Gifts for Dancers You Might Have Never Thought Of

Do you have a dancer friend? If so, you might have known very well that it’s more than a hobby or a profession for them. They breathe and live on that passion, so it has become an essential part of their every day. It’s not difficult to find gifts for dancers, but the variety might be a problem itself, therefore I created this guideline for you!

Notices about Gifts for Dancers

Accessories and apparels

Our dancer undeniably has art inside them, and I won’t be surprised if they turn out to be a fashionista. Should you feel confident with your taste, don’t hesitate to impress them with a nice piece of clothing. You can craft some DIY item? Even better!

Still, accessories are incredibly important to a trendy pal. It completes the attire and boosts their mood significantly.

Practical items

Be sure to get professional advice if you want to tinker with their gear because a wrong item will cause them more troubles than you might imagine. Wrong shoes mean a high risk of injury, and wrong clothes can feel unnecessarily discomforting. I would recommend some warm-up tools or relaxation products.

For Inspiring Dancers

The young dancers would cherish DIY gifts or memory displays that encourage and inspire them. You might want to sew a unique pair of leggings or craft hair accessories that they proudly wear on their first stages.

As someone who is always by the child’s side and following their every step, parents can collect pictures of important events and create a photo book, a DVD, or wall art.

Another detail you should pay attention to is the genre they follow. The products for hip-hop, classical, or contemporary dances can be very different.

20 Great Gifts for Dancers

You probably have too many things to deal with during the holiday season, and spending time to create a gift list might be a luxury you cannot afford. Don’t stress though! I have got you covered, as always.

Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt

8,260 Reviews
Resistance Bands Set - Booty & Legs Exercise Bands, Anti-Slip Fabric Stretch Bands, Workout Bands...
Every dancer has to stretch before anything else, and the least we can do is to ensure they have the perfect stretching session. With layered materials, these bands will hug the dancer tightly and help them train the strength without slipping off. Each pack provides 3 difficulty levels to maximize the usage as wells as their potentials.

Dance Tights

24 Reviews
BLOCH Women's Ladies contoursoft Footed Tights, Ballet Pink, Petite/Small
Dancers need a lot of tights, obviously, because many brands can’t guarantee a long-lasting pair. I mean, skinny tights easily tear and pull after several times of use even for people who don’t move much, let alone a hardworking dancer.

They will feel great in the trendy ballet pink color! You might also choose the convertible tights (which have a hole on each sole) so they can simply roll up to the knees if needed!

Tiger Balm

Magnesium Epsom Salt

14,734 Reviews
Epsoak Epsom Salt 19 lb. Bulk Bag Magnesium Sulfate USP
So, you are probably asking, what if the little one needs some muscle relief as well? Get them a pack of bath salt, and let the magnesium do the rest! It will be dissolved by water and absorbed through the skin. The baby dancer will feel so much better if they have a relaxing bath before class or performance.

Dance Dot Portable Flooring

483 Reviews
GENUINE BRAND dot2dance(32) AUTHENTIC Marley Portable Dance Floor, Multi-Use Gym Mat Back,Turn...

If the young dancer you have in mind practices ballet, hesitate no more and grab this piece right away. Practicing pirouette and pointe with only socks on might work for a couple of days, yet not in the long run. (I heard it would be worse if you do tap-dance on a bare flooring…)

Now the dilemma is gone for good. This dance dot comes in different sizes and weights to suit the space you plan to put it in, and it will cling to the floor when you move with all of your might.

Ballet Barre for Children

476 Reviews
Vita Vibe Single Bar Traditional Wood Fixed Height Wall Mount Ballet Barre System, 3 FT - 40 FT Long...

For an inspiring dancer, there’s nothing more convenient than having their own ballet barre at home to hone their skills and sharpen their movement. Here’s a very cool article about how to choose the best barre as well as what benefits they have for the user.

The most common and also recommended in my opinion would be the wooden barre. It is warm to the touch, renewable, relatively sturdy, and pleasant on the eyes.

Heat (or Cold) Pads

943 Reviews
Cold Therapy Reusable Gel Pack with Secure Wrap for Instant Relief of Back Pain, Sore Shoulders,...
Every dancer should have a first-aid kit, and the kit needs a set of pads to actually be helpful. You only need to heat them with your microwave or let them chill in the fridge, depending on whether you need hot or cold treatment. It is nothing like the traditional pad, due to the elastic trap clinging to your body.

Dance Costume Bags

1,128 Reviews
Univivi Clear PVC Dance Costume Bags Garment Bag 40 Inch for Dance Competitions, with 4 Medium Clear...
The backstage zone is much messier than you imagine! Now your dancer will have a plastic bag for their belongings. Wait! Don’t skip! I haven’t finished telling you about how you can easily check on what you have in the garment bag with the transparent material, not to mention three separate sections for clothes, shoes, and accessories. One of the most necessary gifts for dancers, I must say!

Soft & Style Hair Accessory Kit

712 Reviews
Burmax Soft'n Style Hair Accessory Kit
We love that elegant bun of a ballerina, but it is quite tricky to nail it. You will have a variety of hair ties, hairpins (light & dark), hairnets, and more, thus the hair color isn’t a big issue! After all, every parent should know how to do a ballet bun, don’t you agree?

