Gifts for Writers: Give Them More Than Pens & Notebooks

If you know a writer and want to choose a lovely present for them, there are many interesting gifts for writers you might want to check before deciding that you should stick to the old notebooks and pens.

Necessary Tips about Gifts for Writers

I think a good writer needs experience and expressiveness, and you might give them what they need by various items they use daily, or a subscription to a service they will enjoy.

In terms of writing, the most popular choices would be:

Grammarly Premium: I have been using it ever since I start posting on the internet, and it has got my heart since the first day. Even with the free version, you will have your grammatical errors corrected, but the premium subscription is simply divine. Tone suggestions, structure check, plagiarism checker – they polish your writing the way it should be.

ProWritingAid: Self-editing writers would love to have this assistant for grammar, style, and manuscript evaluation.

Scapple: Compared to the first two programs, it is significantly less expensive, although it doesn’t lack much at all! Some people only vibe well with visual instructions, gifts for writers rarely offers that luxury, yet this one does!

If you are close to the writer (best friends or family), consider finding professional courses for them or taking them on a short trip. It will give them the experience and the relief they might not know they need.

Gifts for Aspiring Writers

The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression

Building the characters and expressing their emotions is the key to a successful novel, and it’s the uniqueness of the description that makes the story stand out. However, instead of giving us a list of words, you will probably forget after a few days, the book provides cues and suggestions in body language, inspiring us to individualize a character’s reaction.

2,944 Reviews
The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide to Character Expression (Second Edition) (Writers Helping...
  • Puglisi, Becca (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 302 Pages - 02/14/2019 (Publication Date) - JADD...

Plot & Structure: Technique & Exercises

Another essential aspect of a story is the plot – how you start and finish the problem you have created. New writers might still be confused about the importance of a good plot, or how to know if their plot has gone off course. Writing is an art and a science, thus the author James Scott Bell has given us a very detailed instruction to structure the story and correct possible problems.

976 Reviews
Plot & Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot That Grips Readers from Start to...
  • Writer's Digest Books
  • Bell, James Scott (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

What is the biggest distraction for you? It must be noises for most writers, and we can only imagine how they crave tranquility when they are at work. They might not have any song on replay, sometimes the soft sound of rain is more than enough for a spark of creativity. This manufacturer has several other affordable products for you to choose from!

61,135 Reviews
Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control -...
  • Three levels of world-class noise cancellation for...
  • Alexa-enabled for voice access to music,...
  • Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear...

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

The million-copy bestseller Stephen King didn’t hesitate to share his experience, habit, and conviction with the curious fans. Whether you are a fan of his work or not, you will still manage to grasp some valuable knowledge via the memories and struggles King has been through. One simply shouldn’t miss out on the chance to see the friendly and inspiring side of an author who is mostly famous for his thriller books.

12,647 Reviews
On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft
  • writing advice from horror-meistro Stephen King, a...
  • King, Stephen (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Home Decor Gifts for Writers

Hemingway Typewriter Pencil Cup

Inspired by the classic typewriter and installed in the minimalistic pencil cup, this stationery dock becomes quite an object of adoration. It’s important to have such an inspirational item right on the desk. It will accommodate almost everything you need to keep an eye on while writing and working in general.

1,243 Reviews
Hemingway Pencil Cup
  • Typewriter themed design
  • 5"x5"x5"
  • Faux stone composite

Bathtub Book Caddy

Designed for your comfort, the elegant wooden caddy keeps a glass of wine and a book – basically anything you need for relaxation after a long day – within reach. The arms resist slipping and the bottom features a thin silicone layer to ensure no unwanted incident when you enjoy your time!

1,889 Reviews
  • NEW, UPDATED DESIGN: Aquala’s new design...
  • THE ULTIMATE BATH ACCESSORY: Designed to help you...
  • EXTENDABLE SLIP-RESISTANT ARMS: Aquala extends to...


Unlike most word games or board games, you need no table or surface to play Bananagrams, which makes it so portable and convenient to bring along when you head outside. Let’s have a cozy gathering and see how good your writer actually is with words!

20,373 Reviews
Bananagrams: Multi-Award-Winning Word Game
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE – Gather your family and...
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL – Bananagrams comes in a fun...

Book Candles

If you haven’t known how a book smell (blame the empire of technology), you are about to find out. These special candles are priceless for the nerds, as they evoke the sense (and scent) of a peaceful library. There are various versions of the most classic pieces of literature, and they might put the writer in the atmosphere or the setting of the story.

183 Reviews
Book Candles The Library Set - 3, 4 Ounce Handmade Soy Candles
  • 100% SOY WAX

Lovely Gifts for Writers

The Little Library Cookbook

I can’t be the only one who rereads the description of food in my favorite novels! And the aspiring writer will have the moment of their life experimenting with Padding Bear’s marmalade or the Queen of Hearts’ decadent tarts in the kitchen. The treats will also be a pleasant surprise for your family dinners, holiday gatherings, or celebrations.

98 Reviews
The Little Library Cookbook: 100 Recipes from Your Favorite Books
  • Hardcover Book
  • Young, Kate (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Fingerless Writing Gloves (Pride & Prejudice)

Uh oh, all the nerds are going to chase you down until you tell them where you get these awesome gloves from… I’m kidding! However, I’m serious when I recommend it to you. It’s just annoying for us to write with cold hands during winter, and common gloves are far too inconvenient.

