11 Great Gifts for Movie Lovers

Do you have a friend who is always talking about their favorite movies? Is your partner someone who has an extensive movie collection and can never be satisfied with the latest release? Maybe you’re looking for a new hobby to share with your significant other, or something to do on date night. Either way, we’ve got some great ideas that will please even the pickiest of film buff.

How to Choose Gifts For Movie Lovers

1. What are their favorite movies and actors

This is a difficult question, but you can start your search by looking at their favorite actors or genres. If they have not mentioned any favorites to you before, then ask them what movies they liked from the past year and try to find out why they enjoyed it. After that, take a look at their DVD collection for movie recommendations.

2. Do they prefer DVDs, Blu-Rays, or streaming services like Netflix

In order to create a gift that they will really enjoy, you need to know where their preferences lie. If they prefer physical copies of movies and shows because it’s more convenient for them – then get some DVDs or Blu-Rays! On the other hand, if your friend is constantly watching Netflix or Hulu on laptops and mobile devices, an app membership might be better suited as a present.

3. Would they rather watch on TV or on a laptop/tablet/smartphone

Too many people are watching movies on their tablets and smartphones these days. It’s really important to know if they would rather watch a movie on TV or their tablet/smartphone.

4. How much money do you want to spend

This completely depends on your budget

11 Great Gifts For Movie Lovers

The Final Thoughts

Gifts for movie lovers abound! You can find something to suit the needs of any person with their favorite film etched into their heart. If they are a collector, there is plenty of memorabilia available all over the internet and in stores as well. For those who love holiday time, you will be able to find some great stocking stuffers at your local game store or toy shop that help them celebrate by watching movies through New Year’s Eve. The world loves its cinema and wants people to enjoy it year round so have fun shopping around for gifts this season!


1. What is a good gift for a movie lover?

The simplest answer is to get them tickets to some movie at their local theater–or check out your local indie cinema which tend to be cheaper–but if you want something more personal (and ideally not something on Netflix), there are a few options:

  • DVD of one of their favorite movies
  • Movie theater gift card
  • Collection of DVDs they’ve never seen before

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