Guide to Choosing Miscarriage Gifts

Miscarriage is one of the hardest things that a woman can endure. It’s difficult to know what to say or do for someone who has lost their baby. But, miscarriage gifts are an excellent way to show your support and care for them during this time. This guide will help you choose the perfect miscarriage gift basket or flowers for miscarriages in every situation!

Things to mind about Miscarriage Gifts

1. Find out what the mom-to-be likes

Likes can include things like favorite colors, hobbies, food, etc. Knowing this will help you find the perfect miscarriage gift!

  • If she is a foodie, perhaps a delicious food basket with her favorite snacks or cookbooks.
  • If she loves photography, then perhaps a bouquet of her favourite flowers along with an adorable camera onesie!
  • If she loves reading, a gift card to her favorite bookstore or an adorable personalized book.
  • Look for something that will make the person feel loved and cared for, just like their little one would have been.

2. Consider her current stage of pregnancy

Gift Ideas for Women who are about to miscarry:

  • Anything that cheers up the mother, like a bouquet of flowers

Gifts when she starts to show signs of pregnancy again: things that remind her why it’s worth fighting on.

  • Things like maternity clothes and baby name books can help. Or a book of parenting tips, or an adorable onesie–something that will make them feel ready and excited to be parents!

Gifts after miscarriage occurs :

"It's not always easy to know what to say or do when someone is coping with a miscarriage, but these are some of the most thoughtful gifts that anyone can give them.
A bouquet of flowers for their loss  - A card from all your friends and family who love them- A photo album filled with pictures they'll treasure forever- The chance to take some time off work so they can rest up while recovering emotionally and physically- An evening out on the town where they get pampered by loved ones- And finally, lots of hugs! #flowers for miscarriage"
  • A condolence card or flowers for miscarriage from friends/family members would be very nice
  • Or something more extensive such as donating money in their honor,
  • Making them a special meal they might enjoy (for example if you know what kind of food they’re craving)
  • Or even going with them to visit someplace new so they feel less alone during this difficult time.
  • You could also send them gift basket monthly until the first miscarriage anniversary.

3. Be thoughtful and creative, but not too personal

One of the best gifts for miscarriage is a blanket made from soft, natural materials–either hand knit or store bought.

Other things that are good to include in miscarriage gift baskets:

  • Photos and videos of her happy moments
  • Items they can use during their next pregnancy like prenatal vitamins/supplements.
  • You could also put together special “memory boxes” with her photos in growing up journey – seeing how hard her parents raised her will encourage her to move on.

The following information is an example on how to build such a box which may act as both encouragement for them to keep going and an opportunity for future memories when she becomes pregnant again.

This list of gifts will help you find the perfect gift for your friend who has just had a miscarriage. These are all great ideas that they'll appreciate and enjoy. There is no one size fits all when it comes to these kinds of miscarriages so this list includes lots of different items, including some funny ones! #miscarriage gift basket

4. Give a gift that will last more than one day or week – something practical like a card, flowers, or dinner voucher

It’s better to give her something that lasts.

  • A piece of jewelry that means something special–a ring, bracelet or necklace that will remind her that she’s not alone even though this experience feels so lonely at times.
  • Do your best to find out what they like or might want in terms of style/color preferences beforehand if you can because it can be hard after miscarriage has occurred just based off the person involved (in other words don’t get too creative with anything).

5. Avoid giving anything that may remind the mother of their loss 

Dont let her see baby clothes, toys, books about pregnancy/childbirth, toys, or things they’ll need in order to have another child like diapers and formula because those reminders are too painful right now.

Try something more practical like

  • A card with inspirational words showing how much you and others care about her
  • A basket of flowers
  • Or dinner vouchers so she can feel loved without being reminded of her miscarriage every time she sees it sitting around the house still waiting be used later down the road after this difficult time passes).
Miscarriages are no laughing matter. But, if you're a mum that's been through one we know how hard it can be to find the right gift. That's why we have put together this list of gifts and remembrances from our customers who have also experienced miscarriage. We hope these help in your search for the perfect present! #miscarriage gifts for mum

6. Ask for help if you’re unsure about what to give! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you are struggling to find out their interests, don’t hesitate to ask their friends or family for advice on what can comfort and cheer her up.

Sometimes you dont need to buy anything – just be there for her and be willing to listen without judgement.

Women after miscarriage are weak – so try to help her with small daily things so that they don’t feel left out during their next pregnancy period which might come sooner than anticipated!


As a society, we need to be more supportive of those experiencing pregnancy loss. The best way you can do this is by being there for them and showing your support in whichever ways they feel comfortable with. Check out some miscarriage gift ideas here if you’re looking for the perfect present or want to find an organization that supports grieving parents. It’s time we change our culture around how people handle miscarriages so everyone feels safe enough to share their story without shame while still receiving the love and care they deserve during such a difficult time.

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