Creative Homemade Gifts to Make for Your Coworkers

People often overlook homemade gifts for coworkers, but homemade presents are a great way to show gratitude and appreciation. Whether it’s Christmas or the end of the year, homemade gift ideas can be tailored to fit any occasion! In this blog post, I will share some simple homemade gifts that you can make for your co-workers to show them how much they mean to you.

Considerations before making a homemade Gifts for Coworkers:

1. Think about the type of work they do and what their hobbies may be.

Think about the type of work they do and find something that might be useful, necessary, sweeten someone’s workday:

  • If the person is in sales and travels a lot, you could make them an instant meal (a favorite from your country) wrapped up as a gift with instructions on how to heat it up. This way they can work through lunch without going out of their way to find food.
  • For people who work long hours at office or online, a nice cup of coffee with their favorite quote would be perfect! Or you can also gift them homemade tea bags, coasters,….
  • If you find gift for secretaries, who are always writing notes so naturally, so you can make something related to stationery like homemade paperclips or a homemade notepad.

If you don’t know the recipient very well, ask around to find out more about them, what they like or dislike. You can also look at their desk for clues (their pictures, their computer screen saver, or the books they are reading,…)

  • if cooking is also one of their hobbies, consider making something with leftovers from home-cooked meals, such as breads, jams, sauces, etc., You must also remember about food allergies when deciding on a homemade treat as well! It’s important to ask if they have any dietary restrictions before giving them something like chocolates even though dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate and most people. And Don’t forget about coworkers who are gluten-free or vegan!
  • What if they have pets? You could make something for their pet too like a pet toy.

2. Make sure you have enough time to prepare the gift

You should carefully consider the time and skill required before making one for your coworker. If you’ve made a homemade gift once or twice in the past, this may be an easy task for you which doesn’t need much preparation.

If gifts take time longer or are too difficult to make than your expectations, then you can’t finish them on time. So you need to plan ahead of time what you will make and then try your best to finish it.

For last-minute gift ideas, there are plenty of homemade gifts you can give your coworkers though that don’t require too much time and effort, such as:

  • Homemade cookies: These homemade treats will leave everyone feeling extra loved on the holidays or just because they deserve a sweet treat for being so awesome at their job! Cookies also taste better when homemade apparently according to some people…
  • Jar with candy and a note: This gift could be given as an end of year present from one coworker to another in order express thanks for working together all year. The only problem is deciding what type of candy goes inside the jar!

3. Consider the recipient’s sense of humor when choosing a homemade present

Work is one of the most stressful aspects in their lives, so a funny gift may be perfect for some to relax. Consider what sense of humor your recipient has when choosing a homemade present — it’s important to know whether they prefer witty jokes or puns versus corny ones. Some ideas for you to consider:

  • Homemade brownies with a funny message (e.g., “You’re the cake of my life”)
  • Homemade cookies that are shaped like animal crackers and say things like, “I’m sorry for eating your lunch.” (*Note: this will likely always be appreciated)
  • Shirt or homemade mug with humorous slogans that say things like ‘I don’t always do my work but when I do it’s awesome,’ or ‘I’m a hardworker with low standards.’

4. If you’re feeling adventurous, make something that requires multiple ingredients and instructions

This will be more time-consuming but also more rewarding for your coworkers. Homemade constructions made from special materials like toothpicks, chocolate, cards … are good examples of homemade gifts that take work. This is also a great idea for boss gifts that are inexpensive to make but show good thoughtfulness on your part! Of course, you need to make sure that this does not violate your company’s policies.

5. Be creative with your homemade gifts

Wrap your homemade gifts in colorful paper or fabric that matches their personality or interests.

Add a personal touch by including an object or photo that has significance between both of you (examples include ticket stubs from concerts/shows together, pet photos)

People love getting things in the mail, so you can mail them to them instead of giving them directly in person.


If you’re looking for ideas to make homemade gifts for coworkers, I hope these have been helpful. We all work hard and deserve a little something special from time to time. Let’s give back with some handmade goodness!


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