Hockey Gifts for Boys: What to Buy

With the holiday season just around the corner, parents with boys on their shopping list are probably finding it hard to find hockey gifts for boys. Fear not! This blog post is here to help guide you in your quest for unique hockey gifts for kids who love the game. We will share some of our favorite ideas that we have found over the years and provide links so that you can purchase them easily online.

Things to consider when picking up hockey gifts for boys

1. Consider the age of the boy

This will help you identify their interests and needs. You may want to buy a hockey-related toy for younger children, while an older boy might like figurines of his favorite players or books on the game’s strategy.

  • Younger boys may also enjoy books about hockey heroes or stories that emphasize teamwork and perseverance.
  • Older boys might like to learn more about how the game is played, such as different positions on the field, strategies for scoring goals, statistics of stars in the league today, etc.

This can be a great time for kids to get some reading practice!

One thing you don’t want to do? Buy clothes outside of their size range. Be sure they are able to play comfortably before buying an entire wardrobe — especially if it’s expensive clothing meant only for special occasions!

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2. Make sure to get something they will enjoy playing with

One of the worst gifts you can give to your hockey boys is a book about their favorite sport. What does this say? “I’m not paying attention, I don’t know what you like.” Books are great for kids who love reading but they’re even better when it’s an activity that two people enjoy doing together.

  • It may be worth purchasing a game or something related to sports in general such as playing cards and dice if your child has older siblings (or parents) with whom he enjoys spending time with during his free time. This could also be cheaper than buying another piece of clothing!
  • Outdoor Hockey Game – this is perfect if the boy loves games with friends and playing outdoors as it includes two sticks, one puck, game rules, goalie gear set up sheet and instructions. This will be sure to keep them occupied on those cold winter days when they can’t play outside!
  • If the boy loves craft , you might consider a kit that would allow him to create his own hockey stick or jersey.
  • If they like art, how about craft paper and crayons for drawing?

The possibilities are endless!

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3. Pick out a gift that is affordable and within your budget

This is always a good idea, but especially so during the holidays! It’s not worth spending $100 on an item just because it has your child’s favorite hockey team printed on it. What if you can’t afford to spend that much money? Is he going to be happy with something that costs less than his allowance?

Hockey gifts under $25 choice for boys who love sports, in general, would be something like socks or t-shirts from their favorite teams instead of a jersey they may have more clothes than time to wear. These are often reasonably priced and will make any boy excited about opening them up under the Christmas tree this year!

If the budget is larger, you can freely choose from the ideas below:

  • Toys: Fidget spinners; mini sticks/hockey nets (good gift for younger children); toy hockey sticks (great for boys of all ages);
  • Figurines: Wayne Gretzky figurine; Sidney Crosby figurine.
  • Books: “Hockey’s Not For Everyone” by Jeff Brown or “The Hockey Sweater” by Roch Carrier.
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4. Keep in mind what type of hockey player he is

Do they prefer offense or defense, are they more interested in scoring goals or stopping them from getting past their goalie, etc.?

  • If he is eager to score goals, you might consider a nice hockey puck, to add some realism and help the boy learn from his mistakes.
  • If he is more defensive-minded, you may want to purchase blocks for blocking shots or a protective helmet.

It’s important that they are comfortable with their equipment before getting out on the field!

This will also help you plan out your spending for the future as well!

5. Don’t forget to include some snacks!

Hockey games take up an entire day and it’s important for players to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the game.

A hockey player needs a good breakfast, lunch and snacks when they’re on the field.

So you can buy them something like a protein bar or granola to keep them going!


Conclusion paragraph: With so many different hockey gifts to choose from, it can be hard to make the perfect choice. That’s why we created this blog post as a guide for you! Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers or something more substantial, our list of suggestions should help point you in the right direction. We hope that these hockey gift ideas will give your little one and his friends hours of fun on Christmas morning. Don’t forget to visit us at when planning your holiday shopping!

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