30 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Cardinals Lovers

From around the world! It seems that Cardinal is the most-loved of all the Disney princes, and for good reason! He’s smart, loyal, faithful, courageous, and just a really nice guy. In this collection of wonderful gift ideas we’re going to explore 30 great gifts for cardinals (or other men who are very much like them). 

30 wonderful gift ideas for Cardinals Lovers

How to Choose a Cardinal Gift for Your Special Relation? 

Well, there’s no real “right” way to go about this. You can get as creative or as traditional as you want to. However, I would like to suggest a few guidelines that will almost always make the gift recipient happy: If the recipient is a male, get him something related to the outdoors and/or something that has a lot of meaning to him. Fishing equipment, a hunting rifle, a camping gear, etc. If the recipient is a female, get her something related to the home and/or family. A nice house plant, an elegant china cup and saucer set, a coffee table book on decorating, etc.

1. Cardinal Memorial Heart Sun Catcher Gift

Cardinal memorial Heart Sun catcher gift

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This little “sun catcher” is made by Native American artisans using Sterling Silver. It makes an especially thoughtful and unique gift for someone who has everything.

Just imagine how pleased and surprised your recipient will be when he sees his new sun catcher on his desk, and opens it to find a gorgeous and thoughtful gift from you inside! He’ll think you must have spent a lot of time and effort creating this special gift for him… which you have!

You see, the effort you put into selecting and sending this gift will be far more than the recipient could ever guess, or even expect. And you know what? Because this gift was created with such loving care and attention to detail, it will serve as a constant reminder of how much you appreciate and value him.

2. Cardinal Condolence Sympathy Gift

Cardinal Condolence Sympathy Gift

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Who doesn’t need some cheering up sometimes? This touching and beautifully illustrated tribute to a recently departed loved one will lift the spirits of the people lucky enough to receive it, and make them feel like it was meant just for them.

3. Cardinal Gifts – Tumbler/Mug

Cardinal Gifts - Tumbler/Mug

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This awesome tumbler/mug is decorated with a classic cardinal red enamel finish, and is both functional and decorative. What a great way to encourage your friends and business associates to help keep their immune systems strong by sipping plenty of fluids! 

In fact, the blanket is so good that I think every man should have one. It’s a perfect gift for a friend, a loved one or even a business associate who is important to you. 

4. Cardinals Birds Blanket

Cardinals Birds Blanket

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A Cardinals Birds Blanket is one of the best gift you can choose. This blanket with birds to help keep you warm, healthy and infection-free during the winter months. In fact, the blanket is so good that I think every man should have one. It’s a perfect gift for a friend, a loved one or even a business associate who is important to you. 

5. Cardinal Charm

Cardinal Charm

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This stunning Cardinal Charm with story card makes a wonderful holiday gift for someone who is important to you. This is a great gift for anyone who is important in your life and especially a great holiday gift for family and friends. Order today! 

6. Lola Bella Gifts and Lang Cardinal Mug

Lola Bella Gifts and Lang Cardinal Mug

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This stunning Lang and Lola Bella Gifts Cardinal Bird Coffee Mug and Red Feathered Soul Poem Card will make the perfect gift for those missing someone who has passed away, but still living in their hearts.

In addition to that, this set of 2 great gifts comes with a matching envelope you can personalize with any message you wish. Inside the envelope is a beautiful red Feathered Soul Poem card that tells the story of how your special someone was transformed into a bird by the love they received from their favorite person. On the back of the card is a special message Cardinal Bird designed to help heal the pain of loss and remind your loved one that they are dearly missed.

7. Lola Bella Gifts and Ganz Cardinal

Lola Bella Gifts and Ganz Cardinal

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Red Feathered Soul Poem Card will make the perfect gift for those missing someone who has passed away, but still living in their hearts and minds. This beautiful red feathered soul poem card is a unique way to express your feelings and thanks for all the blessings they have been given.

This is one of my favorite ways to help people deal with their grief and loss. It helps them see their life, as you see it through your eyes… As A Garden Of Many Flowers! Order today and we’ll send the red feathered soul poem card right away.

8. Cardinal Bird Garden Statues

Cardinal Bird Garden Statues

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GIGALUMI Cardinal Bird Garden Statue: This wonderful bird statue makes a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone who has the love of birds. It was designed by a professional artist and sculptor who has captured the unique characteristics and beauty of the cardinal bird.

