A Gift Guide: 21st Anniversary Brass or Nickel Gifts

Planning on celebrating your 21st anniversary? Want to find the perfect gift? We’ve compiled some of our favorite 21st Anniversary Brass or Nickel Gifts for every budget. From small tokens to large investments, we have something for everyone! 

Things to mind about Brass or Nikel Gifts

1. When choosing a gift for your spouse, you should always consider their interests and hobbies

You can never go wrong with a gift supporting your spouse’s hobbies.

  • If she loves fashion, consider a brass ring engraved with her initials.
  • If he loves to cook, consider an antique brass spatula or brass measuring spoons.
  • If your partner’s interest is to decorate and style up your home, brass and nickel-plated brass objects will make a great addition to your space.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect gift, consider brass or nickel kitchenware like brass whisks with silicone sleeves made of brass handles, lamps in brass finishes and more!

The best way to buy something special for your spouse is by focusing on what they like and need.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the right time of year or not–a gift from the heart will always be appreciated!

2. A great anniversary gift is something that will be used often or brings back memories

  • Brass or nickel gifts such as a brass coat rack, shoe organizer, keychain with brass charms  or brass candlesticks can be kept in the household for years to come; brass is also typically more durable than other metals like aluminum and silver so it tends to last longer
  • Brass jewelry will always remind you of your spouse on anniversaries
  • If you are looking for something sentimental that will last through generations make sure to choose a piece made out of brass or nickel because they tend to cost less money versus items from gold or platinum which may eventually need their plating dipped again after 15+ years

3. One of the best gifts to give is an experience

To celebrate your 21st year being together, consider giving your spouse an experience gift – or a joyous experience of two people. For example:

  • A trip down memory lane – revisiting your first date location, enjoying time outdoors with a picnic in the park or anything else you may have enjoyed on that day the two of you first met!
  • A brass photo booth experience, where you can take pictures together in the brass booth and receive them as keepsakes to treasure for years
  • Tickets to a concert, sporting event
  • Handmade items are another great option if you are looking for something less expensive with sentimental value. For example: brass earrings made by a friend out of old pennies she found during her travels abroad

4. If you are struggling with what type of anniversary present to buy, it may be worth considering a charitable donation in honor of your partner 

After 21 years being together, your partner is likely to have everything already, which confuses you about which is the most meaningful to her/him. A charitable donation in honor of your partner may be one way to show how much you care.

  • For example:  a brass sculpture donated to an art museum with brass handles and brass coins collected from around the world, or a brass bench that will create public space for others in need
  • Or simplier, you can donate to brass cancer research to help brass become a more common metal in construction
  • Dogeared is another brass-themed gift that can be considered for your partner, with brass charms of their favorite animals or quotes. If you’re looking for something sentimental but less expensive than an engagement ring, this may be the perfect option!

5. Some people prefer to get each other small gifts throughout the year as opposed to one big gift on their anniversary date  

If you are one of these people, brass or nickel jewelry and brass-plated smalls such as brass earrings, bracelets with brass charms  and more can make great gifts throughout the years

Brass may also be worth considering for a gift because it is often less expensive than other metals like silver and gold. The best way to buy something special for your spouse is by focusing on what they would want most–it’s not about whether it’s the right time of year! Give them a gift from the heart; if it doesn’t matter when then choose whatever date that feels good to you both (such as Valentine’s Day)


Brass or nickel 21st anniversary is such a meaningful milestone to celebrate! Whether you are looking for traditional brass or nickel gifts or go with other choices, we hope these tips will guide you on the gift to make your special someone smile and feel appreciated. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!

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