Gifts for Pizza Lovers: How to Choose the Perfect Gift

I love pizza, who doesn’t? Pizza is a gift to the world of foodies. If you know someone who loves pizza as I do, then gift-giving can be an interesting and fun task. This blog post will go over gift ideas and how to choose the perfect gift for pizza lovers in order to make your loved one happy this holiday season.

How to choose gifts for Pizza lovers

1. Consider their pizza preferences

There are many different types of pizza from traditional Italian to Chicago deep dish and everything in between, so you need to know what to order for someone who loves pizza!

Questions to consider when you are considering gift ideas for a loved one who loves pizza:

  • What type of crust do the person prefer (thick, thin)?
  • How many toppings does the person want on their slice of pie?
  • Are they vegetarian or vegan?
  • Do they have any allergies or dietary restrictions? For those who are gifting friends with dietary restrictions, consider getting them something off of the gluten-free section.
  • What size pizza do they prefer (small, medium, large)?
  • How often do they order pizza (weekly, monthly)?

Asking these types of questions can help you pick out an excellent gift!

Gifts for Pizza Lovers

2. The occasion for which you are gifting them a pizza gift (birthday present, Christmas present)

If it is gift for someone’s birthday, then you may want to get them huge pizza with their name on it or a pizza theme customized cake.

If it is for someone’s Christmas gift, then you may want to get them gift card or gift certificate so they can order their pizza and have it delivered right on time! Make sure you get gift certificates in the correct denomination and with no expiration dates so that your gift recipient can order their perfect slice of pie anytime!

3. Do they like to cook or bake?

If they like making pizzas themselves or enjoy baking with ingredients from scratch, then use the gift as inspiration to make their own signature pizzas!

  • Check if they have pizza makers or not, consider something like an oven if they don’t already have one.
  • Consider getting your pizza lovers something that will make cooking or baking pizzas easier and more enjoyable like slicing knife that makes it easier for them to cut the perfect slice of pizza, pizza stone or pizza peel! Another idea is cooking supplies like mixing bowls, measuring spoons or spatulas in the shape of pizzas!
  • A ​cookbook of different types of pizzas to try out at home
  • Make Your Own Pizza Kit: It is always fun making your own food as you can add your favorite ingredients into the mix. A make your own pizza kit has everything needed to prepare an Italian style artisanal pie.
  • Gift basket that includes a variety of condiments like pepperoni, olives, and cheese sticks to make their own pizza or add more toppings when they order from a restaurant.

4. Pick up some of their favorite ingredients and make them a custom-made pizza in the oven with your own hands!

If you have the time and resources, make them something from scratch – it will be much more personal than anything bought in the store.

Make sure that you make a pizza with their favorite type, favorite toppings and check for any allergies they have as well before kicking into gear.


5. Get creative with it – think about what would be funny or practical as a gift

When it comes to choosing a gift for someone who loves pizza, if you want to find something that they can enjoy over and over again, here are some gift ideas for you:

  • Pizza themed items like customizable carrying bag, aprons or T-shirt with their favorite type and toppings on it.
  • Board game of the food truck theme where they have to make different types of pizza in order to win!
  • Pilow case that looks like a pizza
  • A set of custom-made coasters made from old vinyl records, pottery, wood tiles, bamboo mats as well as ceramic tiles all shaped into different types of pizza toppings.
  • You can also get other household items such as serving dishes and kitchen utensils themed after your loved one’s favorite pie.

These kind of gift is not only creative but also helpful to stay within budget .


If you’ve read this blog post, congratulations! You now have all the knowledge necessary to buy a perfect gift for your favorite pizza lover. However, if there is anything else that would help in making an informed decision about what type of gift to purchase for someone who loves pizza as much as they love life, please reach out to us and we will do our best to provide additional insight. We hope these tips have helped you find the perfect present for anyone on your list with a passion for one of America’s most popular dishes – PIZZA!


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