9. Silver Necklace

Silver Necklace

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This is one of those unique and unexpected gifts that will be appreciated by your recipient for years to come. The necklace is made with real silver plated crystals that dangle from an antique style chain. A simple yet effective design that will look great on any woman who loves animals. 

10. Solar Cardinal Bird LED Light

Solar Cardinal Bird LED Light

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Strings Here’s a super simple but unique gift idea that will be sure to delight and surprise your loved ones this Christmas. These solar powered bird light strings are made with real birds and real solar cells. They are easy to install and use, just attach them to the top of a tree and they will provide hours of bright and beautiful holiday lighting. 

11. Cardinal Candle

Cardinal Candle

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Banberry Designs sells an amazing variety of candle holder designs. From simple glass votives to elaborate candelabra, you are sure to find something that will catch your loved one’s eye and reflect their individual style. Banberry Designs sells a large variety of candle holders, votives, pillar candle holders and taper candle holders. 

12. Cardinal Metal Wind Chime

Cardinal Metal Wind Chime

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This is a charming wind chime for outdoors or indoor use. The cardinal color scheme makes it the perfect accent for a manly man’s decor, or add some feminine touches by using pastel colors. The rattan construction ensures years of reliable performance and the bright finish resists fading from the elements. Makes a great gift for teachers, doctors, police officers, architects, real estate agents, landscapers, handymen and anyone else who has a stake in the “quality of life” around them. 

13. Cardinal Bird Sun Catcher

Cardinal Bird Sun Catcher

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This elegant and classic design makes it the perfect gift for any woman who appreciates quality and style. Sometimes, all you want to do is let someone know you are there for them. That you remember them and love them.

14. Cardinal Bird Word Wall Plaque

Cardinal Bird Word Wall Plaque

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What could be more thoughtful or more appropriate than a wall plaque that features your loved one’s favorite bird and the words “When you believe beyond what you can see, signs from heaven show up to remind you love never dies” scotch-taped to it? This would make an absolutely wonderful holiday (or any other) gift.

15. Light Up LED Memorial Heart

Light Up LED Memorial Heart

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Lamp This heart shaped memorial lamp is the perfect way to add a little “warmth” to someone’s room during the holidays or anytime for that matter. It is a great gift for anyone who loss a lover, a friend, a pet or just because it’s an amazing… Lamp! All you need to give your loved one (or yourself) this delightful holiday treat is this led color changing glass memorial.

16. Vintage Tin Sign Cardinal Bird

Vintage Tin Sign Cardinal Bird

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This sign is really good gift for any bird lover because it reminds them of all the birds they love and of all the places they have been. A thoughtful and unique gift idea for the bird lover in your life.

Vintage Tin Sign Cardinal Decoration Nothing warms the cockles of a cold heart like a beautiful bird feeder. Fill it with suet, sunflower seeds, peanuts or whatever else they like to eat and watch them go nuts over it. This makes a great gift for grandparents, teachers, parents, sisters, brothers, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands, wives, children… anyone you think might appreciate some “birdie” loving.

17. Roman White Light

Roman White Light

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This lantern is a perfect way to add a little festive “glow” to any room and makes a wonderful housewarming, holiday, or just because gift. Your loved ones could use a little extra cheer during this cold, dark season and this little guy will sure make their day. What could be more appropriate than a red cardinal glowing in a white room?

18. Wind Spinner in Gift Box

Wind Spinner in Gift Box

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If you are looking for a very special and unique gift for a gardener or someone who has a green thumb, look no further. Meanwhile, those of us with normal thumbs can still enjoy the pretty colors of the season in this delightful decoration. A great stocking stuffer for gardeners, nature lovers, or for anyone who has a green thumb.  

19. Cardinal Bird Figurine

Cardinal Bird Figurine

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A wonderful little “lucky” cardinal in the shape of a wooden bird. It’s perfect for putting on a Christmas tree, standing on a shelf, or using as a door stop. Meanwhile, those of us without super powers will enjoy the pretty colors and the design.

20. Red Cardinal Bangle Bracelet

Red Cardinal Bangle Bracelet

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With Matching Key Chain Key chains are a great way to let people know you are thinking about them and this one features a cardinal (the most common North American bird) in fiery red on an off white background. A subtle reminder of the good things in life…and a great gift for teachers, bosses, children, grandchildren, neighbors, family, friends…and anyone else you can think of. A thoughtful gift that will be remembered for years to come.

