Best Gifts for Med Students: Where to Start

Choosing a gift for someone can be difficult. You want to find something that they will like, but you also want to get them something practical and useful. If the person receiving your gift is a medical student, then you are in luck because there are many great gifts out there that can help their studies! Here we list up some considerations to start your finding perfect gifts for Med Students.

Things to mind about Best Gifts for Med Students

1. What is the recipient’s personality like?

What best represents their personality:

  • Are they well organized and professional? A planner might be a good choice.
  • Do they seem like someone who is always on the go? Maybe a tote bag would do them some good.
  • Maybe this person doesn’t feel very confident in themselves, so you could get them some inspirational books.
  • Do they seem like an introvert or someone who likes to spend time by themselves? A best friend would be a good gift.
  • Are they someone with lots of interests, but not very high energy levels? You could get them a subscription to one of the many medical journals

These are just some examples! The best way is you know the person and find out what they might need or enjoy most from your research on their personality type. Then go for it and buy it as best gifts for med students.

2. What does the person already have/need that they might not know about?

Here are some suggestions about things medical students need:

  • In terms of studying, a good bag that can carry all textbooks might be too much. Also you can pick studying essentials such as pens and notebooks with unique design (medical theme, funny quotes…) to boost their mood.
  • A better option would be something like an iPad stand or whiteboard markers to help them study in different formats.
  • A medical student survival kit gift is certainly reccommended.
  • If you want to get your loved one food for school meals, think about what type of food they will enjoy. If they’re vegan then carrots and peanut butter won’t do! (although if they love coming up with meal plans on their own maybe it wouldn’t hurt). If they’re gluten-free then a whole foods store like Trader Joe’s will be best place to shop.
  • University studying is hard, especially in medical fied, so relaxing time is surely needed. You can add some stress relief onto their desk with aromatherapy candles and essential oils

Best Gifts for Med Students
Best Gifts for Med Students: Where to Start 4

3. Favorite hobbies of the student

If possible, find a gift related to their favorite hobbies.

  • For example, if they’re into anime or video games then key chains with popular characters are best for them!
  • Or if they love coffee and tea then get them some new flavors from Starbucks! This is really easy way to make your gift theirs and not cater it towards you.
  • You might want something more than just a plain old pen too so this could be an opportunity for stationery-related gifts as well in case that’s what you were looking for.
  • And hey, don’t forget about food – there’s always room on anyone’s plate (or desk) for snacks like trail mix or cookies. Cookies would actually help relax as well as adding some nutritions for their health.

If you are clueless about his/her interests, it’s best to go with an Amazon gift card (so that they can purchase books and other supplies that are needed for their studies) or a gift card to a bookstore they can use for textbooks.

4. Find out where they will be living while in school and buy them a housewarming present 

If your recipient doesnt live in dormitory, best bet is to send them a housewarming gift for their rented house or apartment.

You could give them something that will make their living space more comfortable.

  • Bed pillows are great because they take care of something that everyone needs and no one wants to go out and buy in advance. They’re also really big so if someone has a lot of friends then it’s easy to share with people since they can just pin the pillow on the couch while someone is asleep on it.
  • Different types of blankets do the same thing and it’s never too cold, so everyone will be happy!
  • Another good idea is a set of sheets, or matching towels with very nice smelling soap. These things may seem small but when everyone who lives there sits down at night after eating.

Remember to choose things with medical theme if possible!

5. Consider your budget

I would recommend going for a lower end gift idea if your budget is limited.

Something like:

  • A thoughtful, personalized card that wishes them luck on the next exam
  • A personalized mug with their favorite quote or coffee beans in the shape of a heart that they can use to get ready before heading into surgery.
  • Two tickets to see an upcoming movie and popcorn (or, alternatively, one ticket plus some candy).
  • Food such as trail mix or cookies which will not only be appreciated but also help them relax – something important when you’re at school would could take hours each day!

If you have more money available then I recommend purchasing books on Amazon so that they can have access to any book they need for classes.

Once you want to spend even more, a new laptop is perfect- make sure it’s compatible with their school’s software.

things medical students need
Best Gifts for Med Students: Where to Start 5

6. Gifts of time and money are also appreciated by med students

If you don’t think any practical items would suit their needs, your time and cash will always be a welcome gift.

  • This includes paying for their bus pass or giving them your old laptop
  • Offer to help study for exams
  • Or give cash as a last resort


In summary, it’s best to think about gifting options based on what your recipient has shared with you beforehand about themselves; these items will be more personal than others might find appropriate. Hopefully the tips above succeeded on helping you find the best gift for medical students!

If you have any other questions or comments about this post please feel free to leave them below in the comment section. Happy shopping!

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