Guidance for Choosing a Squad Gift

What squad members are on your squad? You’ll need to know that information before you can start looking for the perfect squad gift. This article will walk you through all the different types of squad gifts and how to choose one based on what kind of squad member they are. We’ve also included a few handy tips below that should help with shopping!

Things to mind about Squad Gifts

1. Consider the personality of each person in your squad

It helps a lot to understand how each member’s character is. Ask the squad members themselves what they like and don’t like, or read their profiles to get a sense of how they are.

If squad members are polar opposites in terms of personality, avoid giving gifts that will be utterly rejected by one side in your squad. For example:

  • Some members may appear introverted, while some others may be more extroverted. If so, you should choose neutral gifts such as a good book, card, or a cute ornament.
  • If one person in your squad loves sci-fi figurines but another is allergic to them, it would be best not to give that as a gift.
  • Some squad members may be more interested in arts and crafts, while other squad mates prefer computers or video games. If so, consider buying them a gift that can satisfy both of their interests such as an art set for those who like to paint and draw, or new video game console for those with a passion for gaming!

But ideally all squad members should have some common interests to make gift-giving easier on both parties involved. Think about why your squad was established.

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  • For instance, your guy group was formed out of the ultimate love for football. In this scenario, one of squad gifts guys could be something like tickets to the next football game.
  • No matter what your squad is for- reading books together in order to broaden each other’s horizons or just having friends to talk with during their free time – it’s important that you find out what they want most and give them exactly that!

The best squad gifts are ones that will make the whole squad happy – not one person over another. This is where it’s important to take into consideration all aspects of each member’s character.

2. Think about their interests, hobbies, and passions

You could make sure your present will be used if it’s related to the recipient’s favourite activites. Let’s start with common interest that all your members share.

  • For example, if your squad’s favourite hobby is skiing and you know the squad loves to spend their free time on the slopes, then a hiking backpack would be a great gift for them.
  • If one squad member likes to cook, then a pizza cutter would make the perfect gift. You could also accompany with that cooking enthusiast to make a small party for all members – this sounds like an impressive choice for girl group gifts.
  • Or if someone is an avid reader and your squad enjoys reading together each month, you could give them a book that they’ve been eyeing or just started talking about as something they want.

And don’t forget that most people love being appreciated for who they are as individuals and not just part of the squad. If this sounds like one of your squad members, consider giving him or her something personal so he/she knows how much those differences mean to all of them (like maybe an “I am proud to have met such a talented member” plaque).

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3. If you’re still not sure, go with something practical to them

If you’re still not sure what to get your squad member, then go with something practical. It’ll be a lot easier than finding the perfect gift and they will appreciate it more because practicality is always in high demand.

  • Most of us would need hot water for hot drinks at some moments of the day. So think of getting them an electric kettle as a squad present. They can use it to brew up some caffeine before work while also making tea or hot cocoa when everyone has time to hang around after practice for a chat.
  • Also, mugs will be used for sure. You can go creative by printing your squad members’ individual name or photo on the mug.
  • Or, if they’re more practical than creative in their gift giving this year then grab a couple of boxes of high-quality tea from your favourite store or online retailer.

4. If you are not sure what’s good, ask them what they want

A very useful way to choose squad gifts is to have all squad members list up their own wishlists, combine all to one list and let them vote.

  • If there are any items on the squad members’ wishlist that you can afford without compromising your budget, then those would make great gifts as well. Remember it’s quite hard to satisfy all members, so you can just go with the highest vote-up choice that doesnt go against other members.
  • If that’s not how you do things, we recommend looking through some photos on social media and seeing what catches your eye as well as reading over past conversations with them on messenger apps or texts. This can provide a good insight about what they might like.

5. Make sure you have enough money to spend on gifts for all your friends, not just one of them 

After surveying every squad member about what they would like most from you as a gift-giver, considering your budget and resources available, AND thinking critically about your personal preferences.

If you are struggling financially and there are too many members in your squad:

  • You might want to choose something inexpensive, such as a squad-themed coffee mug, socks,…
  • Another good choice is to do something with the squad, like going to a movie or dinner.

If you have more money and resources available than time for all of them, then what is most important about your squad will be reflected in your choice of gift-giver:

  • If they are fun-loving people who enjoy being together as much as possible, choose an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone such as tickets to see their favorite band or comedian.
  • Group sessions at a spa where everyone could get their nails done and have massages as birthday gifts for gal pals
  • If they value quality over quantity (i.e., not partying) and don’t need anything else from you except support when things get tough, give them some wine paraphernalia (or perhaps even alcohol itself).
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Remember, it doesn’t have to cost money to show your squad how much they mean to you! You could make or bake an amazing dessert together with some friends from time to time.

6. Make it personal

Write a note on the inside of the card explaining why you chose this particular gift for them.

Get creative with your choice of gift by making something yourself or giving a voucher for an activity/event together as a group.

A few last words

This blog post provides guidance on choosing squad gifts based on budget and number of members in the group among other things. It also offers advice on what types of things can be given that don’t necessarily need money spent on them as well as ideas about activities that can bring people closer together without needing any monetary investment at all.

 If you have any other ideas, please share them with me and we can include it on our blog next time. Thank you so much for reading my article today!

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