21. Cardinal Bangle Bracelet

Cardinal Bangle Bracelet

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Cardinal is the red bird that sits atop a pole at the top of a church steeple or next to the priest during Mass. It is the “sign of holiness” and is considered by many to be the “king of birds.” The rich red of the cardinal’s feathers stands out against the white background of the packaging making this the perfect stocking stuffer, holiday gift, or just because gift. Meanwhile, those of us without super powers will enjoy the pretty colors and the design.

22. Cardinals Chala Striped Work Tote

Cardinals Chala Striped Work Tote

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Bag This striped work bag is ideal for toting around the office or using as a gym tote. It also makes a great gift for someone who works from home…or anyone who works with their hands for that matter. It is machine washable and has an interior zipper pocket. 

23. Bird Accent Lamp

Bird Accent Lamp

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For those of us who are totally color blind, this lamp gives off an amazing amount of red “color” which helps “de-brainwash” our eyes and lets us see the beauty of the cardinal. An elegant gift for anyone who loves beauty in all its forms. 

24. A Vintage Tin Sign

A Vintage Tin Sign Cardinal

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If you’ve got some wall space in your home, this is a neat way to bring the “king of birds” into your living room or bedroom. It’s a beautiful reproduction of a vintage tin sign. The reproduction features “aging” of the paper and paint giving the tin sign a worn look and feel. It’s an ideal gift for the bird lover in your life.

25. Cardinal Christmas Tree

Cardinal Christmas Tree

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These charming cardinal ornaments are a perfect addition to your holiday decorating and make great gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. Each one comes complete with a white ribbon. What makes these ornaments unique is that they are designed to be hung on a real tree instead of a fake one. This adds a quote “Cardinals appear when angels are near” and this helps it to become a much more meaningful gift. These would make an excellent Secret Santa or “Treat Yourself” gift for someone you feel very grateful toward. What do you think? Have I left out any good ideas?

26. Garden Backyard Hanging Decor

Garden Backyard Hanging Decor

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You can use these “bells” as chimes or as “stand alone” garden decorations. Each “bell” features a brightly painted cardinal and has a metal clapper that makes a pleasant jingling sound when the wind blows. These would make a great gift for the gardener in your life or anyone who enjoys the beauty of nature. 

27. Cardinal Bird Heart Bookmark

Cardinal Bird Heart Bookmark

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This cardinal bookmark is a perfect gift for the book lover in your life. The bookmark is a bright red, rhinestone encrusted cardinal with a black beak, bright yellow feet and a black body with a yellow breast. What makes this gift special is that it comes in a velvet lined gift box with a black and white illustration of a cardinal on the outside. 

28. A Life Memorial Lantern

A Life Memorial Lantern

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This is a wonderful gift idea for a friend or family member who has recently lost a loved one. It’s a memorial candle in the shape of a cardinal bird that will flicker in time with the passing of each of the significant days in the year following the death. This would make an excellent holiday gift for someone who has lost a parent, spouse, child, sibling, or close friend. You could also give this as a gift to someone who is aging and needs a little “pick-me-up”. 

29. A Cardinal Garden Flag

A Cardinal Garden Flag

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This is a neat looking outdoor decoration that is sure to bring a smile to the face of everyone who sees it. This flag represents the Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. On each day, a different bird is featured. This would make an excellent holiday gift for someone who enjoys the outdoors or who has something to do with crafts.

30. Cardinal Bird Coffee Mug

Cardinal Bird Coffee Mug

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This is a really unique looking ceramic mug with a cardinal bird on the outside and the words “Cedar Home” on the inside. What a great way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea while keeping an eye out for cardinals! This would make a great gift for a gardener, a landscaper, someone who works with cedar wood, or anyone else who likes nature.

In my opinion, the best gift for a cardinal lover (or any other kind of bird lover) would be a healthy, beautiful, exotic bird of their own. Choose one in the list above to give your special relation a wonderful gift they love.

FAQs for cardinal gift 

What kind of gifts should I get if I want to give a cardinal gift to my boss?

Any kind of gift would be appropriate. Just don’t give him something super expensive or he might think you are trying to bribe him or pressure him to do something.

What if I don’t know what my recipient likes?

Don’t worry about it. Give him something that you know he will like no matter what. If you’re not sure, give him a little of everything and he’ll pick the best of the bunch.

Do I have to buy all of these items?

No, you don’t have to buy any of them. However, it will make the gift much more appreciated by giving him a “collection” of items that are related in some way. For example, if you’re shopping for a gardener, get him a handful of useful gardening tools, a couple of good-looking plants, and maybe a neat garden journal to keep track of his growing success. 

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