They also have “The Great Gatsby”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Still I Rise”, “The Night Circus”, and many more.

Novel Tea

Tea is my first choice if I need a drink that helps me focus and relax at the same time. And here is a very special edition of tea as gifts for writers. The bags are tagged with famous literary quotes from all over the world. Now, your aspiring writer can sip finesse while working on their latest piece.

1,843 Reviews
Novel Teas contains 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made...
  • #14 of Oprah's List - 50 Gifts the Book Lover will...
  • 25 individually tagged teabags with literary...
  • The perfect gift for the book lover

Hand Embosser

Who doesn’t want their exclusive signature? Now your writer can finish their invitations with a nice flourish or leave their mark on precious belongings (such as their books!). They can even stamp a seal with their initials, address, and more. It’s a true gift of elegance!

1,263 Reviews
ExcelMark from The Library of Personal Hand Embosser
  • Customized with your name or business
  • This embosser makes a great gift
  • Impression Area: 1-5/8" embossing die

Hi-tech Gifts Writers Will Love

Wireless Typewriter Keyboard

You might be wondering what is so hi-tech about a typewriter? Surprisingly, it can connect with (up to) 3 devices through wireless technology. We can set a system with our laptop, tablet, and mobile phone for a productive kit. If your writer loves vintage style, they will feel strongly inspired to start great content.

748 Reviews
Qwerkywriter S Qwerkytoys Typewriter Inspired Retro Mechanical Wired & Wireless Keyboard with Tablet...
  • All Metal Construction including Cast Metal...
  • Compatible with MacOS, iOS, and Android
  • Heavy duty Integrated tablet stand firmly supports...

Kindle Paperwhite

Amongst gifts for writers and readers, Kindle Paperwhite keeps ranking higher and higher, due to the convenience it offers. Have you ever thought you could read in the dark? The built-in light allows the screen to be visible without any other source of lighting needed. It resembles a real paper page, and you can read your books anywhere, anytime you wish.

123,967 Reviews
Kindle Paperwhite – (previous generation - 2018 release) Waterproof with more than 2x the Storage...
  • The thinnest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite...
  • Now waterproof, so you’re free to read and relax...
  • Enjoy twice the storage with 8 GB. Or choose 32 GB...

High-tech Pen

Do you know where we usually have the most amazing ideas? Bathroom and bedroom in the dark, I would say. With this pen, the writer just needs to grab their notebook and start scribbling down their brilliant ideas, saving them for later use. Maybe you don’t know this secret, but random sparks are the best counter against writer’s block.

615 Reviews
LED Pen, The Pilot's Pen, Night Writer - Set of 2 LED Powered Ink Penlights
  • See where you write at night! Ideal for anyone who...
  • Stylish plastic pen housing with a top cap switch...
  • Unique 4-Way Top Switch: Press once to extend ink,...

Digital Voice Recorder

Writers need to review and record for materials, and they need a slim, pocket-sized recorder for it. Even if they have already had one, it’s always good to have a backup plan. I mean, they might end up ditching their current one for yours, that’s how good it is!

(In case they are not into hi-tech, check out this standard cassette voice recorder and an additional supply of tapes!)

1,913 Reviews
Sony ICDUX560BLK Digital Voice Recorder 1" Black
  • Built in stereo microphone and voice operated...
  • Three recording options: wide/stereo, narrow/focus...
  • Quick charge; up to 1 hour recording time, with 3...

Young Writer Items

The Writer’s Toolbox

Writer’s block is awful for every writer, and our young pen might be inexperienced in dealing with it. However, you can lend them a helping hand through this tool (created by an expert teacher in creative writing). It is similar to a dice game, and they will receive unexpected plots to ignite the creativity asleep inside them. Who knows, you might be putting the very first stepping stone for a great piece of literature.

767 Reviews
The Writer's Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the 'Write' Side of Your Brain...
  • Callan, Jamie Cat (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 64 Pages - 04/26/2007 (Publication Date) -...

Rory’s Story Cubes

Does the word ‘generator’ remind you of something huge? Well, this story generator is pocket-sized, but the effect it has on children’s imagination and language development is tremendous.

Children from 6 years old and above can enjoy the game to the fullest. Simply roll nine dices and combine them into a story. It’s a good practice!

No products found.

Mini Zen Garden

Don’t be surprised if the youngster has already developed a taste in mature gifts for writers. The creative process might be stressful and pressuring sometimes, and a tiny Zen garden will never fail to deliver a tad of peace, giving them a short but necessary break.

5 Reviews
Handmade Zen Garden Kit Black Indoor Sand Relaxation Gift for Stress Relief
  • Relieve stress & anxiety and promote relaxation
  • Plastic container size 8 3/16'' x 7 3/16'' x 3/4''...
  • Black container goes great with home or office...

Fjällräven Backpack

Are you thinking it’s irrelevant? Well, it will prove you wrong when the youth stuffs it with their books, laptop, and a few other writing tools – because it makes them feel fashionable while still maintaining the novelist vibe.

2,138 Reviews
Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday, Graphite
  • ICONIC: Same classic Kanken design since 1978....
  • PRACTICAL: Meet the material: Vinylon F. It has a...
  • FUNCTIONAL: Two-way zipper with rain flap for...

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Are you ready to blow up the fire in your loved one with these amazing gifts for writers? However, I know how creative people are when it comes to gifts by interests, hence if you still haven’t found something you like, feel free to leave a comment and get our exclusive advice!

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