Waterproof Fitness Watch

781 Reviews
Polar Ignite - GPS Smartwatch - Fitness watch with Advanced Wrist-Based Optical Heart Rate Monitor,...
It’s a 2-in1 watch that can keep track of your activities during the day as well as your sleep at night. From the data output, your dancer will be able to see if they have pushed themselves too hard or if they might strain their body a bit more. While picking gifts for dancers, always keep in mind that they work long hours.

Writing the Dance: Workbook & Journal for Dancers

34 Reviews
Writing the Dance: Workbook & Journal for Dancers

Letting the thoughts out is important, especially for a sensitive soul of an artist. Unlike the usually seen diaries, ‘Writing the Dance’ is designed exclusively for dancers, with an in-depth view of the professional’s life, helping the novices reflect on themselves in a completely new way.

The variety of activities includes prompts as well as analysis on performances, rehearsals, and classes.

Water Bottle

1,408 Reviews
O2COOL Mist 'N Sip Misting Water Bottle 2-in-1 Mist And Sip Function With No Leak Pull Top Spout...

Not only on a list of gifts for dancers that you will see bottles of various styles – they are everywhere, since the dancers work as hard as the athletes, and having a high-quality bottle for their energy drinks is important.

What is special about it though? Mist & Sip – they can sip from it or mist themselves for an immediate cool-down.

‘Just Dance’ Bracelet

Ballet Shoes Necklace

59 Reviews
PammyJ Girls Ballet Dancer Necklace - Crystal Ballerina Slippers Necklace, 18"
Another piece of jewelry as gifts for dancers, because I deem it lovely if the passionate dear can hold her dream close to the heart while working her way to achieving it. It is the best fit for a symbol of femininity and grace.

Makeup Gift Set

2 Reviews
If I had to choose the most underrated gifts for dancers, makeup sets will be one of them. Things don’t always go smoothly, and the dancer might want to do the makeup by themselves sometimes, and it’s critical to always have a plan B. Everything they need, they will have neatly packed in a pretty box.

Bed Sheets with Ballerina Print

1,376 Reviews
Microfiber Twin Sheets Set – Pink Ballerina, Stain- & Wrinkle-Resistant, Cooling Sheets for Twin...
Again, you have to stroke their sophisticated taste in aesthetics if you want to impress, and invading their bedroom with your cozy beddings might be a great idea. I love these printed sheets with all my heart – the material feels heavenly, the pattern is elegant yet also adorable, and minimalism takes it to a whole new level.

Full-Length Mirror

6,743 Reviews
NeuType Full Length Mirror Standing Hanging or Leaning Against Wall, Large Rectangle Bedroom Mirror...

Let’s face it – a mirror adds a nice touch to the bedroom, and only a dancer could utilize such gifts for dancers in more ways than once. Hang or lean it against the wall, and it will always be ready to show you the full posture when you practice a new move.

No discoloration, no odor, no harm to the environment, no danger – and they are ready to refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Abstractive 3D Ballerina Night Lamp

1 Reviews
Ballet Night Light Kids Bedside Lamp Ballerina Gifts 7 Colors Changing with Smart Touch & Remote...
A bedroom is not complete without an aesthetically pleasing lamp. It helps with putting the tired dancer at ease and lulling them into a sound sleep. The 3D technology breathes life into the figure and fills the room with the classic elegance that our dancer will adore endlessly.

Leg Recovery System

808 Reviews
Normatec Pulse 2.0 Leg Recovery System Standard Size for Athlete Leg Recovery with Normatec's...

Everyone knows how much stress and exertion are put on a dancer’s legs, and although this pulse system might be the most expensive product on the list, you can consider buying it if it’s affordable for you. Otherwise, gathering several other friends and funding for it will be a nice surprise for the recipient.

What does it do though? It compresses the limbs and massages the sore muscles by boosting blood circulation. The recovery will be super speedy and easy!

Foam Roller

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller for Exercise, Deep Tissue Massage and Muscle Recovery, Original...
The former item is definitely worth the price, but if you don’t have the funds, it’s alright to settle for the classic foam roller. The spikes give them acupunctural benefits, which are not less welcomed than what the high-budget gifts can offer

FAQs about Gifts for Dancers

What else can you give a dancer?

I would say the most precious gift for an artist is experience, especially when you are close to them when material gifts aren’t a big deal.

Professional experience. By this, I mean finding great dance classes and purchasing tickets to concerts or performances they have always wanted to spectate. If it’s within your capability, let them have a private lesson with a popular instructor, and they will never forget it.

New experiences. Sometimes, taking a temporary detour from the main career route will allow us to reflect on ourselves and discover unknown interests inside us. You will be amazed at how fun it is, to learn a new form of exercise or visit a museum with a person you adore.

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I suppose gifts for dancers are such a new field for you, and indeed you will need to spend some time on it, but it’s always great to nurture someone’s passion! As a favorite game character of mine once said: “If you give someone a dream, you defend it till the end.”

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