A Guide to Find the Perfect DnD Gifts

D&D is a popular game that has been around for decades. It’s fun to play, but can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves D&D. There are some great stores out there that sell items such as dice sets and figurines, but often it’s hard to know what to buy without someone telling you exactly what they want. This guide will give you tons of ideas on how to find the perfect D&D-related gifts in every price range!

Considerations when choosing DnD Gifts

1. Know the person you are buying for

You should consider age and gender of the recipient when trying to find a present.

  • Girls tend to prefer the figurines, while boys may want a new set of dice.
  • Some people also like D&D gift cards so they can get something that is more personalized for them.

Consider the person’s D&D character class for ideas on what they might like as well.

  • A rogue may want arrows or daggers, fighters would likely prefer swords or shields, clerics need holy symbols and potions of healing
  • A bard wants instruments if you can afford it!

Ask them about their favorite things from the game when possible so that you know what type of gift is best- maybe they love magic items or have an NPC with tons of stories about background lore in Golarion who needs to show off her prowess?

Finally, you can get your dungeon master the perfect gift! Whether they are a player or DM this list of D&D gifts will have them shouting "YES!" at their screen. Show that you care with these wonderful and thoughtful gifts. From dice sets to drink ware there is something on this list for everyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons! #dnd lover gifts

2. Learn what they like to do in their spare time

It’s great to find out what hobbies and interests the person you’re buying for has. They might love reading, painting, or knitting

  • Maybe they like playing sports outside- in that case a package of balls would be perfect!
  • Or if someone loves cooking or eating healthy food then maybe gift them with some new spices- both inexpensive and useful gifts any D&D player will love
  • If they love reading and writing, get them a journal or notebook with D&D-themed covers
  • If they have pets, maybe buy them some catnip so their cats can get in on the D&D action too!

3. Consider their personality type

What personality type do they have?

  • If someone is an introvert who love watching TV shows and movies- give them something related to an upcoming release, such as Game of Thrones season eight on DVD!
  • If someone is more extroverted, buy them a gift card for board games so they can play with other people around town
  • It’s also good idea to get gifts that help foster creativity if an extrovert enjoys painting or writing. For example, consider getting journaling prompts from guided journals or some new pens and paper sets?
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Check out what kind of things they love doing outside as well: it’s possible some D&D players might enjoy running marathons, hiking mountains, swimming at the beach every day during summer break! Whatever hobby you can think of there’s likely some sort of related product on Amazon that any player would appreciate receiving as a gift.

4. Think about how much money you have to spend on them

Of course, we all have different budgets and this is a huge consideration when choosing gifts.

If you’re looking for cheap DnD Gifts, maybe get them

  • Some dice
  • Or an inexpensive board game- there are many options on Amazon!

Higher priced items with more thought put into the gift may include D&D books like

  • The Player’s Handbook
  • Complete Adventurer to give them new classes to play as (everyone needs another character right?!)
  • Or even their very own miniature figurine of themselves in action playing out one of their favorite roleplaying sessions from years ago!
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5. Find out if they already have a set of dice or not

  • Some people might already have a set of dice and they need something like the D&D Player’s Handbook or their own miniature figurine.
  • Some players may never buy these types of things for themselves no matter how much you want to get them so make sure it doesn’t break your budget!
  • If someone is really passionate about D&D then maybe just show up with some snacks, drinks, and let them know that next time you all are playing there will be pizza available because those are always helpful in getting everyone in the mood to play right?

6. Figure out if they want more than one set of dice or just one set

Some people might want to get two sets of dice so they can play with their friends at school or work.

As long as you’re not buying a really expensive gift like an Xbox One gaming system, it’s fine to buy more than one set of dice for the person- this is another inexpensive option!

  • Just make sure that if someone has every single piece in the game and then wants something specific like a new dungeon map pack from Wizards’ website that this doesn’t break your budget!
  • It would also be nice to have some sort of sticker on the back telling them “Don’t worry about losing these because I’ve got plenty!” just in case they do lose theirs eventually (as we all know D&D players are super forgetful)

A few last words

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your friend’s love of Dungeons and Dragons, we’ve got some great suggestions. We’ll be updating this list with new ideas every month so bookmark it now!

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