Gifts For Plant Lovers That They’ll Love

Plant lovers are hard to shop for, especially if you have no idea what they like. It’s not always easy to find gifts that a person will love and use. The gifts below are great for plant lovers of all types, so take your time browsing this list and see which one is right for the someone special in your life!

Things to consider when picking up gifts for plant lovers

1. Find out what kind of plants they want to have

If you know the type of plants they like, gifts in this category would be a great option for them!

If it’s too hard to identify their favorite plant, some other personalized gifts might be ideal instead.

2. Consider the size of their space, whether it is a small pot or a large garden

This is a very important point that often gets overlooked! If you’re shopping for gifts and trying to figure out the size of their space, this will be an extremely helpful. Going against what would make sense for the person’s home wouldn’t be wise – it may seem like a good idea at first but they’ll likely get frustrated with gifts that don’t fit in their plant pot or garden plot.

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If someone has limited time then consider gifts such as iced tea mix packets OR gardening gloves so they can spend more time planting things than cleaning up after them.

  • Iced Tea Mix Packets: A great gift if people have plenty of space because these are perfect when growing plants from seeds which need constant water and attention
  • Seeds: A good option if people have plenty of space and know what type of plants they want or need.

If your giftee only has a small space for plants, gifts like a plant pot or gardening gloves could be the best gifts for them.

  • A Plant Pot: Great for people with limited space who want to start planting things on their own, this gift would allow more plants in one small place
  • Gardening Gloves: If the person already has a garden, these gifts would be great for them because they don’t have to use their hands as much and can wear gloves so that they don’t get dirty.
  • A Plant: A great choice of gifts if you know what type of plant the person likes

3. Think about how much time they will need to take care of the plant

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Do they want something that needs daily watering, or can it go longer without being watered?

  • If someone is going through hard times, they might not want gifts that require a lot of time and care – this would be better for them.
  • Or alternatively if gifts are being given to an elderly person who can’t handle daily watering then it may work well !

4. If you have no idea what kind of plant to get for someone, consider getting them seeds so that they can make their own choices

Or a plant that they can take care of without it needing daily watering.

This is an option for someone who has no idea what kind of gifts to get, but doesn’t know the person well enough to figure out their specific needs either! If this sounds like you then considering buying them seeds would be perfect – there’s nothing more satisfying than watching plants grow and not having any maintenance needed in order to keep them alive.

5. Include instructions on how to care for your gift as well as tips on where to find more information online.

This will make gifts more useful and less frustrating for the receiver so they don’t have to spend time figuring out how it works!

  • The best way to do this is by including a small booklet or card with tips on where to find instructions online.
  • If you can include an e-mail address then that would be really helpful because many people are busy these days and might not want to search through internet recipes or forums just for one plant. They’ll appreciate having all of their questions answered in one place, as well as being able to download instructions straight away if they’re interested.
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6. Be careful with live plants – be sure not to buy anything too fragile or delicate because it may die before you give it away .

This is a good tip to keep in mind when selecting gifts for plant lovers.

It can be discouraging and heartbreaking if someone spends time caring for their plants only to find it dies shortly after they receive the gift! If you want to get something live, make sure that it’s hardy enough for outside – I once received a succulent as a gift which was cute but died just days later because of my lack of sunlight !

It may also help considering whether your loved one already has any living plants or not- this would save them from having too many on top of each other. Or, alternatively, giving gifts such as gardening gloves so they don’t have to do all the work themselves will give back some free time.

Some final words

The important thing is to just show that you care about the person and what they like. There are many different types of plant lovers out there, so we recommend trying a few things before settling on one specific gift idea. You’ll be sure to find something for anyone with your thoughtful considerations!

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