30 Wonderful Gifts for Soccer Coaches (and Their Players)

If you need a wonderful gift for a soccer coach, fortunately we have 30 great ideas that are sure to make him smile. Whether it’s a fun little gadget to help motivate his team, something practical like a good book or DVD collection to help educate them or even a special treat for himself… we have something for everyone on his gift list.

30 Wonderful Gifts for Soccer Coaches

Check out our picks for the 30 greatest gifts for soccer coaches after the jump… and don’t forget to scroll down to the comments section at the bottom of the page to read some of the great ideas from our readers.

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How To Choose a Gift For a Soccer Coach?

Well, if you know his interests and you know what he is currently working with, you should have no problem picking out a meaningful gift. however, if you do get stuck, here are some guidelines: 

– Look for something that will be useful and appreciated by him (and his players)

– Avoid giving expensive items unless he is personally wealthy

– Give him something he can use right away like an extra pair of sneakers or socks.

– If he is currently using a vinyl or leather practice ball, get him a different type of ball like this one which will last much longer.

– Give Him Something That Has Meaning: You can get a really nice bottle of wine (Pinot Noir is the best) and wrap it along with a personal note and a few bucks.

1. Soccer Flask Gift Set

Soccer Flask Gift Set

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This is a unique set of three stylish mason jars filled with essential soccer tools. It’s the perfect gift for any soccer coach who needs a little extra “insurance” when he’s traveling or away from home. 

This set comes with:

– Soccer Flask: Holds 1-1/2 ounces of your favorite beverage. Great for cheering on your team from the sidelines or the comfort of your own living room.

– Stainless Steel Soccer Cup: A great way to serve up a hot chocolate or coffee to your team before kickoff. Keep it in the trunk of your car so you never have to worry about getting cold drinks when you’re watching a game.

2. A Soccer 3D LED Night Light 

A Soccer 3D LED Night Light 

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If your soccer coach is a night owl, this is an awesome gift that will brighten his life… and his sleeping patterns!  This is a 3D animated night light that features a 3D soccer player running around the clock. It has 16 different flashing effects (including a star field), an 8-hour timer and a handy on/off switch. It’s perfect for dorm rooms, offices, playrooms and, of course, soccer coaches! 

3.  Cotton Woven Blanket

Cotton Woven Blanket

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This is a soft, warm blanket woven with a repeating pattern of red and white stripes. This blanket is machine washable and can be used to keep a coach warm on chilly days or as a cozy throw during colder nights. It’s a unique and timeless gift that will be treasured for years to come.

4.  Personalized Pen Sets

Personalized Pen Sets for Soccer Coaches

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You can get everything needed to create your very own personalized soccer coach pen set including 1 case, 1 roller ball pen and 1 ball point pen. All you have to do is write your coach’s name on the notepad, add some team colors and you’re ready to go. A great gift for any coach who needs a little extra “insurance” when he’s traveling or away from home.  

5. Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

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This is an excellent addition to any soccer coach’s training regimen. Made by an actual pro, this product is easy to use and extremely effective. The solid metal rung ladder features 10 rungs with a non-skid finish and comes with four rubberized traction cones. This is the perfect way to safely increase a player’s agility and work on his coordination without putting too much stress on his joints.

6. Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do

Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do

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This fun book will teach you how to be a smarter soccer player. It’s perfect for soccer coaches of all ability levels and will help coaches creating more complete soccer players. Inside you will learn about positioning, off-the-ball movement, feints and tricks, time and space management, plus a whole lot more. This book will definitely give you some “swipe files” you can use right away in your next soccer game. It’s an excellent gift you can choose.

7. Canvas Print Wall Art Soccer Ball

Canvas Print Wall Art Soccer Ball

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This is one of those unique gifts that will be cherished for a long time to come. The canvas print features the artwork of award-winning. It comes with a hanging wire, a removable self-adhesive mounting board and installation instructions. A great way to add a personal touch to your soccer coach’s office or gym. 

8. Photo Print


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Here’s a unique idea that will put a smile on your soccer coach’s face. This fun photo print makes a great gift for any coach who appreciates a good joke. It features six high-quality photographs printed on one side and blank paper printed on the other side. Simply remove the paper backing from the photos and place them on the wall behind where your coach will be sitting when he’s looking at the print. The effect will be hilarious every time your coach walks by it! 

