Gifts For College Girls- Foolproof Guidelines

It is never easy to shop for girls.  And choosing the best gifts for college girls may be harder. If you are finding a birthday gift for her special day or Christmas gifts, we have plenty of thoughtful and useful gift ideas that you can use to make your girl happy. Let’s discover.

What To Bear In Mind Before Choosing Any Gift For College Girl

The following section will describe how you can decide on a perfect gift for college girls. 

Plan Ahead

Before coming up with the gift idea for college girls, you need to identify what occasion you mean to give the girls the gifts. By planning what to give, your chance of buying an appropriate gift will be much higher than the last-minute plans. 

Moreover, you will have plenty of time to decide on how to give the present to her and what to say to her. Hence, it will not bring you any trouble when giving her a gift.

Be Practical

Almost everyone does not want to receive a gift that is never used. So, being practical is a fundamental thing to remember when giving someone gifts, especially girls. 

It would be best if you asked yourself these questions “Is she going to use the gift and enjoy it?”, “Is this something she is going to buy for herself if I do not?”. If the answers are Yes, what are you waiting for? This is the best gift idea for her.

Recall Recent Conversations

Sometimes, in the conversations between you and her, she likely drops a clue about something she likes on purpose. Additionally, it would be best if you thought about what you two have discussed recently, which can help decide on the best gift. 

The benefit of recalling recent conversations is that you can choose the perfect present for her. Besides, you can show her how attentive you are when listening to what she says.

For example, maybe she has said: “Chocolate makes me happy all the time”. Well, that is what she wishes for. So, do not miss your chance. 

Doing Something Nice For Her Is Enough

Maybe you do not have to spend money to buy costly presents. Instead, you can opt for simple DIY presents, such as a scrapbook, a photo frame, a cake, etc.

Avoid Presents That Are More For You

Have you ever wanted to take her with you to see your favorite movie? I am pretty sure that you have. The problem here is that the movie you like maybe not the movie she is into. Make sure the present is for your girl, not for you.

Do Not Go Old-fashioned

Teddy bears, roses are the traditional gifts that many college girls are fed up with receiving. So, these gifts are not enough in transferring your feelings to her. Want to know more creative gift ideas for college girls? Keep scrolling down as we still have many things to share.

Gifts For College Girls

Here is the list of 15 gifts you can give to your girl. Check it out.

Wall Art

You can brighten her day by giving her a motivational quote handwritten on a black wall art so that she can hang it in her bedroom—what a great way to keep her thinking about you.

Coffee Tumbler

Coffee Tumbler is a practical gift for any college girl as it is one of the most common items that college students bring to school. Besides, this gift is very versatile as it can contain other kinds of drinks.

Cake Baking Set

Many girls love baking cakes. So, why not a set of baking. This present is perfect for girls who have a sweet tooth.

Sewing Machine

While many gifts are store-bought items that lack personalization, a sewing machine is a good option to show her your deep care for her hobby.

Sleep Mask

College girls love to sleep. Hence, an eye mask is a great choice to combat dark circles under the eyes. It shows that you truly care for her health and beauty.

Sheet Mask

Girls love skincare. What else is better than a set of sheet masks? The masks are safe and easy to use. However, make sure you choose the gentle face mask from natural ingredients.

A Mini Succulents Set

If your girl loves nature, a set of little succulents is an ideal gift idea as they are cheerful, beautiful, and low maintenance. 

Portable Charger

College girls are always on the move. Whether she is in class or playing by the beach, this little gift will give her enough power to make her favorite devices fully charged up and ready to use.

Notebook Set

A set of colorful notebooks will outweigh the flowers on your desk, so if she loves writing, notebooks are the presents you should go for.

A Pair Of Slippers

What is cozier and more comfortable than wearing a pair of slippers walking around the house? Your girl loves it when the slippers are embroidered with cats and dogs details.

A Pair Of Running Shoes

If your girl is a sporty person, you can give her a pair of running shoes to facilitate her training. Moreover, you can run with her and talk to her to tighten your relationship.


Books are a great way to express your feelings to her in a subtle way. Moreover, books are not expensive items so that you can give her this kind of present regularly.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Music is an important element in many college girls’ lives. With the speaker, the girl can bring it anywhere to enjoy the songs she loves with others.

A Tailored Necklace

Instead of a store-bought necklace with a heart symbol, you can do better by making a necklace just for her. Hence, you can carve any words on the necklace to remind her of you. 

Macrame Photo Display

To keep her thinking about the moments you two had every day, a macrame photo display is a perfect choice to decorate her bedroom and serve as a reminder of how happy when you two are together.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information on gifts for college girls. Our last advice for you is that whatever gifts you choose, it should always be from your heart, plus a little attention, and a little research.

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