50 Best Gifts Idea for Vegetarians | Gifts ideas for vegetarians

Well, Christmas and Thanksgiving are almost upon us and, for those of us with vegan or vegetarian family members, this presents the perfect opportunity to show them how much you care. It’s not that our vegan and vegetarian friends and family members are any more or less finicky than we are, but rather because their tastes and lifestyles are just as varied as our own, including foodies, travelers, chefs, sports enthusiasts, and techies. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to take you on a tour of some traditional and not so traditional gift ideas for your vegan friends and family members.

Here are 50 gifts ideas for vegetarians, that we recommended!!!

50 gifts for vegetarians

Online Vegan Cooking Class

Online Vegan Cooking Class

Speaking of non-traditional gift ideas, this one has to hit the bull’s eye. These classes are staffed by real-life vegans, not some actors reading recipes from a script. The typical online vegan class has access to a library of over 300 videos, and they are continuously updated to reflect the changing tastes and attitudes of vegan practitioners. But, in addition to the plethora of delicious recipes available the instructors also has tips on things like how to stock your pantry, meal preparation, and wellness.

But best of all it is all conducted online, so you can learn from the comfort of your own kitchen, and at your own leisure.

Make this holiday season an eco-friendly one

Make this holiday season an eco-friendly one

As stated earlier, our vegan/vegetarian friends and family members run the entire gamut of tastes and interests. That includes, but is not limited to, those who have strong environmental concerns. Consequently, you wouldn’t want to present them with a gift or event that might offend those sensibilities.

One way to avoid making an unforced error like that is to gift them an experience, rather than something material. For example, you could gift them a luxurious day spa trip to a vegan hotel. There, they can be pampered to their heart’s content and won’t have to worry about violating their diet when sampling from the exquisite vegan cuisine.

High-speed blenders for vegan cooking

However, it may be that you’re in a position where more traditional gifts will suffice. In that case, why not gift them a high-speed blender. For many vegans, blenders like the Vitamix are indispensable when it comes to preparing their favorite meals. So much so that many of them take them wherever they go. They are durable and can be used to perform a variety of functions, from crushing ice to making smoothies.

Another appliance that is fast becoming a must-have for vegans, when it comes to meal preparation, is the InstaPot. the InstaPot picks up where the blender leaves off. These appliances are used in the preparation of beans and preparing homemade soups, stews, and rice. These light, compact appliances can also be used as slow cookers.

Non-stick cast iron skillets

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Cast iron skillets are what my great grandmother used to use.” actually, cast iron skillets make the perfect gift for the vegan because they are free of the harmful chemicals that are found in most modern-day non-stick cookware. Plus, cast iron skillets, like those manufactured by Lodge, are virtually indestructible, naturally, and can be used for cooking on any type of cooking surface, including campfires, and are just as functional on the stovetop or in the oven.

The Foodie Dice

Looking for a gift that will light up your vegetarian’s friends’ face, then look no further than the Foodie Dice. the Foodie Dice are actually wooden blocks that you take in hand, shake them up and roll them out like regular dice. However, you won’t have to worry about rolling a snake eye with these dice; no, instead of numbers, each die carries a different vegetarian-friendly recipe. For example, one die may contain a recipe for Tofu, while another might carry a recipe for Tempeh.

Each set of foodie dice comes equipped with its own attractive glass tumbler with an environmentally-friendly corked lid. The Foodie Dice jar fits in perfectly with your kitchen counter decor or melding in with the items in your kitchen cabinet. Foodie Dice recipients are unanimous in their praise and highly recommend it as a thoughtful and functional gift.

Romaine Calm: Lettuce on Carrot

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians are not always the no-nonsense people they are made out to be. In fact, some of them are downright funny. So, even though many of them do prefer gifts that are practical and eco-friendly, they are not averse to having a good laugh every now and then. With that in mind, I’ve found what may be the perfect gift to loosen up that rigid brother-in-law of yours: The Romaine Calm apron.

The bright red apron is emblazoned with the phrase, “Romaine Calm: Carrot On Lettuce.” the wording is a play on the familiar phrase, “Keep calm and carry on.” The impact is sure to immediate and lasting and the recipient is sure to get a kick out of it, no matter how finicky they are.

Now, although the immediate intention is to inject humor into the situation, practicality is not lost on the romaine apron. It features two huge pockets that are sure to come in handy whether you’re cooking indoors, or out. It also features an adjustable neck because, contrary to popular belief, not all vegetarians are the same size. In addition, the romaine apron is made durable, light-weight cotton. So, for the vegetarian family member that loves to cook, the Romaine Calm: Lettuce on Carrots makes the ideal Christmas gift.

The Vegetable Butcher

Returning to practicality for the moment, in your haste to please that friend or family member that had assumed might be difficult to please, you may have overlooked the obvious gift: A cookbook. No vegetarian worth their salt could honestly say that they didn’t need a cookbook.

For this purpose, I would like to recommend one that has been hailed as one of the best vegetarian cookbooks around The Vegetable Butcher, by Cara Mangini.

This book is loaded with preparation tips, backed up by a smorgasbord of delightful recipes, making it a virtual textbook on how to cut and chop vegetables, and what best goes with each one. Most reviewers agree The Vegetable Butcher strikes the perfect balance between creativity and accessibility, making finding the right ingredients for each recipe easy to locate.

This book makes the perfect Christmas gift for the vegetarian friend or family member, and the colorful illustrations will make it attractive to the non-vegetarian family members as well.

