TOP 12 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas 2021

Graduation is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a stylish graduation cap decoration idea! What’s the point of throwing on that traditional blue gown if you’re not going to be wearing your cap at all? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for decorating your grad cap. Find one or two that fit your personality best, then get ready to show off those creative skills!

How to choose Graduation Cap?

1. Color of Graduation Cap

The color of the graduation cap commemorates a milestone in a student’s life. It is meant to be symbolic of years ahead and accomplishment. You may ask Is there any significance to the color of your graduation Cap? the answer is “No”, not at all. It might just be important for you and what you want people to see on that day. Does it match with everything else in your outfit? If yes then it’s a good choice!

2. Material of Graduation Cap

What is the fabric of your cap? Polyester, cotton, or wool. Is there any significance to the material as well? No, it doesn’t matter too much about what you choose for this particular aspect but just make sure that it feels comfortable on and isn’t scratchy or stiff. What do you think matches

3. Size of Graduation Cap

it’s important to measure the size of your head when you’re looking for a graduation cap. Do not buy one that is too large or small because they will fall off and end up being frustrating.

4. Shape and style of Graduation Cap

When buying a Graduation Cap decoration idea, make sure you know the shape of your cap and if it’s a traditional one or one that has more of an unusual design. Do not buy too many decorations for graduation caps because they might end up being ineffective and in excess.

5. Price range for different types, colors, sizes, shapes, and styles of Graduation Caps

The price range for different types, colors, sizes, and shapes of Graduation Cap decoration ideas will vary depending on the type that you’re looking for. For example, a plain black cap with no embellishments can be had for as low as $15 while more expensive ones could cost up to $200 or higher..

To make it easy in choosing the best Graduation Cap decorations, here are some ideas that we’ve compiled for you

TOP 12 Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

1. Blinged Out Graduation Cap

Are you the type of person that loves to be different? Do you want to stand out from all of your friends on graduation day? Well, we have just what you need! A blinged-out graduation cap is exactly what will make your grad experience one for the books. With so many options available it’s easy to find something that suits your style and personality. Whether you are looking for a cute animal or jeweled crown, there is something here for everyone! Check out our gallery today and let us know which one is perfect for you.

2.“The Best is Yet to Come” Graduation Cap

3. Bright Blue and Black Graduation Cap with A Leopard Bow

4. Clock Graduation Cap

5. Disney Graduation Cap with Quotes

6. Globe World and Floral Quote Graduation Cap

7. Graduation Cap Decorated with Cross and Quotes

8. Ocean Themed Graduation Cap

9. Tassel Toppers The Diploma Grad Cap Decorated Grad Caps – Toy Story The Claw

10. Thanks For The Memories Graduation Cap with Flowers in Center

11. White and Pink Daisies Decorated Graduation Cap

12. World Map Graduation Cap


We hope this post has been helpful in providing you with some ideas for your next graduation cap decoration. From our own experience, we know that the pressure of what to put on a cap can be overwhelming and stressful. Our goal is not only to help relieve some of these emotions but also to provide you with the best possible product at an affordable price so that it would make a great impression on your family members and friends come commencement day! If you have any questions or concerns about anything else related to caps, please let us know as well;


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