Weddings are an expensive affair and the days leading up to them are even more stressful. This customized piggy bank on Etsy can be the perfect ring bearer gift where they can start making their own savings in their own little way. It’s sweet and it’s something that they can use even in the years to save and not to mention it will be a great reminder of that important role they had once at your wedding.

A Two Piece Bow Tie and driver hat

Born To Love Clothing is the place to be if you are searching for the best ring bearer gift that will turn heads. Glam your ring bearer’s wardrobe with this two-piece bow tie and an accompanying driver hat. They will look like an adorable taxi drive from the 60s. This is among the best ring bearer gifts for 2-year-olds.

Deluxe ring security set

From Etsy, make your ring bearer feel like a secret agent with a complete security ring box set. The set comes with a badge that is customized with the names of the bride and groom, their date for the wedding, the name of the ring bearer with their photo, black sunglasses and an accompanying thermos that is personalized with the name of the ring bearer as well. This gift is the best for that adorable ring bearer.

Ring bearer cookies

These delicious ring bearer cookies at Etsy are the perfect gift for that adorable ring bearer and something to keep them occupied throughout the ceremony. Each cookie is tied with a ribbon making it the sweetest ring bearer gift for your little one. It’s a long day for the ring bearer and if they manage to make it throughout the ceremony, why not award them with a delicious cookie?

Ring bearer personalized toy car

At Etsy, find the best gifts for your ring bearer. A toy car customized with their name is just the perfect way you can thank them for being there for you during your wedding and guarding the most precious treasure for you. It is a perfect gift that they can keep for years to come and can also come in handy in keeping them busy during the reception.

Toy Fishing Rod

Let him live his best fantasies by playing catch with these fishing rods from One Kings Lane. With this gift, you will give them something to play with constantly and it will always serve as a reminder that they were ring bearers at your wedding. It’s the best way to tell the little one that you really appreciate them.

A classic pedal car

Speaking of toy cars, impress the parents of the ring bearer when you gift them with this classic pedal car that the 40s inspired from Burke Décor. And we love the fact that you can customize the car with their names and wedding date as a reminder of your big day and how they came through for the bride and groom.

Animal Pencils

This is one of the most perfect ring bearer gifts for a 2-year-old just starting to learn the alphabets. And what better way to do that and make it fun than with animal inspired pencils at Kikker Land. The pencils are customized to look like a moose, bear, fox or a mouse. They will have so much fun with them and will treasure them for a long time to come.

In conclusion

A common assumption is that in a wedding, gifts are only for the adults – the bride maids, groom’s men, wedding planners, and the likes. As such, there is that group that is always forgotten, the ring bearers. They may not be fully aware of what is going on or why they have to dress up but they bring a certain energy and charm and are somehow the best part of the day. And now you have a whole list of 35+ gifts for ring bearers to choose from for your big day

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