9.  Stars of World Soccer

Stars of World Soccer

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What a fantastic gift for any soccer coach in your life! This large hardback book is chock full of color pictures and detailed information about some of the greatest players in world soccer history. It’s an excellent resource for players at all levels and also makes an excellent addition to any serious collector’s library.

10. Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

Soccer Ball Bath Bombs

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What a great idea! These bath bombs are perfect for a spa-day or as a housewarming or anniversary present for a new homeowner. Each one contains a scented blend of clary sage, lavender, orange, and spearmint essential oils, along with a healthy dash of coarse sea salt. Just pop one of these babies into the water, sit back and enjoy the relaxing aroma as the oils work their magic.  Well, that just about does it for this year’s list. 

11. Soccer Photo Frame

Soccer Photo Frame

Buy from Amazon.com

This unique picture frame is a clever way to add a personal touch to your soccer coach’s office or gym. It features an actual autographed picture of your coach framed in black wood with a white border. The words “Coach” and “Autograph” are debossed in silver on the face of the frame. This makes a great gift for any coach who appreciates the finer things in life. Order now and your frame will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, ready for you to personalize with a photo of your own and send it to your soccer coach. 

12. Athletico National Soccer Bag

Athletico National Soccer Bag

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This bag is perfect for keeping everything your soccer coach needs at hand while on the road. It has a large main compartment with multiple internal compartments and two external zippered pockets. There is also a removable divider that allows you to convert the bag into three separate, smaller bags. This is a useful and stylish gift that will be appreciated by your coach… and… it will last a lifetime! 

13. Soccer Player Abstract Sport Wall Art

Soccer Player Abstract Sport Wall Art

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These abstract sport wall decals are great for any sports-minded guy… whether he is a soccer coach, a golf player, a tennis player or what have you. They make excellent housewarming or gift ideas for new homeowners who are obsessed with their sports teams. (Oh wait! Are you writing this stuff down, because it sounds like it could be fun?) Anyway, these abstract wall decals feature team logos and are the perfect addition to any collection.

14. T-Shirt Football Soccer

T-Shirt Football Soccer

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This is the perfect way to support your local high school or youth soccer team. The front of the shirt features the official team colors and logo, while the back of the shirt has the name of your high school or youth soccer team printed in the same colors as the front of the shirt. An excellent idea for a unique and classy gift… for anyone who is obsessed with soccer! 

15. Coach Picture Frame

Coach Picture Frame

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This is a unique and classy way to display a photo of your coach. Made of wood with a brass plaque attached to the back, this frame features an engraved plaque! This is a nice, simple gift that won’t cost you much money and it will be appreciated by your soccer coach… and… it will last a lifetime!  You can find this unique frame at Office Depot or similar office supply stores.

16. Sportybella Soccer Coach Bangle Bracelet

Sportybella Soccer Coach Bangle Bracelet

Buy from Amazon.com

This is a unique and fun way to show off your team spirit. This is a nice, simple gift that won’t cost you much money… and… it will be appreciated by your coach… and… it will last a lifetime! (I wonder if the people who sell these things at baseball card shows ever get tired of looking at the same old rookie cards over and over again?) 

17. Personalized Coaches Plaque

Personalized Coaches Plaque

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This is a nice way to commemorate all of the hard work that the players put in during the season. These wooden plaques feature an easy-to-read personalized message with space for the names of the team and its coaches… along with the date of the game!… and… an attached metal plate with a push pin to hold papers and other items. 

18. Vintage Soccer Patent Poster Prints

Vintage Soccer Patent Poster Prints

Buy from Amazon.com

These are some really neat posters. They come in a set of 3 and each one features a different soccer coaches from the past. The description says they are “hand numbered” but I don’t believe it. Whoever did the labeling just didn’t have enough faith in the product to put a real number on them. 

19.Dry-Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard

Dry-Erase Soccer Coaching Clipboard

Buy from Amazon.com

This is a great little gift for the coach who has a million things to do every day. This is a nice, simple gift that won’t cost you much money… and… it will be appreciated by your coach.

20. Adidas Coach’s Lanyard and Whistle II

Adidas Coach's Lanyard and Whistle II

Buy from Amazon.com

This little device is designed to be worn around the neck of a soccer coach… and… to serve as a handy whistle and a lanyard for carrying papers and other items. The description says it is useful for coaches at all levels but I think it would also be a neat gift for any adult who is actively involved with a group of children. 

