35+ Nifty Gifts For Knitters | The Greatest Gift Guide for Knitters 2019

Gift shopping is one of the hardest things that people find themselves doing. Trying to find the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones can be a little tricky if you do not know what you’re looking for. This article has many options for you to choose from if you are searching for knitting and crocheting gifts for your person. You can find all the answers you need here if you are stuck on what you want to buy.

To find the right gift for the right person, you first need to figure out who you are shopping for. What are their interests? Assuming you’ve come to this article because you already know the person you’re trying to find a gift for is a lover of knitting or crocheting, you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do know is look for the gifts that are in the category of your loved ones liking and what they do; knitter or crocheter. Once you know what exactly they are in to, then you can start your gift search!

Here are some gifts to get you started!

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Stitch Marker

Losing your place as you knit can be frustrating when put your needle down. Why not gift this to someone who loves to knit for hours to mark their work? They can use this stitch marker to distinguish a new pattern or how many stitches they’ve made. This is a great placeholder for them to use when knitting. This is a great gift to give to your loved one who loves to knit. Check The Price

Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Instead of having your yarn unravel all over the place, you can place your yarn in this ceramic yarn bowl to keep it intact. Give someone this yarn bowl who has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. They will be able to put their yarn in this bowl and have a neat surface to work on when knitting. Check The Price

Knitting Ring

You can place your yarn on this knitting ring, so you can pull yarn whenever you need it instead of having to stop and take more yarn. This is an easier way to get the yarn they need and keep it in place for a faster and smooth knitting session. Check The Price

Canvas Knitting Tote Bag

Take your hobby with you when you are on the road. This tote bag is made from 100% cotton and it is available with different knitting quotes on the front. You can gift this tote bag to someone who loves to take their knitting with them as they go out to preoccupy themselves. Check The Price

Colorful Sweater Knitting Stitch Marker

Have some fun with your stitch marker as you knit. Make your loved one smile as they use these stitch markers to be reminded of their knitting work. Of course, if they love winter and sweaters then they would have a blast with these stitch markers. They can decorate their knitting with cute sweaters while also making beautiful products. The stitch markers are lightweight and easy to come off. Check The Price

Yarn Gift Basket

Do you love making gift baskets for your loved ones but don’t know what to put in it? Instead of buying different items to fill your basket, how about having different colored yarn and decorating your gift basket? You can gift this to someone who loves knitting and in need of more yarn. Credit Pinterest

Yarn Skein Block Print Art

Put this on your wall to decorate your home with your favorite thing to do. There are illustrations of six different yarn skein in bright colors. You can gift this to a loved one who loves to show their love from knitting in their home every chance they get. This print will look amazing sitting on their wall reminded them of what they love. Check The Price

Knitted Socks

Keep your feet warm with a nice pair of warm knitted socks. This could be a nice gift to give someone, so they can wear it around the house. The yellow bright color of the socks will give them a happy feeling as they wear them. This knitted pair of socks is a great gift for knitters, so you can send your love and warmth. Via: ravelry blog

Eat, Sleep, Knit Knitting Sign

You can put this in the front of your room door or on a wall in your living room. What is a better way to say knit all the time? This wood sign will style will give your loved one’s home a different look as it hangs somewhere on their wall. Gift this to someone who loves to decorate their home with new items and love to knit as much as this sign is trying to say. Check The Price

DIY Valentine’s Day Box of Yarn

There’s always a better gift than chocolate and flowers. Your knitting friend will love this valentines’ gift when they see what’s inside. The great thing about this gift is you can make it yourself. All you need is a big heart-shaped box and different colored yarn of your choosing. You can stick with the valentine’s day color theme and put different shades of pink, red, and white yarn in the box. Credit: makezine

Knitted Scarf

For the winter when it is very cold. You can gift this to someone who loves infinity scarves. Thy can wrap it around their neck multiple times to hug their neck comfortably to keep the cold away. This scarf is stretchy and sturdy which gives them the option to wear the scars in versatile styles. Learn More

