Top 30 Best Gifts For Beer Lovers

When celebrating or hanging out with friends, a drink of beer is always a choice of beverage. You can never go wrong with your favorite brand and creating fun memories with people who are close to you that are equally excited about beer. Here are some gifts for beer lovers that you can give to a friend or loved one who loves beer.

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1. Spiegelau 2-Pack Beer Classics IPA Glass

This two-pack beer classic IPA glass is great for beer lovers that love the taste of beer. If you know someone that does not want their beer to go to waste regarding the original flavor, then this would be a great gift to give them. Each glass has a 19-ounce capacity and is dishwasher safe.

2. Beer Bottle Cap Holder

As a memory of all the beer that your lover or friend can drink, gift them with this beer bottle cap holder, so they can have a reminder of all the beer they’ve opened and consumed. They can hang it on the wall as another decorative frame.

3. Craft A Beer

It’s one thing to drink beer someone has made for you and another to make it on your own. If you have someone that would like to make their own beer, gift them with this beginner’s craft kit. It includes an everyday IPA making kit, 1-gallon reusable glass fermenter, a glass spirited-filled thermometer amongst a lot of equipment to make beer.

4. Vintage Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Instead of having to go into a draw to find a bottle opener, you can gift a friend who would like easy access to opening their beer without having to waste time. This mounted wall opener, like the name, can be put onto a wall anywhere they would like when they have company over. It is made from vintage wood and cast-iron cap catcher.

5. Hops T-shirt

Coming in many different colors, this shirt for males would be a great gift for your male friends. It is made 100% from cotton creating a great feel to the shirt and has the Craft Beer Hops logo placed in the front of the shirt.

6. Beer Cap Map

Holding 50 beer bottle caps, someone who loves to collect the caps when they open their beer would love this as a gift. This beer cap map comes with nails that make it easy to hang and remove it from the wall.

7. Oxford Companion to Beer

Do you know someone that wants to be educated on different beers that is out there? You can gift a beer lover this book as a guide to their learning process. There are references to many types of beers and the history of where beer comes from.

8. Fifty Places to Drink Before You DieThis

The book is a straightforward look into places you can go to and find beers to test out. If you know someone that loves to travel and has a love for beer, then give them the best of both worlds and gift them with this book.

9. Home Brew Equipment Kit

This homebrew kit does not come with ingredients , but it has detailed instructions on how to use the equipment that is given to you. This is a great gift for beer lovers who wants to start making their own beer.

10. Beer Caddy

A beer caddy is mainly used in bars. You can gift this to a male friend to make their home feel like their own personal bar. They can transport up to six bottles in the caddy and there is a built-in bottle opener which is convenient when they need to uncap a bottle of beer.

11. Beerpology

Here is another book that can help your friends brush up on their beer facts. If you know someone that is just starting to explore beer, gifting them with this book will help them test out beer the right way. They will be able to learn the history and origins of specific brews and which brands are the best.

12. Mini Beer Pong

Having friends to drink with is great but having fun while drinking your favorite beer is even better. This is a new and improved way of keeping the game of beer pong fun and clean. It is perfect for happy hour, parties and if the beer lover you are presenting this gift to wants to travel, they can bring it along them.

13. Beer Bottle Shot Glasses

You don’t normally take shots with beer, but if there is a friend you know who would appreciate beer bottle shot glasses, go for it. The bottles are recycled beer bottle glasses. The shape of these glasses is easy to clean and keep ready for the next get together.

14. Rustic Wood Coaster

This set of 5 rustic coasters would be a unique gift for beer lovers. They would be able to keep their tabletop dry from the condensation of their beer bottles having a unique design to each of the coasters which is handmade from Mediterranean olive wood.

15. Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

Every beer lover deserves a great pressurized growler. If you know someone who is passionate about their beer, then gift them with this growler. It keeps the beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks. There is a vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel that keeps the beer cold all day.

16. 99 Bottles of Craft Beer

Hanging this up on the wall would be a great reminder of all the different beers that are out in the world. Gift this canvas to someone that like decorations on their wall. This is a great gift for beer lovers who can look at all the beer they may still need to try.

17. 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you know someone that loves to do jigsaw puzzles and has a love for beer? You can gift this beer jigsaw puzzle to create a fun and memorable atmosphere for them. This jigsaw includes 1,000 extra- large puzzle pieces made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper.

18. Brewmaster Watch

This watch is made with authentic reclaimed wooden beer barrel from Germany using a carbonization process. If you a beer lover who would love to wear a watch made from their favorite beverage material, then you have a gift you can give to them!

19. Beer Soap

The taste of beer is addicting as well as the smell of it—at least to beer lovers. If smelling like their favorite beverage is something they would love, then this is a great gift for a friend. The scents are from the beer itself and it would not dry out their skin.

20. Stainless Steel Can Insulator

This can cooler has a vacuum insulator that keeps your drink cold which make it easier to get a full taste of your beverage especially when it’s hot outside. Beer lovers will love this as a gift because as the beer stays cold, their hands will remain dry and no coaster s needed.

21. Freeze Glass

You can gift this freeze glass to a friend that loves to keep their drink cold. This glass will keep a beer lover drink cold for up to 30 minutes. As the glass is frozen, it will chill their drink in 2-3 minutes and they can keep it in the freezer once they are done using it with no problem.

22. Swag Brewery Beer Candle

With one candle choice named “Hoppy Ipa,” someone who loves beer would love this. This candle along with the other choices scents are inspired by the beers they’re named after. The candle holders are made from recycled beer bottles that were cleanly cut with their smooth edges and a sharp look.

23. Beer Chilling Coaster Set

Instead of having a coaster to keep your glasses from wetting your tabletop, you can now have the best of both worlds. Beer lovers will be able to use coaster set to chill their drinks at their own temperature while preventing condensation and scratches on their tabletop.

24. Goodnight Brew Parody Book

A little humor can’t hurt anyone and if your beer loving friend loves to laugh, then this little parody children’s book will do the trick. This book will be great for the as it introduces the brewing process to beer lovers with wit.

25. Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt

These mitts are made to keep your hands warm. If you know someone that would drink beer no matter the season, then you can gift them with this Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt. It has premium quality and stitching with many colors to choose from.

26. Funny Beer Socks

You do not always have to drink beer to show people that it is your favorite drink. Do you know someone that loves clothes equally as much as beer? You can gift them with this pair of sock, so they can wear it and show it off.

27. Insulated Beer Mug

Do you want to make your friends or loved ones feel like they are at a bar everytime they drink their beer? You can do so by giving them this mug. It would give them a “chug chug chug” moment but it will also keep their beer ice cold to the last drop of the 16 oz of beer that this mug can hold.

28. Probably Beer Enamel Coffee Mug

If you know someone that drinks beer all the time, then this funny coffee mug will give them a laugh. The front and back of the mug reads “Probably Beer,” and they can use it for coffee but if they are in the mood to switch it up to play a drink, that’s where beer comes in.

29. Beer Shampoo

Made with malted barley and hop flowers, this shampoo would be a great gift for beer lovers. Not only would they have moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for their hair, they would have the satisfaction of knowing they are using their favorite beverages ingredients for everyday use.

30. Beer Chiller Sticks

It is possible to keep beer out all day, but no beer lover would do that. If by any chance they slip up, you can swoop in and give them this 4 pack of stainless steel beer chiller sticks. They would only need to put it in the freezer for 45 minutes and put it in their beer bottle and drink through it.

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