Planters’ Choice Organic Herb-Growing Kit

Not surprisingly, many vegetarians choose to grow some, if not all, of their vegetables. So, if you have a vegetarian in the family that has a green thumb, then the Planters’ Choice Herb Growing Kit is the perfect gift for them.

Each kit comes with everything needed to start growing four herbs popular among vegetarians: Cilantro, parsley, basil, and chives. Simply follow the easy-to-understand instructions, water accordingly, then sit back and wait for the seeds to sprout into seedlings. It should be noted here that the seedlings will outgrow their biodegradable containers, so you’ll have to transplant them into a larger area so that they can mature.

Response to the Planters Choice Organic Herb-Growing Kit as a gift-giving idea has been overwhelmingly positive. However, there have been a few reported cases where people have had difficulty in getting the seeds to sprout, but that can be attributed to many different things. The kit also includes an herb grinder for when it is time to harvest those delicious herbs, herbs that you have grown with your own hands I might add. The overall consensus is that the herb growing kit makes a perfect gift for vegetarians who like growing their own vegetables.

The Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package

Another thoughtful gift for the vegan friend or family member is the Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package. The packet is filled with an assortment of tasty, savory and sweet, meatless snacks that are sure to tickle the taste buds of both vegans and vegetarians.

Each box comes chocked full with 20 full-sized items that make a great value. The Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package makes the perfect gift for a variety of occasions, including the student away at college to the busy homemaker who will definitely appreciate the variety of delicious vegan-friendly snacks being delivered right to her door.

The Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package is the perfect way to introduce them to new ways to enjoy vegan products. Each package contains both salty and sweet choices. So, if you really want to thrill your vegan and vegetarian friend, make this year gift the Bunny James Vegan Snacks Care Package.

Air-tight food storage containers

These air-tight food storage containers come equipped with a vacuum pump and are excellent for storing both wet and dry vegetables. The vacuum seal ensures that they stay fresh. They are great for storing delicious overnight breakfast meals, like oatmeal, fruit salads that are just dying to be introduced into that morning smoothie or shake, and so many more enticing ideas. In fact, these containers are excellent for storing anything that requires an air-tight seal. You can find them at online retailers like Amazon.

Natural toothpaste

This is another great gift idea for the vegan/vegetarian that probably wouldn’t be the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of gift-giving. Sprinjene Natural toothpaste is the only natural toothpaste on the market that meets all five of the following certifications: Gluten-free, kosher halal, animal-cruelty free. Sprinjene Natural is also free from things like animal by-products, artificial colorings and preservatives, and saccharine. These have been replaced by all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, acacia gum and birch tree xylitol. There is also a fluoride-free and kids formula available.

What sets Sprinjene Natural apart from the rest is its innovative blending recipe made from a combination of black seed oil and zinc. Zinc is a natural antibacterial agent that impedes the formation and accumulation of bacteria. In addition to black seed oil’s antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties that aid in fighting gingivitis, black seed oil prompts the zinc to adhere to the gums longer, so the protection continues long after you’ve finished brushing your teeth.

Unlike other lesser-quality brands, Sprinjene Natural is made with fine, rounded micro silica, compared to the coarse, sharp-edge silica featured in other brands. Microsilica is much safer on the teeth and gums, as it gently cleans and whitens your teeth.

Organic cookies

Everybody likes cookies, even vegans and vegetarians. But, where can you find cookies that are both delicious, and guarantee they won’t violate the integrity of the vegan’ dietary guidelines? Well, you need to look no further than Emmy’s Organic cookies for the answer.

Made from quality ingredients like fair-trade dark chocolate, Emmy’s Organics are a great gift idea for kids and parents alike, as well as foodies, and health nuts. Unlike most processed foods and snacks, Emmy’s Organics are made from all-natural ingredients with zero artificial colors or flavors added, and are USDA certified as organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and paleo-friendly. The packaging is also well-thought-out and make perfect stocking-stuffers.

Spiralizer 5-blade vegetable slicer

The Spiralizer 5-blade vegetable slicer is a godsend for anyone who loves to cook, but even more so for the vegan/vegetarian. Talk about lessening the workload, the Spiralizer takes the hassle out of meal preparation. So, if your friends like making things like zucchini noodles, beet spirals, and all the rest, they will be overjoyed when you present them with this one-of-a-kind kitchen utensil as a gift.

Now, the Spiralizer is a tabletop slicer, therefore be prepared to relinquish just a little bit more of your food prep area than with the handheld versions. However, most reviewers agree that the positives of the tabletop version outweigh any negatives, as it has proven much easier to use and requires much less force than its handheld counterpart.

The Spiralizer comes equipped with 5 stainless steel blades, standard, that are safely stored away under the device for safekeeping when not in use.

Users have raved about the ease with which the Spiralizer has made their food preparation when it comes to things like spiralizing zucchini and slicing daikon and ginger roots, and even butter squash.

You can find the Spiralizer at sites like Amazon.

The Jar seed sprouter

Any vegan or vegetarian will tell you that spouts are a healthy addition to soups and salads. Sure you can run over to the local grocer and buy them, but nothing is more convenient or rewarding than growing them yourself right in your own home. In as little as a few days you can have fresh vegetable sprouts ready for the picking, even the hard to find ones that your grocer might not carry.

Your Sprout Jar kit comes with three different mesh-filter growing caps, allowing you to change the caps depending upon the size of the seeds, or to accommodate the different stages of the growing process.

The largest mesh cap allows you to rinse the sprouts and drain away from the husks right from the jar. The lids are conveniently sized to fit standard canning jars, giving you the ability to keep several sprouting processes going at the same time.

You can purchase the Sprouting Jar at your local retailer or online.

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