More Modern Top-Down Knitting Book

Learn new techniques and patterns to try out when knitting. This book is filled with stitch patterns the author uses to create the clothes she knits. She gives details information about the needles she uses, their size, the yarn and gauge, o if you want to recreate something of hers you have the option of doing so. This is a great gift for knitters to try something new. Credit: Pinterest

Knitting Ball Winder

Keep your yarn in a nice ball when knitting and use this ball winder. This ball winder comes in handy when you want to keep your ball of yarn in its shape. Instead of lacing yards of yarn by hand, it becomes easier to use a ball winder as it laces the yarn for you. Gift this to someone who uses skeins of yarn and loves their surrounds to be neat and organized as they knit. Check The Price

Single Point Needle Cotton Set

Start knitting with this bamboo made needle set. This set includes sixteen 9-inch single point bamboo knitting needles. If you know someone who loves knitting, they can start their needle collection with this set. If your loved one loves to make scarves, then this set of needles is just for them. Check The Price

Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles

Use these needles to make it easier on your joints when knitting. If a loved one knits all the time for hours, you can give their hands a break while they continue to knit while giving their hands a rest with these circular knitting needles. Check The Price

Knitting Travel Bag

If you need more space to hold all your equipment when you are going out, then this travel bag will do the trick. This bag comes in handy when you want to carry more than just your usual knitting materials. You can gift this to someone who loves to bring their knitting with them on trips It is spacious and has

Vogue: Knitting the Ultimate Knitting Book

For those that are looking for more tips and tricks to get their knitting on another level. This book is filled with more than just pattern techniques. It is filled with detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to knit it different ways. There are sections in this book detailing how to design clothes from cardigans and pullovers to hat, gloves, and socks. There even is a section on how to correct errors when knitting. This book is great for all knitters, beginners and long-time knitters.

Women’s Novelty Girl Power Socks

Show your love for knitting with this pair of socks. Your loved one can say they love knitting, but they can show it as well through their clothing. This pair of socks as a picture of a girl knitting stitched onto the side of the sock. Gift these socks to a knitter who loves their feet to be comfortable in socks.

10 Gifts for Crocheters

“I Crochet Therefore I Am Not Listening” Mug

For the tea and coffee lovers out there, that enjoys a cup of their beverage as they knit. This mug was designed to be of use to someone who crochets. The front of the mug has a funny knitting quote that is sure to make them laugh. You can gift this to someone who drinks their coffee or tea while looking for ideas for their next knitting project. Check The Price

Crochet Wool Felted Bowls

Have something to put little trinkets in or decorate your desk. You can gift someone with a crochet wool felted bowl. They can use it to place small items in or place around their home. You can gift this to someone who loves to decorate and redecorate their home with new items.

Crochet Snow Globe Ornaments

Getting ready for Christmas a little in advance is not so bad. You can make sure that your loved one has all they need to make their Christmas great! These snow globe ornaments will do just the trick. They can put it on their tree or they can put it wherever their hearts desire in their home. Let the celebrations begin with this love crocheting gift. Learn More

Taco Bear Crochet Cartoon Unicorn Hat & Scarf Combined

Kids will love this unicorn hat and scarf. You can gift this to a crochet lover who has children. They will love the gift for its cuteness and the warmth that it will give them. Crochet lovers will love the gift as they see their kid with a smile on their face.

Crochet Hook Set

If you want to add more materials to your crocheting. This hook set comes with 9 different sized needles but also has 2 other accessories that can be used to make crocheting easier. You can gift this for beginners to have a set they and use and work with or someone who already has crochet needles but wouldn’t complain about getting more.

Indispensable Stitch Collection for Crocheters

You can never say no to trying something different. If you know someone who loves to crochet, then they need this book. They will have dozens of stitches they can look at and learn to do, so they can create new patterns and designs they haven’t done before. The instructions are easy to read and understand with photos attached.

