8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Novelty Gift

When it comes to a novelty gift, you want it to be the perfect item for your friend or loved one. But how do you know what novelty gift will be best? There are a number of factors that come into play when choosing the right novelty gift: budget, occasion, personality, and many more. In this blog post, I’ll discuss 8 factors you should consider when deciding on which novelty gift is best.

Considerations when choosing a novelty gift

1. Consider the recipient’s taste and interests

Consider where your friend likes to spend their leisure time before choosing a novelty present. It’s also a thoughtful idea because you can choose the right novelty gift by making sure it matches their interests – this guarantees your friend or loved one’s reaction will be positive (or at least not negative)!

  • If they like comic books or fantasy novels, consider getting them what related to their favorite character like a novelty mug, t-shirt or novelty keychain.
  • If your friend is an animal lover and you want them to have something silly or playful for their home office desk, novelty pet toys would be perfect!
  • If they’re a big sports fan, novelty gifts like novelty clothing or novelty magnets are great ideas.
  • If they are into photography get them something related with the craft such as novelty camera lens keychain for instance or even an old film camera that you found at your grandparents house.

2. Choose a gift that is appropriate for age, gender, and personality type

Consider the age, gender, and personality type of the novelty gift recipient before you make a purchase.

  • If the novelty gift is for a young child, consider their favorite cartoon character or movie star. This can be done with an action figure of the character they love as well.
  • If the novelty gift is for a teenage girl, consider an item that has to do with her favorite TV show or pop star. For teenage girl who appreciates Disney, the ideal novelty gift would be an alarm clock in the shape of their favorite character – Mickey Mouse is always a popular option! 
  • For novelty items for women who love cats, then a novelty cat necklace is perfect!
  • For novelty items designed as gifts for men, consider getting him novelty car accessories like stickers in his favorite color or novelty socks featuring the photo of his favorite football player on one foot and team logo on the other foot.
  • For someone who might appreciate something more high-end and luxurious, you may want to choose novelty jewelry that reflects their personality type (such as business professional) and has sentimental value. They will likely wear this piece often and it could even become a cherished family heirloom over time!

3. Consider what kind of occasion you are buying for

Consider what kind of occasion you’re buying for before making your purchase so you know exactly what type of novelty gift will make it perfect. Novelty items are a great way to celebrate milestone events in one’s life. For instance:

  • Novelty birthday gifts range from personalized wine glasses and customized glassware to humorous novelty t-shirts and novelty party supplies.
  • If Halloween is coming up, choose an appropriate novelty item such as Halloween costumes and accessories for October 31st!
  • For those who love hosting parties, think about novelty items they can use at their next housewarming party! These could be as funny or functional as novelty shot glasses or beer koozies.
  • A Christmas novelty gift may include something that makes their home smell like the holiday season. Christmas novelty gifts can include items like scented jars of snow or reindeer stocking stuffers; novelty candy canes, novelty ornaments for the window; and novelty Christmas decor like a novelty Santa Claus.
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4. What type of relationship the two people have

Consider the type of relationship you have with novelty gift recipient (friendship, family, professional)when choosing a novelty item.

  • Choosing novelty gifts for friends is easy – just choose something that would make their day! For instance, some personalization items like personalized stationery or a novelty t-shirt they can wear around town.
  • For family members, you might want to get a novelty gift that they can use for years to come such as novelty jewelry with sentimental value like an engraved necklace or bracelet from grandma! This is something they will wear often and it could even become a cherished family heirloom over time. It would be fun to customize this present by adding their name on the backside of the piece so it’s one-of-a-kind.
  • If it’s an acquaintance at work or school who has finally gotten their own place after living in student housing all semester long – how about getting them novelty apartment decor? This could include some new house plants as well as novelty items that reflect their personality type – novelty kitchenware, novelty dish towels, and novelty bath accessories.

5. What is your budget for the novelty gift ?

Consider the novelty gift’s budget including money, time, and effort.

  • Do you have enough time and money to get something really awesome? If not, consider novelty gifts that are just as appreciated but require less effort, such as novelty cards, personalized keychains or an inexpensive souvenir from their favorite place (such as Disney World)
  • If you’re buying online, consider what type of shipping will be used and how long will it take before they receive it to ensure the novelty gift will arrive in time for the occasion.

6. Think about how long you want the novelty to last – do they need something that will be used often or just once in a while?

Consider novelty gifts that will be used often or just once in a while for the novelty gift’s lifespan.

  • If novelty gifts are going to be used only once in a while, novelty party supplies are the way to go. This can include novelty paper plates and novelty plastic flatware.
  • If you’re buying novelty items as an accessory piece to add some flair and fun, consider something like novelty socks – they’ll last forever! These are easy to use with any outfit because they can go up your leg and under clothes (unless it’s wintertime).
  • If novelty gifts are going to be used often, novelty kitchenware is a great investment. Some novelty items that fall under this category include novelty wine glasses and personalized cutting boards – they’ll never go out of style!

7. Is it something that will be used or just sit on a shelf collecting dust?

If it doesn’t have any practical use but still looks nice then make sure there is room on the recipient’s desk so they can display it proudly.

If you’re buying novelty items that will be used often, think about what they’ll do with the novelty item after it’s no longer in use. For instance:

  • Novelty sporting goods like novelty golf clubs or novelty tennis racquets could also double as home decor for a game room if there isn’t enough space to store them!
  • Novelty outdoor gear can serve both purposes – whether someone needs an accessory during leisure time or something functional and fun when camping trips come around.

8. Don’t forget novelty food gifts!

Novelty food gifts are a great idea for people who have everything else but this is something they will appreciate and enjoy!

Novelty food gifts are great for any occasion from birthdays to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day! It would be fun and also creative gift if it’s made in the special shape of the recipient’s favorite interest, for example, If your recipient is into video games, rock, and roll, or even just a cat lover then there’s no doubt they would love to receive an edible replica of their favorite toy.

Some novelty foods that can be used as one-time treats include novelty chocolates or novelty candy bars (which take up less space than regular-sized ones). These are easy to store in desk drawers at work too.

However, make sure that the recipient of your gift has any allergies, dietary restrictions, or other health considerations that must be taken into account when choosing an edible novelty gift to avoid.

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Some final words

The best things in life are often the most simple, and that’s what we’re striving for with this list. We hope you enjoyed it and will find some of our suggestions helpful when choosing a gift for your loved ones. If not, please let us know – as always, we want to hear from you! And if you have any other thoughts about novelty gifts or ideas on how to make them more thoughtful (or better), feel free to share them below in the comments section!


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  1. We were thinking about unusual birthday gifts for our father. It’s good that I came on your website because you suggested taking the occasion into account while deciding what kind of novelty present to offer. I would detest it if he won’t like it.  Thank you for sharing this. When selecting my father’s gift, this will definitely be taken into account.


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