21. Sportybella Soccer Coach Keychain

Sportybella Soccer Coach Keychain

Buy from Amazon.com

I love this little keychain for soccer coach that hangs from a key chain on a coach’s belt loop. It contains 3 magnets (one for each of the major sports) and the description says you can use it to remind the players of something important (like the position of the goalkeeper) or just to get their attention if they are goofing off. 

22. TeeStars – Eat Sleep Soccer Repeat Hoodie

TeeStars – Eat Sleep Soccer Repeat Hoodie

Buy from Amazon.com

This is a hoodie sweatshirt with a message on the front. I guess you could give it as a gift to your soccer coach who seems to have a short attention span or as an incentive to a player who needs a little nudge once in a while. The message says “Eat. Sleep. Soccer. Repeat”. 

23. Soccer Coach Notebook

Soccer Coach Notebook

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I love this idea. A small notebook with three sections: a section for recording game scores and results, a section for keeping track of practice schedules and notes, and a third section for you to jot down quick-reference reminders such as the phone numbers of people he should contact regarding his team and other stuff like that. 

24. Soccer Technique Training Ball

Soccer Technique Training Ball

Buy from Amazon.com

Here’s another product designed specifically for soccer coaches but I think it would also make a great gift for any active adult who spends a lot of time working out with weights. The description says the SKLZ weighted balls are perfect for strength training because they keep up with your body’s natural bouncing motion… no matter how hard you hit them! 

25. Boogie Board Coaches Clipboard

Boogie Board Coaches Clipboard

Buy from Amazon.com

Perfect for keeping notes during a practice session or a game and also good for keeping reminders or schedules. This particular one has a Velcro closure so you can remove the paper backing and use it as a regular clipboard. 

26. Pyle Megaphone Speaker

This little gadget is a very high-quality speaker you screw into the dashboard of your car… and then… using the included cordless bullhorn, you can blast your instructions to your team with extreme volume and no interference from other cars on the road. This is a no-brainer… if your soccer coach (or anyone else) has trouble hearing what you are saying, give them this little gadget and… POOF!… they will hear you perfectly every time! 

27. Soccer Coaching Notebook

Soccer Coaching Notebook

Buy from Amazon.com

A notebook for your soccer coach is a great idea because it will help him keep track of important dates and details such as when his team has scrimmages and when it’s time for them to get back in the gym to work on their conditioning. The notebook should be big enough for him to write in it with both hands and should have elastic bands attached to the inside to hold pages together so he doesn’t lose track of what he’s writing. 

28. Durable Football Necklace 

You also can choose a Football Necklace as a gift for your coach that he can use to keep track of important game details or routines. These are especially handy for coaches who have several teams and travel a lot. A nice feature of a necklace like this is that you can order it with different shaped pendants so you can get one just like the one your soccer or football coach is wearing.

29. Best Coach Two Tone Mug

Best Coach Two Tone Mug

Buy from Amazon.com

This mug will make an excellent gift for any soccer coach because it will serve two purposes: It will keep him warm and It will make him smile. This gift will double as an instant morale-booster for everyone in the room when the coach uses the mug to take his morning coffee or hot chocolate. 

30. Soccer Players Football Bookends

Soccer Players Football Bookends

Buy from Amazon.com

These unique bookends will add a whimsical touch to his office décor and will provide a useful place to hold and display his reference materials. The front of each one features a different player from different positions on the field and the back has a summary of the rules and regulations for that position.

They also make a great gift for your coach if he is a serious student of the game because they will come in handy as a reminder of the drills and exercises his team needs to perform. 

FAQs for Choosing a Gift for Soccer Coaches 

Q: My friend is a soccer coach. What should I get him for Christmas?

My friend is a soccer coach. What should I get him for Christmas?

Depends on the kind of coach he is. If he’s a “formal” coach who is very strict about the sport, you might get him something like the itemized list above.

My friend is not a soccer coach. He just lets his kids play soccer once in a while. What should I get him for Thanks Giving?

Something like the first list above (but less detailed). Or… maybe one of the other suggestions below.

What if my friend is somewhere in the middle? Like he lets his kids play soccer but he doesn’t let them do all the stuff the “real” coaches tell them to do?

Just make sure it has a bunch of different kinds of games and activities on it. And make sure there are at least two or three things that have marbles in them.

What if my friend lets his kids play soccer, but only because he thinks it will toughen them up?

Then you get him something from the first list above.

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