Aluminum Crochet Hook Key Chains

Take your love for crocheting even if you don’t have your materials with you. As hey jingle their keys they will continue to notice the crochet hooks that are attached as they open the door to their home. They can even put these crochet hook keychain on their bag or car keys.

Crochet Buttons and Magnets

These crochet buttons come in a pack of 6 that is made for the crochet lover at heart. They can pin these buttons on their bags, on their personal crochet project and if you think they are into agents, then you can also get these buttons with magnetic backs, so they can put it on their fridge. Learn More

Crochet Journal

Can’t remember all the crochet projects you’ve done so far? You can gift someone with this crochet journal, so they can write down all the crocheting projects they’ve done. You can gift this to a loved one, so they can write down their patterns, paste photos of their projects, so they can refer to it when they want to do a similar pattern for another project.

Crochet Gift Labels

Do you know someone who is selling the items they’ve crocheted? You can give them these crochet gift labels, so they can wrap it around their products as they ship it off to their customers. It will give their products a nice touch as their customers receive their purchase. Learn More

2 Gifts for Knitter & Crocheters

Yarn and Needle Storage

For those that need storage space for their knitting and crocheting materials and have easy access to them. This storage caddy can be put on the side of their dressing table, in front of the chair they sit on while they knit or in their closet. This open storage is great to have easy access to their material when they are ready to knit or crochet.

Knitting and Crocheting Wrist Bag

For an easy and useful way to carry your knitting and crochet materials. Why not gift this to the knitter or crocheter that you know, so they can have a place to put their materials? They can carry it around outside if they want to when doing their shopping for new materials. There are pockets to put to store crochet hooks and knitting needles. If they are not using it, they can fold it up and small sizes to put away. Check The Price

2 Unique Gifts for Knitters

Knitted Christmas Sweater Ornament

Getting in a Christmas spirit will not be too hard with this cute sweater ornament. If your loved one loves Christmas, be sure to give them this ornament as a present for their Christmas tree. It will tickle their love for knitting while satisfying their joy for Christmas. Learn More

Pink Knitted Earrings

How about jewelry that makes you feel unique. Made from clay, this earring is handmade and designed with a knitting pattern. This is a great gift for knitters if you want to gift a loved one with nice jewelry. They will appreciate your efforts and know that you think their special with this gift. Check The Price

3 Funny Gifts for Knitters

“If I’m Sitting, I’m Knitting” Funny Mug

Here’s a funny mug for those who have a great sense of humor. Knitters can appreciate your sense of humor as it is the same as theirs. You can gift this to someone who loves to knit, so they can have a laugh and be reminded of you as they look at the mug. Check The Price

“I’m Not Retired, Knitting Is A full Time Job” Tote Bag

For the knitter that is tired of saying knitting s not just a hobby to them. Your loved one probably knits every chance they get or maybe all day if they can. You may know that knitting is like another job to them as they sell their designs. You can give them this bag, so they can tell people without using their words that they love crocheting as much as they love to breathe! See More

“I Wool Survive” Mug

Mugs are fun to use and buy if you know which ones are the best. Clearly this one is with its corny and cute “I wool survive” quote and
sheep illustration on the front of the mug. Check The Price

The Final Words

Knitting and crocheting gifts are great to buy because people are using their creativity to make products and items they love to share them with the world. If you know anyone that can crochet or knit, you can never go wrong with any of the gifts that is mentioned in this article.

Finding these gifts isn’t hard once you know what you are looking for and who you are shopping for. The hard part is making sure that you like it enough to buy it for someone else to have. Anyone of your knitting and crocheting friends and family members will appreciate your efforts of trying to get them something they like. You will be investing in them after all.

Buying gifts for people int always a way to seek appreciation, but it is a way to show your loved ones that you see and love what they are doing.

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